Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Great 3 months so far. I saw New Moon. I planned a good birthday for Rose. All was well. Im getting by pretty far.....heres some pix

So far its been a good three months. I've been keeping busy and doing well without Greg. I miss him alot. But I have my girls Britney and Rose. Here are some of the pictures of my time here.


  1. Hey sweetie, thought I'd come and check how you're going and to wish you a happy thanksgiving!! I've been pretty busy with family things at the moment, but I was thinking about you yesterday!! Looking sizzling in that last pic. I don't mind the way your hair turned out at all!!

  2. thanx deborah! i wanted my hair to be extra lighter but its okay I guess...better luck next time when i dye it!