Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Violaceous Peacock: African & Aztec Fashion

Hola Peeps!
Great day and the final day of school. Its all over. Thank goodness. So next week I do plan on seeing peeps of mine I have not talked to lately. I have been doing my own thing. Which is normal I hear. Life is still going good. Still a bit anxious at the fact that its August. Thing are coming together in there own way. So much happening. So much I wanna yell out but Im such a caged bird at times. Im enjoying this week I must say, even though its going slower than usual. The bedroom looks amazing. I redid it and organized everything. I love it. I want to be more clean and less messy. I feel once you bring a child up their going to look at you and what you do. I would hate to be such a junky person and to pass that habit on to her. Then again my parents were clean freaks and I became the messy junky daughter. Who knows. All I do know is I am becoming someones role-model very soon. Sounds crazy. Last year I would have never thought. Im cool with it though. This is a new chapter in my life that was bound to happen one of these days. Just earlier than expected. I love looking around and seeing change. Change in the room, change in myself, change all around me...
Its very satisfying.
Enough with my life, on to fashion. I was flipping threw my Tumblr wall and saw this awesome magazine cover. Talk about inspiration to rock a head scarf. I have been on this ethnic/Aztec/ Tribal look for months now and I don't see it fading away anytime soon. It looks great with my hair and skin, can't lie. But its so fun looking at patterns and fringes. I love it. So when I saw the cover I thought "Ima rock the shit outta a headscarf..."


Wasn't hard to wrap at all. I thought about the many ways you can wrap a head scarf and I decided to stick to this one. I found this scarf in the back of my closet, I remember buying it from World Market for about 9.99. World Market is another store with cool jewelry that is pretty tribal influenced, I get it a lot of my buddha stuff from there as well. Headscarfs are an awesome accessory if you think about it. You don't even have to do your hair...
Top: Target
Blazer: Torrid
Jeans: Torrid "Source Of Wisdom"
Head Scarf: World Market
Jewelry: Forever 21
Bag: Forever 21
I can't get enough of this bag. I think Forever 21 has the best bags these days. At least to me...There expensive sometimes as hell.
More Shots Below:

I wish I could buy more tribal looks but I have noticed they are cut for the smaller crowd. Forever 21 has the best tribal shirts EVER! But sometimes I can't pull off every damn top they have in that store. Especially now...given the boobooski...
Here are some extra accessories that I would buy in a heartbeat if it was my size or around my budget..

Tribal Bracelets:

Aztec Pants:
I want, I want, I want....but never in a larger size..
Hippie Bag:
The purple one has my heart. Why don't I ever find stuff like this...?

Chief Scarves:
I would wear these on my head honestly....

Native Moccasins:
I would die for these, I want these more than Oxfords! Ughh I wish...and Im sure they don't have a size 11 or 10...

Boho Tee's:
Sure these stop at large...

Native American Sacks:
I want all these things. Ughhh...the pain....

Rose's Shoe Challenge:
She is still going. Those who are new to the blog Rose my b.f.f has challenged herself to wear a different pair of shoes everyday for a month. Yes, she has that many shoes. If you look closely, her nail polish color changes by mood from pink to violet. So both pictures are the same polish just different colors. Pretty sweet right?
We'll here are her shoes from the past few days:

Red F-Me Pumps:

Beaded Pink Wedge:

Celebrity Candy

Zoe Kravitz:
Did you know her dad is going to be in the Hunger Games movie? Can't wait. Love her style. So Lisa Bonet mixed with Lenny Kravitz...pretty much her! Love her shoes.

Angela Simmons:
So Angela is having a new line of clothes coming out. She posted on her Twitter her in some of the clothes. I love her. She is so cute and I adore her. I wish he would post more of her fashion. Her style is crazy.
Killer Shoes...
She is so hot.

Solange Knowles:
Need I say more?

Kourtney Kardashian:
Not my favorite Kardashian (that would be Khole) but when it comes to clothes she kills them all. Im sure given she is the smallest one. Love the romper. Love her colors.

More Kourt:
Kim K:
Yeah Yeah...I can't stand her but the outfit redeemed her..and that bag. Jesus! Gimmie her money!

Jessica White:
Beautiful yellow...I lovie...

Tika Sumpter:
Um..this chick be doing the damn thing. Im a huge fan.
I hear her and Trey songs are kinda "close"....just sayin...

Love her body. She use to be so skinny. I wonder how she started thickening up? I mean wow. Greg would fall out of his chair... ekk!

Welp! Tonights The Night!
JERSEY SHORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can't wait to watch it, hopefully Greg comes home on time. We can chill and eat some good food and laugh at Snooki and crew. Yay! The crew is back!
.....yeah....its a guilty pleasure.......
Would any of you dip into Pauly??? No...?
(liars..tee heee)

Tomorrow is the movie I been dying to see, video will be up to review it..
Gee! Can't wait!


  1. You're not wrong, you really do suit the aztec/tribal look! Loving the accessories today. I need to get to a Forever 21; too bad there's only 2 in England and they're nowhere near me -_- And it's interesting to hear someone say they love seeing change. I hate change; I am absolutely a creature of habit!
    Do you have a Tumblr? I want to follow you :) x

  2. 1st of all you look AMAZING in this outfit! That top (I died) that blazer (I died again) that headscarf (I back up to look again and died again)!!! I mean WOW!! You are killing it in that head scarf! The way you wrapped it is killer! It looks perfect on you! You are rocking that purple shadow too BOO! As you know I am Native American and African American so ANYTHING TRIBAL is very close to my heart!! I love love love those tribal bracelets, pants and booties! Rose's shoes are cute. That girl must have a separate closet just for all those kicks! So glad you are finished with school and that you can rest for a while. When did Mya get them hips and thighs? I remember her being so tiny! Her body is like BANG...BAM and some Oprah ish!! lol She looks delicious! Love Kourt's style and I'm not even gone talk about Solange! That heffa be dressing! Thank you for your comment. Your comments always make me LOL and smile! Love ya girl! Kiah

  3. I love your shirt. I could waste so much time in Forever 21. As far as Mya, I'm glad she thickened up. She was so skinny that I wanted to throw a sandwich at her. She looks healthier.

  4. Love the peacock design alot and the color!! The head scarf,!!

    So, I don't know if were going to see planet of the apes, the boy said something about Cowboys vs Aliens so who knows!!

  5. loving that aztec look on you! and those red heels- smokin! How amazing does Mya look in that bikini!

  6. I love this look! Nice photos too! Such great inspiration...

  7. Nice post. I love the whole tribal look. Very ethnic! I am so into aztec print now. And I liked the way you wrapped your scarf. I'm going to have to try that.


    *New follower*

  8. Yes, the Kardashian sisters have great style. have their closets!

    Check out my blog some time at!

  9. Great post doll,loving the tribal look!*
    Gorgeous necklace!*

    Oooeh,Love Angela & the Kardashians!*
    They're my favorites!*


  10. I love your outfit. Rose shoe are hot

  11. Sooo your shirt is superrrr cute!! Love it. Love the bag too, anything purple makes me happy. And i totally agree Forever 21 can be outrageous with their bag prices!! Target & H&M have less expensive and better quality bags in my book.

    I need to talk about Mya for a minute...her body is RIDICULOUS!!! I just got a little

    Khole is my fav Kardashian too...she has the best style and personality out of the bunch.

    Angie & Tika can do no wrong in my those girls. Cant wait for Angie's clothing line to debut!!

    Cherrie <3

    P.S. Thanks for your comments on my blog. You are soo funny! You now have a new follower!!

  12. You look so fantastic! You suit the purple so very much!