Monday, August 1, 2011

Sparkling Blue Tidal Waves & The Boobooski Questions Answered

Outfit Of The Day:

So yeah, this is kind of a repeat offender. I bought this shirt about a year ago in maryland when Greg was deployed on ship. H&M had all these amazing shirts on sale that had glitter on it! Oh I love glitter and anything shiny. I found it in the back of the closet and smiled with glee because I missed it! So I thought hey, Its a sunny day, why not rock my shiny shirt. I love the blue. This has to be one of my favorite shirts in my closet hands down. I love it. You can gear this shirt up or gear the shirt down. Either way its a spectacle on!

More Shots:

I love this F21 Bag so much....
Its so huge and awesome. I had it for a bit but now Im loving it more and more...

Me & the Boobooski...
Can't forget the sparkly hat.

A look below:
Hello Kitty Ballet Shoes that fit like socks......Feels so good....

So July is gone.
Im not sure how I feel about that. This weekend Greg and I was cleaning out the room. Making room for the crib and all. Once we got rid of the huge big screen t.v (which was broken) and stand. We had ample amount of room. Greg did a cartwheel, it is that spacious. Funny when you get rid of things, everything gives you space once you toss it. We vacuumed, we threw stuff away, we did all this while listening to System Of A Down which was nice. This all happened on Saturday as well which was our anniversary.

I know, who works their ass off and cleans all weekend on their anniversary. But we did, and it needed to be done. We went to Red Yogurt by our house for a break and had some cream. We figured since my movie comes out this friday we will really celebrate later on this up coming weekend. Its been 5 years married. I love it. We still act the same which is pretty awesome. I can still hear people telling me its not gonna work or Greg is going to change. He didn't. Everything worked out. So in total, Greg and I have been together for 9 years.
Pretty long right?

So any-who, I noticed people have some questions from the comments I have gotten about my pregnancy and I will answer them now. So feel free to read all about me..Im a book.

(Got these at a yard sale...eeeek!)
Baby Boobooski Questions:

What Did You Like About Pregnancy:
I liked it all. It was the easiest thing I ever did and Im not lying.
All Pregnancies are different I know, and not everyones is easy. Mine was pretty rad. I had no symptoms at all but cramped legs and your usual beginners vomitation. Other than that I felt great and got a lot of compliments looks wise on the body. It was very easy. I would do it again if it was this easy. I always thought it would suck ass. Or I would blow up pretty big. So over all I loved everything about it.

What Did You Hate?
Everyones opinions. That sucks and still does. When your preggo, its seems
like everyone has something to say about it. They will tell you all the tall tales and what they heard...when I noticed...Everything that people told me, turned out to be the opposite. Even people who are older and had about four kids already, everyone was wrong. I heard I would blow up after 5 months, I heard from everyone besides my mom that I would be having a boy ( I thought so too), I even heard if you don't drink milk the baby won't kick as much...*side eye*
Basically, if you get pregnant...I learned to just listen to the docs..
People don't know what their talking about at, at all....

Whats your Baby's Name?
T'Kyla McNeely, Greg chose it. Surprisingly...since I use to have names written down about what I wanted to use as a name for a girl. But I loved it...and it worked. I thought it was beautiful.

Did you ever have doubts?
Did I! I had mad doubts in the beginning. And yes Im all about a woman's choice. I think once I finally talked to my father I felt more calmer about making a choice. Then when I saw the sonogram, I knew it wasn't an issue anymore. I had plans to wait for three year until I was gonna start trying with Greg. But I guess three years came early. Do I regret it, no. The bigger she became the closer I became with the baby inside. Its true what they same about an attachment. There is a bond. An unexplainable one.

Are You Nervous About Labor?
No, and I can't figure out why. Maybe because I know I will finally meet her. I want to meet who this girl is. So fuck pain. I never thought I would feel that way...ever. I always dreaded the thought. But now its nothing, I want it. I told Rose I am nervous about cleaning her butt and stuff. But my Mom said it doesn't feel like cleaning "poop", it feels like cleaning and sanitizing your child. I feel her..

What About School?
The funny part is, before getting pregnant, I was debating my school life a lot. Mainly because I was not going anywhere with it. I was failing math so much, that I started looking at trade schools and other routes. Maybe three months later, I found out I was having a baby. So the break of being a stay at home Mom doesn't kill me or make me sad. I was already debating my schooling for a good year. I was in college since 18 and not even a bachelors to show for it. Will I go back or do school again? Of course, but right now Ima focus on raising my daughter, the right way.

Hows Greg Dealing?
A lot of people figured Greg was all jumpy and happy the whole time given I was unsure the first time finding out. Not what you expect.
He was nervous as well in the beginning but felt we could handle it. Greg is very calm, about Everything. An earthquake could happen right now, and it would not faze him. So neither did this pregnancy. He is ecstatic and thats gonna be one spoiled little girl. Im happy to have his support. And I can tell, hands down, he'd do anything for her.

Do I Want More Children?
Sure... Down the line. If it was anything like this one Im stoked. But no time soon...please...

Expectations For Your Child?
To be herself. I want her to be free. Like that song "I Hope You Dance". Thats how I feel.
I want her to be her own person. No pressure. I was pressured. But if I could in stow anything in her? I would try and make music a big part of her life. I will play all the greats for..maybe she will be another Gaga or Grace Jones...that would be bad ass!

Honestly, Do You Regret Anything?
Not a god damn thing.. :)

Rose's Shoe Challenge!

A little behind on Rose's shoe challenge. Her is her shoes from last week:
From Shoe Dazzle

From ShoeDazzle as well:
I love these personally, I wish I had a pair...too cute!


Khaki Days:
Rose went comfy today in her beige flats


Rose also went on a rampage and got all crafty!
She made her own earrings! Hopefully she drops me a pair in the mail! Wink Wink!
beautiful on...

The broad also made banana pudding from scratch over the weekend... Talk about missing your best friend for all the wrong and right reasons...
Short & Sweet Celeb Candy:

Victoria Beckham:
She always looks bad ass, even pregnant. How she still rocks stilettos? Who knows.

Jessica White:
I am not sure if I like this or if I don't......

I love when she looks like your average girl on the hot...

Jessica Alba:
I love that dress! Ekk!

Kim K:
She always has the best animal print shit...I love it. Nice bag as well...

Now looking at this a second time, she kinda looks a mess...

He is just sexy...thats all...
Hes gonna be in the new Conan movie....ughhh my my!!! *droul*

Welp, this friday! I will be there!
Whoo Hoo!!!!! Hope its good.....

Love you Guys!