Monday, August 29, 2011

In The 9's: Everything Is Different Now.....

Welp, this is the final frontier.
Sorry so late posting. I wanted to post earlier but something came up. The end is near. I go in very soon, hell, in two days. How do I feel? Hmm. Relaxed actually. Maybe once I get inside the hospital I'll feel nervous. Im sure I will. But since Greg is gonna be with me, I might be okay. I was talking to my mother this evening, she said "I can't believe your gonna be a Mom." I told her I couldn't believe it either. These 9 months have been amazing, crazy, yet sad experience. I will never forget it. I say sad because, of course, some things...when dealing with life changes, not all people agree with your direction. Sometimes that hurts, especially when you think your life is going to be a certain way. Sometimes, people think your life choices are stupid or want zero part of it. I dealt with that, and that was a hard pill to swallow.
Very hard.

But overall, my pregnancy was great. I had a final OBGYN appointment, even thought the doctor went in to see if I dilated and it kinda hurt. Talk about pressure. T.M.I but ya'll family, I don't care. I look over at the crib and feel, strange. Soon life will be in there. My daughter will be in there. I feel strange just typing that. I still need to put the comforter on.

By the way, THANK YOU to everyone who commented. Who gave their best wishes. Who wished me congrads, who gave me advice about pregnancy and all. Because honestly, you took the time out to say you care. I honestly was touched with all the comments. Thank you so much ladies. I bow to every single one of you. I really appreciated every single comment. And to one follower and bad ass blogger named Kiah from the blog From The Rez To The City...
Your comment, saved me. Saved me from nervousness. Saved me from any doubt. Saved me from worries of being a new mother. You are really an amazing friend that I have never met. LOL! Your comment, did so much to my heart. You gave me such support. The advice you gave just.....made me speechless. Thank you Kiah. I even read it to my husband and he was touched as well. Im going to go ahead and say it, I love you and thank you....
You gave me strength.
This weekend Greg and I drove around like usual and found new places. I won't lie, it was a rough weekend. My family back home on the East Coast was dealing with Irene. They did not get much of anything but rain thank god. My Rosie lost power on Saturday and here it is Monday and still she has no power. My poor boo.

San Marcos

Greg and his Starbucks...

Temecula Way
I thought this was beautiful... in a blurry way...
So as for us, we are looking around slowly for new places to stay. I do love Oceanside and would like to stay here actually. But we shall see. We still have to wait until things fall into place. Thats the thing with life, you sometimes got to wait on other peoples terms. But if it aint work to get, you don't want it. But yes, we are looking here and there. Maybe something a little away from the beach, given the fact its pricer by the ocean. I live about minute away from the water, and that can pinch the pockets.
goofing around

Nothing like Chinese...

Started drawing again. Shocker!
I saw this on Tumblr and it gave me inspiration for a picture. Its been months since I picked up a pencil. It felt good to draw again.
Yeah, so I used the body, made my own face...but she was a good!
Of course this drawing has, hell, too many meanings behind it. Its called Protector...
Im sure u can piece it
hearts exposed

Fashion Passion:
I know Im not showing any fashion of mine right now. But hey, Celebs are doing it for me. I still have my Celeb Candy. So much has been going on in Hollywood, and Im kinda obsessed with it, obviously. Check it out...
Kim K:
Love the outfit so much, and yes, Its Kim, and she is annoying. But I love the sloppy shirt and fringed boots. Best I seen her in awhile...practically perfect.
Beautiful dress...I love feathers, all types...I even saw this nice shawl on F21 that was full of feathers. I showed Rose and she said "What is that? A Chicken?..."
We all heard the news yesterday, I was shocked actually, and it made me smile. She looked stunning and Jay Z looked so happy at the awards while she rubbed her tummy. She looks great in this dress. Man is she glowing...

Wow... I think she is having a girl. What ya'll think? Her belly is kinda low. I think boy in this picture with her belly sticking out...Im confused...Hmm..

Umm. Usually I love a good crazy Nicki outfit, but what is this? She took everything and just stuck it on. Very tokyo inspired but, it seems she went...crazy. I dunno. I hate it. Maybe if she got rid of, I dunno, half the shit in the floor...*side eye*
Is that a tail?


I just love her...
Amber & Wiz:
Bet that night was awkward at the Awards. Usually Amber is always on my celeb candy post but her style has plummeted since her break up with Kanye. Wiz aint making that West money, lets be honest. Her outfit is boring. She looked better with Kanye...

I bow to her, she looked amazing as a man, her alter ego Joe Caldrone. She was, epic. And she did look pretty creepy. Such is such a girlie girl so, to see her dressed like down and normal and as a man....thats crazy! I think she is brilliant.
Loved Kanye's and Jay's performance...Congrads again to Mr. Carter.

So, of course..
Kim got married, yet she is the only one on this cover like she married herself. Ain't that a bitch? Where is her man? Didn't he get married too? Figures. What a dope. But, I must admit....
She looks stunning..
She does

I will post before I go in, actually..
I might do a video. Its been awhile...either way, this ain't the last post till I head in. Promise.
Love you all...
Wish me luck.


  1. Will you stop making me cry already!! lol 3 words....I LOVE YOU! Kiah

  2. thank you for the comment on my post. and i'm glad i stopped by. congrats on the baby. it's amazing that you're not nervous. i know i would be. but it looks like everything is falling into place. i wish you and your hubby love and blessings on the new arrival!

  3. yes kiah is beautiful....such a tower of love and support. i can't wait to see pics of delivery xo

  4. Wow I can't believe it that time. I remember when you told us. I thought you were play an April Fools joke. You are going to be a great mom.

  5. Awww... the pic is beautiful!!!! Can't wait for the baby debut!!!!! Yayyyy....

  6. i miss your blog! sneaking on at work :(
    the internet/cable people are coming today *hopefully*
    and i will return! and thank you for the award =]
    i will post it when they patch me up! good luck mommy, and the boobooski and greg! ok gotta keep it quick lunchtime is over

  7. Baby bump and I love it!!!! You look so gorgeous!!

  8. You have that mummy glow about you!! :)

    Check out my awesome give-away!

  9. i think beyonce had a baby shower before the vmas and nicki made an outfit out of everything she didn't want.

  10. Moya!! Let us know that you are ok....PLEASE!! Kiah