Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Weekend Rawked...!!!!

Sorry Bruce, you took it like a man though. Halloween is over but I did have a blast and lost 200 dollars in one weekend. That the only thing about partying and living it up, it cost so much money. Plus, Greg called me that weekend to tell me he spent alot of money himself...akak im not looking at our bank account until the 15th hits again!!! lol! We try and save but it always gets shot to shit and then we dont. But it is only November, I dont see his ass till we might be okay...
I went out this weened with my godbrother/cousin/dude I grew up with back when I had diapers, he was a blast! I had an all around good weekend. We clubbed in D.C and sw alot of interesting people.....yupp! Enjoy the pics, and Im broke as a joke...right now.....*sigh* lol!


  1. girl your godbrother/cousin/dude is fine!!!

  2. LOL!!!! Aww thanx! yeah, he was gettin all the ladies that!