Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Laced Wit Doubt: Leggings Are My Friend

I cant get over leggings. They are the shit. I was just telling Rose I love going out because it gives you an excuse to shop more and more. It does! I have some money in the bank. We re suppose to go to a all black party on friday. Im having a hard time right now. My moms a drunk and she likes to take her anger out on he people around her...why??? Because she is a drunk. I am not lying. She is an alcoholic. It sucks being in the cross fire when shes that smashed. It makes me hate her.
Im not ashamed to talk about my problems because I like to be real with my life and not but a blanket over my eyes. i call it like it is.
Anywho, I got lace leggings from Torrid. And I got the No Doubt shirt from there as well. Torrid is the shit. I love that store, its so expensive..ughh...I have alot going on right now...Its stress...stress and more stress...
But next week is December......time is moving.
And I have to remind myself, I can leave if I want....I dont have to stay here..

Shirt: "NO DOUBT" Torrid 10 dollars on sale
Leggings: Torrid 28 dollars...
Boots: Torrid....68 sumthing...
Neckless: F21..like 8 dollars...

By the way forever 21 is the best place to go for awesome jewelry.

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