Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Its A Hair Day: Life, Wants, Holidays & Weight

Yesterday was a hair day. Like seriously. It was time. Soon I will be seeing my folks who are coming down very soon to see me and the last thing I need is my hair looking a hot mess. My mom would scream. Besides, I need to do it anyway. I went to long without twisting it. I would pay someone but Im so use to doing it on my own, that I feel its better if I do it. I had new growth everywhere. It was a mess. But its done. I curled it all and will maybe take out my little "fun pipes" around thursday night. Dreads/locs take forever to dry if you don't have a dryer. Hence why I am leaving it in for so long.

So while doing my conditioner, Greg texts me and has to take me to handle some stuff on base. Figures. I went with my little hat (shown above) and just went with wet conditioned hair. Greg kept saying in the car I smelt like passion fruit, but I told him it was my hair, nothing else.
Whomp, Whomp...

Here is my shampoo stash. It took about, well, all day to do my hair. I let it get crazy for way too long. I need a lot of shampoo because my hair is very thick. And also the hair clips to keep the new growth down.

Here is my hair yesterday:
Don't laugh...lol!

Heres the back:
Very rasta....very....

Looks blonder egh?

Curled with Pipe cleaners:
Thats me now...
Im gonna try my hardest to not let it get that bad again. Im trying hard not to do a lot of things. My room has been clean for 2 weeks straight. That is a world record. Everything I take off or Greg takes off, we hang it up or put it in the hamper. The floor stays clean. Everything is organized still and put away. I mean, I can get use to this. Oh! And my closet is still well kept.
Im quite proud of myself. Self change is good.

So this will be the first year I am celebrating Halloween, the "right" way.
I celebrated it as a child then of course stopped. Then I got older and moved out into my own place with Greg. How did we celebrate Halloween? Mainly by making sugar cookies with pumpkins on it and going to see a really screwed up horror movie. Not this time. Since we are gonna have someone around, I'll be decorating and dressing up and actually leaving my light on for trick or treaters. Im still asking myself whats gotten into me? But I plan on celebrating for the first time, on my own without my "folks". Well, basically, my first time as a family. So Ima be checking the dollar store for cool decorations. Im not going all out, given I have an apartment and all. Im being pretty simple this year but fun. Im going to be a cat if I can, Greg said he'll be a Zombie (of course), and the Boobooski will be a pumpkin (saw it at Marshalls for 7.99)..Hopefully they have 0-3 months? Im stoked....

Can I bring something up?
Did anyone hear about Jennifer Hudson flipping out on a chick on Twitter because the fan asked her "If she had any surgery done" or if it was all "weight watchers"?
Basically, someone asked her on Twitter if she got any extra help while doing weight watchers. She asked nicely and polite. And here comes Jennifer Hudson with the hugest attitude saying all this crap like "OMG, why does someone always have to get surgery" and "People are so stupid and gullible." Then! Had the nerve to tell the twitter fan that she looks a hot mess and that she should go to the gym...!!
When women lose weight, I swear. Sometimes, there great about it and sometimes it goes to their head. Why did she have to blow up on the girl like that? Jennifer sounded so fucking stuck up and full of herself, like really? Just because you are now a size -5 does not mean you can just tell chicks to go to the gym! Just answer the question yes or no if you got surgery or not and move the hell on? Damn!

(poor Raven..)

Look. I have a past when it comes to diets and weight lost, thats why I turn the other check to it. It causes such dumb shit. Half these chicks looked fine the way they were. Maybe Im bias. Im not consumed in a lot of issues I use to be into, so "fat" issues don't get at me like they use too. I started learning to like myself with other methods and it got me here, to where I feel good about myself in my own body. By all means, if people wan to lose weight go ahead. But don't be a freaking weirdo about it, just do it.
Jennifer Hudson is full of crap and makes me want to gag. Heres her Twitter below:
Thank you Khole, thank you.

Heres some stuff I saw that I loved on the internet. Hopefully, I will get to buy at least one of them. Crosses finger. Check them out:

Off The Shoulder Dress:
This is one F21.com and I need it. Oh my god, I need it.

Tribal Pants & Blazer:
I feel I will never find some wide legged pants like this in my size, guess I have to patient...Torrid? You listening? Her outfit is to die....this is on F21.com as well.

Betsey Johnson Pump:
Every shoe she makes, makes me die a little...

Stone Earrings:
Love it...

Betsey Johnson Too Too Perfume:
How cute is this? I love this, I kinda don't care about how it smells....look at it. I trust her to make her perfume smell good.
Janelle Monae Tote:
I WANT!!!!! *sad face*

~Celeb Candy~

Kirsten Stewart:

Khole K.
I love her thick ass...

Ashlee Simpson:
Love her bags...swag..

Khole K.
Again, I love her...

Kim K.
........yeah......this dress is ...its hot....

Lauren Conrad
I love this green so much...*sigh*

Kirsten Belle
Love the shoes and dress....love mixing colors..

Im loving the new Watch The Throne album.
You guys have to check it out. Im not a big rap head, but this is awesome. I love it. Anything Kanye...I buy. He is so talented and takes me places with his music. I adore him...
Download peeps!
Best Songs To Download:
1.Church Of The Wild
2.) Otis
3.) New Day
4.) Gotta Have It


  1. You look so freaking pretty! I love the colors!!

  2. I love your outfit! That sheer cardi is like pretty freakin fabulous! I can't wait to see your hair when you take the twists out! I bet it will be fabulous! How exciting your parents are coming!! I am sure you will get spoiled during their visit. You never told me when you were due....or did you? Guess what I did today? Ordered tribal print leggings from Torrid! My 1st Torrid purchase ever! I got the ones like you but in blk/wt. Can't wait to rock em!! J-HUD should have never even let that get to her. That back and forth was very immature! smh OMG Kristen looks AMAZE BALLS!! I love love love her makeup! She looks like a model! Kiah

  3. btw - you betta not have Boobooski dressed up in no crazy devil outfit for Halloween! or I will come to Cali and beat-cha!! bwahhhhhhhhhhh xoxo Kiah

  4. Cute outfit. I just use some V05 when i was stay with my MIL. Your hair looks great. Also I love reading the comment you leave me.


  5. eeeek! I have this top too! It's so comfortable hey? And you look sexy as in it! :)