Monday, August 8, 2011

Oh Bag Lady: Nicki Look & Shoe Challanges

Outfit Of The Day

Can you believe its actually wet and cloudy today? I love when that happens! Im a big scarf and shawl fanatic and usual I can't rock the shawl or scarf in tropical california sunshine. But today I will be able to...unless the sun comes out because then the shawl is off.

I loved layered clothes. I love the bag lady look, its so happening for me. LOL!

Good weekend...
I was suppose to go to the Cheesecake Factory but changed my mind and decided to use that money to shop. I went to Marshals and saw everything I ever wanted but felt it was way to expensive. I felt like I was at the damn mall and not a department store. I love Ross but its a hit and miss sometimes you know? Sometimes I want to go in a store and know Im coming out with something I want, without digging for it..or staring at it for 5 minutes debating if I life it. I don't know. The Ross around my way is absolutely horrible. I can't find crap in their besides camisoles.

So in this outfit Im rocking:
Shawl: Forever 21
Tribal Scarf: World Market
Tank: Torrid
Leggings: Torrid
Boots: H&M

Rocked the boots with the leggings. These are my favorite leggings ever, have to admit. I paid to much for them but oh well. Im happy.
More shots:

I need to wash my hair this week. Its time and I have been so lazy with my locs. Oh man, I have new growth everywhere! I wish someone could do it for me. But Im not paying for crap. Yeah I can be pretty cheap.
ALSO! I went to the mall this weekend....
Ughh...I'll keep it a secret.....
I bought my dream purchase...
I will post my new purchases soon. Im excited to show it! Yay!

~When Friends Go Nicki~

Okay, I know. Who hasn't tried the Nicki Minaj Super Bass look. Everyone has at least tried to dip their hands into it at least once. If you like popping colors and pink lippy you have. I love the look myself. My friend Holly gave a hand at it over the weekend and wow...
I loved it.
She nailed it. She just purchased Nicki Minaj's Pink Friday lipstick to do the look and even tanned outside her house a bit to get more brown like Nicki! LOL!
Love her! She is a joy to be around, another homie from Maryland that I wish was a bit closer. Check out her Super Bass look:
Nick In Super Bass Video:
Holly's Version:

I love it!

Nicki Near The Pool In Video:
nailed pretty
She used Coastal Scents palette to do this look. Rose (bff) actually has Coastal Scents as well.
The makeup is so good and I kinda wish I had some.
I loved her lippy as well.
Has everyone seen Nicki's boobies yet?
I have. Are they fake? I could not tell. But then again, when your tit pops out, usually it jiggles or something. It kinda just sat there alone and on its own. Its did not even move. She was jumping around and rapping all over the stage and it didn't even flinch. Is that normal? I think there fake. Theres nothing wrong with that but I think she should come out and say if she gets surgery. If she does who cares, no one will like her less.
She acts like its such a secret.
Either way, I thought she looked super cute on Good Morning America...


Yes, she is still going.
My best friend is still on this kick of going a month wearing different pairs of shoes everyday. Let me just say, I know your wondering what her closet looks like. But if you look in her room, you can't really tell that she has so many shoes. There is one corner where u see shoe boxes stacked, but its no where near how many shoes she carries. Theres some under her bed, in her closet, and some in corner where you will never a hidden valley of shoes...
Check out her shoes today:

DAMN!!! These are from DEB. Only ten dollars....lucky broad...

These were last friday:
Comfy and cute! From DSW, clearance section...
Love them.

Celeb Candy:

Britney From Glee
I usually like her style, but I guess this was at the Kids Choice Awards? Im not sure. Some Award show popped off this weekend, and I loved her dress. Anything with shoulder embellishments sells me...

Rose is right. Im obsessed with her. She doesn't even need to wear an outfit. I just think she is so pretty and vivacious. Love her bathing suit in this.
And those legs....
I actually love her shoes in this pic.
Guess she retired the red hair for now...

