Friday, October 30, 2009

Pictures From Afar...

Just heard from him via phone......while I was making this...


  1. Chin up girl! You should be proud of your hubster. Now is the time to start making some inspirational posts about him!! You can't let yourself get into a huge slump, it's not going to be good for yourself or him in the long run if everytime he calls you're pining for him. Bet with all that testosterone he's surrounded by at the moment that a needy wife could make him feel a little less like calling (Been there, done that!)

    I don't mean to sound harsh, just want to say you have a husband who is doing something great for his country/family. Be proud and show your support for it by singing his praises from the roof top!

    You have a right to feel sad/lonely and to miss him, but he's getting on with his job and you need to get on with having fun and missing him in a positive way.

    Arrghh.. honest forgive me for sounding mean, I'm not meaning to be. Just know where you're coming from and sometimes it takes someone else to say it. I love your blog so much, but you have to start posting some of your fab outfits again!! :D

  2. Honest to god, u dont sound mean! thanku soo much. I actually needed the pick me up. LOL! Thanx so much...This is my first deployment and his, so this is all new....ima try and sty poitive as much as i can! u were not mean, just honest! thanks again

  3. That's the girl. Make sure you surround yourself with your girlies and make the most of some you time as well!!

    And if you get to that stage where you start thinking "WOW, stay there with your damned buddies then!!" let me know.. hope it doesnt happen to you, but I have noticed with my (now friend) that there was a pattern of the longer he was away (2 deployments) the more HE-MAN he got. Blarrgh. Just to much male bonding *LOL*