Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Red Roses & The Thorns

Its a beautiful day in Maryland today. I thought today would be a perfect time to display some nice clothes. Im gonna keep it short.But anywho, Im very..whats the word. Timit today. And that because Im working on me being so paranoid on stuff I cant control. Im such a worry wart. So I thought I would devote this time on doing what I love, wearing my fashions. Hope u enjoy. Plus you will see this very unique purse on here that my mom gave me, its make out of tusk I think from South Africa, so it was a gift...very unique right?

Jacket: Willie Smith Marshalls
Dress: Marshalls
Boots: Thrift Store
Bag: South African shop (thanx mum!)

Also, I get my main stuff from department stores...its cheap and in fashion, you can beat it.

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