Rachel From Glee

I like her dress.... *next*..

Kourtney K
My favorite Kardashian Fashionista! Always on point...

Adrianne Ballion:
She was banging the brother of the Kardashians (Rob), remember her? And she is a Cheetah Girl. She is fucking pretty. I love her skin tone. It looks so smooth and brown. I love her skin. Does that sound weird. I dunno. Some peoples skin amazes me...I wonder what lotion she uses...she looks so smooth..
Yeah, she is a babe. Her skin is amazing...

Of subject but Ima need Drake to hurry with that new CD...Fast...
If there is a man that can read women, its this man...
His words makes me want him sexually...honestly...
Speaking of Music...
Evanesence is back! Can't spell and don't feel like going to see how its spelled so please...
spare me...
I love Amy Lee...

(no spoilers)
Let me tell you. I love when aliens, or animals, or a lower class rises against something. There is noting like a revolution movie. I love it. Those movie goes down with King Kong, Jurrasic Park....all the greats!
I adored it. Even though I cried my little eyes out...not because it was sad.
But because it was so epic....
Beautifully done....cinematically beautiful...If you love movies...see this....

Cowboys and Aliens
Greg wanted to see this. Funny because my friend, who is also a blog buddy (IBLEEDPINK), Im sure you guys know her....she said as well that her boy toy wanted to see this movie. have to check her blog and see if she seen it
I hated it...
I was bored in the theater...and found myself daydreaming...
You know what it is..
Im ready for some new aliens. Im tired of the same damn look of your average alien that comes out looking like a bug, a penis, or a big vagina. They all look the same. Im tired of it and it gets old. Make aliens come down and look a bit like us. Or fuck, just change it up! I tired of the same movie over and over and WE always win over the aliens? Can we lose??? Im over it. Im ready for something new. A new alien how District 9 was....
Now THAT was a movie!

I'll smush with ya'll later! Mwah!


  1. Loving the leggings! I want the ones that come in black and white but I feel like I'm not sure what size to get :/ I love the Celeb Candy pics as well. As far as Nicki's boob....I don't even know lol. Great post!

    Sarah Jane R.

  2. i am loving this outfit! and as far as nicki goes...boobs couldn't get any fake-errrrr, LOL!

  3. Super cute

  4. Love your leggings! And I like your friend shoe selection.


  5. YAY! You got you some TRIBAL stuff girl!! I am sooooooooooo in love with those leggins! SUPER CUTE!! Rose's shoes are dope and Nicki looks like a plastic MESS!! UGH I can't stand her she is so corny!! lol That girl did a great job with her Nicki inspired makeup. Rihanna is sick! Her body is just insane and I die every time I see her! BEE...YAH...CH!! LOL Adrianne is pretty and that is a spray tan that she has. She is really very pale naturally. Thank you for your sweet comment! Kiah

  6. cute!!!

    xoxo from rome

  7. Adrianne skin looks amazing!

  8. I am SO GLAD I read this. We didn't get a chance to hit up the movies this weekend and now I am thinking we might just add Aliens vs Cowboys to the Netflix. I have the attention span of a 1 year old and know I will be just as bored as you were.

    I love your friends makeup, she did an amazing job recreating the looks.

  9. I love the boots from your first outfit! Hard core! :)

  10. Love your leggings!

    I love that dress Zoe is wearing!

  11. Thank you so much for your comment! I love your blog! Im now a follower :)

    // Maria Bach

  12. loved this post and im drooling over those leggings. how about you send them my way??

  13. I also have issues with Ross! I like it for workout clothes and perfumes though. Otherwise, its still overprice to me cause I get most of my clothes at thrift stores. Love cheetah girls jeans and you leggings! I would wear those all the time! so cute!

  14. Thank you for the lovely comment you left on my blog today. Really put a smile on my face :)

    Amy xxx

  15. i love LOVE LOVE your outfit and your friends makeup. U are the