Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Graffiti Treaty and Flower Power

I love hats. I have a problem with buying hats. I saw this one for 16.00! Yikes. Im loving the flower. Im suppose to go to a concert, I might wear it might not. I got it from worth the money.
Graffiti shirt: $10.00
You gotta love sales. I got this shirt for like 10 said it use to be 38 dollars! Gotta love Columbus Day! Yay!!!!!!!! And as for my boots.....*sigh*....Im in love. I've been looking for boots for like a month....I tried on these knee high boots and they looked a hotmess....But then I saw these and they are to die for!!!!!!!!! Wow! I bought them monday from Torrid. Only 62 dollars! Lol! Yes, I said "only". The shirt is also from Torrid by the way.
Flat and comfy.... my kinda shoe!

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