Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Who Runs Its? Fashion Award For BEST ALL AROUND STYLE

Lady GAGA or Rhianna: Who does it better? These are two of my most favorite fashion icons. Someone asked me if I had to choose one...who would It be...????
Gaga is innovative, I cant lie. She walks around with tea cups as a fashion statement. She is all around different and people either get it or dont get it at all. She creates more of a style of her own then her starting a so-called trend. From her iconic bow all the way down to her "no pants" she is one of a kind, and Im sure everyone agrees when it comes to her being "original".
Rhianna has re-invented herself into this amazing stylish woman. Everything she wears looks amazing and also makes you turn heads. She is known for her punk rooster hair cut and thoose big funky shades that you can barely see out off. She does not actually set off a trend like Gaga. But I could see myself wearing one of her outfits everyday, even the ones that look kind of off to me, If I look hard enough, I see the beauty in all her fashion taste; even the flops!

So the winner for me is, Rhianna. Gaga is my favorite artist and I still think her style is out of this world. But over all Rhianna is over the top in simple ways. Which is more what I would go for,

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