Friday, September 30, 2011

Thinking Bout The Girl In All Leopard....

Ihave this want to listen to Gloria Estefan. Don't ask why. Actually I know why. I saw her on The View the other day. I swear that Conga song is playing something fierce in my head. I love it. I need a Gloria Estefan moment. I love that "Turn The Beat Around" song. I need a karaoke machine right now. Oh and how can I forget "Live For Loving You" song? Omg! Everyone should go to Itunes and download song Gloria.
Man, this is random.
Okay, enough with Gloria and her Conga, here is my look for the night.

So Im obviously buying the hell out of flowy big arm shirts. Yes it has become somewhat of a addiction. Plus Im sure you can find me at any Marshalls salivating and panting around their clearance section. I found this shirt for 11 dollars on sale originally 19.99. You could imagine my face when I saw that mark down. I love leopard. Its animalistic and very sassy. It also looks really freaking good with my hair. Leopard screams "Don't fuck with me" yet "Come dance with me all night". You can not fail with spots. Ever.
Silk printed leggings, glitter-tastic all black hat, amber-brown dreamcatcher earring (just one) and some gladiator sandals that complete the look.
I could not find my patten leather pumps to save my fucking life, so I had to mix up the outfit, but it still came out cute...
More Shots @ The Bottom:

By the way, Greg smokes, not me, incase your noticing the cigs and ashtray in the background. Still love is smokey ass though....

So, I noticed fall is here.
We'll, it pretty much is. And the colors Im dying for this season is surely Plum or Red-Violet. I need all those colors either in my wardrobe or on my face! Anything purple pretty much. And I mean dark purple. I love it! Its very fall and very holiday. Plus purple on dark skin?? Makes a hot ass berry! I rocked a semi dark purple with my makeup in this look. But I want a darker shade of lippy. You'll see what I mean when you scroll down this post and read the rest...
Rose (the b.f.f) said to try Im on a mission.
Eyes are from Kat Von D's Palette True Romance
Lips are from Hot Topic lip gloss...
I want my lips as dark as my eyes, but I'll buy that soon and review...
The shirt on hanger:

Phew what a week. Busy all the time. This weekend should be nice. Greg and I got the new X-Men movie on dvd and Transformers on blue ray. Should be an entertaining weekend. This is random but I feel like someone handed me a baby. Like, literally. Handed me a baby and said "She is yours." I guess because I never had the whole...labor thing happen. Zero pain through out my pregnancy and while so called delivering her. I look over at my baby and think.."Whoa, I have a child, is this real." I think because my water never broke, I did not push her out, when I got that shot in my lower back I felt nothing, I was literally laying there and someone came around and said "Look, you baby is here!" Plus, recovery was a damn breeze besides having a hard time laughing because of my c-section scar. I got cut on a friday and was walking to walmart and eating tacos on Monday...what the fuck??
Everything seems unreal these days...

Oh by the way, I still hate people. But they will get whats coming to them.

"Rose's Shades Of Color"
So the BFF is all about purple this season as well. The funny part is its all light purple she is into. Too bad we are not together in Maryland I freaking swear! We would be at Walmart and Targets buying up there lippies and comparing them in the mirror when we got home. Sucks we can't go lippy shopping together, but thats why there is technology...
Tee Hee!

Check out her new lipstick...VaVoom!

Here is my obsession below:
Im just noticing Revlon in this picture. MAC is amazing but god damn. I need a job buying their shades, and I don't wanna keep banging on Rose's door for her to look on Ebay for me. I need a new brand. A good knock off brand or something. Your gurl gotz kidz!
I wish, but MAC you ain't gettin all my damn money this season..

Has anyone tried MAC's nail polish??

Basically, I will be getting a Revlon brand of lippy.
Can you imagine a nice dark shade of purple and rocking a bad ass leather violet purse???
I need to go shopping and get this out of my system...

Celeb Candy Fashionista Edition:
Okay, so how bad ass is Kelly Rowland these days. I mean her style is amaze-balls. She looks beautiful by the way. I saw this photoshoot online and decided to show it. The shoe game is..ughh....I can't. I decided that this Celeb Candy should just feature her. These shots are hot enough to carry its own weight. Check her out.

Here goes Beyonce upstaging Kelly again, even on my blog. Hahaha! But I know Beyonce's fashion while pregnant is gonna be so fucking fierce! So far I been loving every look she has been rocking since telling people of her little blessing. They say she slipped up and said it was a girl. You can tell she is having a girl. Jay Z seems like he would have a little girl, just saying...
....Why Hello Amber....

Music Everyone Should Be Banging:
Please buy Adele. I have been listening to Set Fire To The Rain on repeat...
I love it.
The whole album is very good...
You ever hear a song, and it does not relate to you but the way it is sung does? Does that make any since? Sort of how people get moved by Classical. There are no words, but people get moved by the violins and cellos. Set Fire To The Rain does that for me. The song is about breaking up and Im happily married so of course Im not feeling the song lyrically...but the way its sung and the way the bridge is performed, goes along with my life...
is this a bit much to be saying right now???
Also, like I said before..
Please get your hands on Watch The Thrown with Jay Z & Kanye..
Man oh Man!
One of the best albums Im rocking as well as Adele....just wanted to put some music on you guys palettes! Mwah!
Have a good weekend you guys, I know I certainly will...
And remember...


  1. Super Cute Shirt. you will love my nails when I post them. there pink cheetah print.

  2. Love your shirt girl! Love me some Adele and lil bit looks sooooooo cute! So glad you are doing well. Tell Greg he needs to quit smoking! NOW!! lol Love ya, Kiah

  3. lol...this post had me laughing. i think that lipstick craving is contagious because now i want some of that! i love that leopard top by the way and your baby looks adorable.

  4. i'm really digging the abstract leopard print on your shirt. it gives it an extra funky element than a typical, uniform print. and the black on black is HOT! i'm in love with them. the face is on point too... yes yes yes to the purple!!

  5. I love your shirt and earrings. Every one of those shades of lipstick is fab. Wow Kelly is killing it, how inspiring!