Thursday, August 18, 2011

In The Church Of The Wild

Good Day. Woke up. Un-curled my hair. Looked great. I feel great. Some body parts kinda suck. But other then that, I feel awesome. I love waking up at 9:00 or 10:00, I feel so much more refreshed.
This tube top shirt is something I bought about two weeks ago and Im just now posting it. I loved it because of the print obviously. Torrid was having one of there very few 50% off clearance moments and I got bold and got the oxfords and this top. I paid about 12.99 for this. I love it. It fits great. Looks great and it screams aztec/tribal/ african...whatever you want to call it. I adore it. I was thinking after buying this shirt that this shopping at the mall frenzy is about to come to an end. Mainly because buying any more clothes would be a waste. Im not in the same body as before. Even if I still wear the same size. I guess my blog will become very...interesting after this. Then again who knows, I say one thing, then end up at a shopping center and buy something else...What can I say? Its a coin toss.
Top: Torrid 12.99
Jeans: Marshalls
Shoes: Torrid
Necklace: Forever 21
Boobooski shot:
And more shots below...

So here I was yesterday, with the curlers in. Well, not curlers. More like pipe cleaners but hey, dreads are a lot different than your average hair. I had these in for about three days. It dried up great. And it looks pretty awesome as well. Later on, like next week it will look even better. I love messy curls. Its the best look, just like bed time hair. Im waiting for it to get like that.
Turned out amazing either way...
Heres the back:
Its always sunny in Cali, but today was something else. Everything was green and pretty. I thought I would take a pic of my apartment complex outside my door.
Nice day.

Rose sent me another box. I love her boxes. Sometimes she throws things inside that are meant for surprise! And who does not like surprises?
She sent me these awesome earrings!
I should have worn them with my Outfit Of The Day but my hair is too curly, you wouldn't have been able to see them. Maybe next time...
These are some earrings Rose made for me. I love! Plus the color is amazing. Rose has become pretty crafty with these earrings, I must admit.
She started a craft box.
Of course the box was not all for me:
I love these! They are pretty sassy than your average onesies.
Rose got this outfit as well...

Of course, this one has to be my favorite. Thanx Rosie.

Check out Rose's video for this makeup she got at Sephora that I loved. I saw it around but I never wanted to buy it because of the price, but she found it for about 4.99 I think. Amazing deal, I swear I saw for 15 at the time. The brand is Tokidoki.

~Celeb Candy~

Eva Marcelle
I love the bathing suit. I could not rock it. But hey, the print is amazing. She looks amazing I swear. And I am feeling them shades.

Lady Gaga
My favorite artist had a new video out this week. Loved it. She is so many people in this video called You and I. I felt it was like a Marilyn Manson type video in a way. She is so innovative its hard not to love her.

..............can she ever f&%$ up?............
I even love the bra strap showing, it all just works.

Nicki Minaj
She is beautiful, full of plastic, but beautiful...
I don't mind that she's plastic, I loved Barbie back in the day. And she looks just like her... Love her lip color.
Adorable. I love her hair like that.

Tika Sumpter & Lala
Im kinda obsessed with Tika Sumpter....her style is amazing...

Mary Kate & Ashlee
Their shades kill me..I need contacts....I need shades like those.

Otis by Kanye West & Jay Z
Best song for me right now...I was driving and winding it up in the car yesterday...Oh my my..
I wonder whats happening this weekend.
Lately I have been falling in love with staying in bed watching movies. Greg and I have been talking about buying Insidious and Battle La for this weekends movies. I loved both. But it sucks because then I have to decide whether to buy blue-ray or regular dvd. In the bedroom its regular dvds, but in the living room its all blue ray. Eghh. I guess regular. Can't go wrong with that. Im not a big pixel person. Who knows...
Either way this weekend will surely be a relaxing one.

Have a good day, and float away...


  1. Why do you always look so fresh! I look like hell! Lol I love the top and those baby clothes are CUUUUUUUUUUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTEEEE!!!

  2. Girl you look HAWT!! So glad that you are not one of those pregnant ladies that does not give a flying goose how she looks! You still do it up BOO! Love that shirt and your hair turned out too cute dahling!! lol Rose's Tapiocataxadookie or what ever brand that is eye shadow turned out BOMB! That blue is off the hook! I NEED! I love her soft voice. The Boobooski is gone be fierce! How cute are those lace print onesies! AWE!!! I need Solange's pants! I DIED! Kiah

  3. You look great. Your hair try out great. Rosie is such a great friend. I love the baby clothes she sent you. I hope you have a great weekend.

  4. The hair looks amazing! Great pattern on the top too - very cool

  5. that's a really really cool top from torrid and it suits you so well <3

  6. Can I tell you how amazing you look.

    I really love your hair like this
    and you have that pregnancy glow!
    when are you due?

  7. I think a chic Caftan would be so fitting for the heat, you style and pregnancy

  8. Thanks for all of your sweet comments on my blog, you have a new follower! Love your top, and your hair is amazing!

  9. I LOVE Gaga. Her videos are never what I expect and they always are so crazy and creative. Though this one was a little creepy in the Texas-Chainsaw-Massacre kind of way, it was still ridiculously cool, and I did love all of the characters she played.

  10. Awww, the Boobooski, I see her! I have missed being able to comment here, my internet was down. I love that shirt, and your hair is great! I wish I had known about pip cleaners when I had my locks, because my dumb ass was sleeping in hard ass rod rollers. -__-
    The baby clothes = cute. We love Rose! She's wonderful. And handmade jewelry? Sweet.
    I love Solange's outfit. I want to dress like that, but is hard for me to do without looking stupid. Nicki Minaj is adorable in a Barbie sort of way, and everybody knows how I feel about Mr. West.