Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Bang-bang He Shot Me Down....Kill Bill 3

So..I went to a gun range last night....Nov.2nd

I had fun, met a new friend in a girl named Britney, and I thought I'd show this Kill Bill style!

Its was fun..
It was an escape from reality

Friends are a good thing to have......at least...

when they come around....


  1. Welcome to the blogging world! Thanks for your enthusiasm on your comment ;). I really like your blog as well, esp the banner. Your design? I followed you as well!!!

  2. thanx again...i got the banner from this awesome free site called shabbyblogs.com, they have alot of nice free designs to decorate ur blog...i love ur blog too! and thanx 4 following :)

  3. I am sooo glad I stopped back to check out your blog again and saw your response. Thanks so much for the tip, I went to the site and they have some really cool stuff! :D