Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Top 3 Fav Fashion Bloggers

Number 3: Garbage DressI wouldnt consider her plus size but her fashion is certainly amazing. Im very into black, and very into the punk look. Her style is very sequenced. Black is all she mainly wears. I wish I had the money and style she does....

Number 2: Bleed Fashion
First of all, she loves Twilight, second of all, she loves tattoos, and third of all her style is so fierce that it makes me wanna lose some junk in the trunk (yeah...right...) Punk rock style and her use of the newly in-styled leggins are amazing. She dresses very high fashion, and her bags are to die for.....

Number 1: Karla's Closet
Who else but Karla, *sigh*, Karla, Karla, Karla, the woman who must have a million dollars in her account. She may shop at vintage stores but her high priced fashionable shoes blow me away. She has the most awesome hair cut and her style switches from punk, to vintage, to boho all the way back to electro glam....I love karla so much.......i wish I had her job..

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  1. funny but garbage dress is on my top list :D i looove her, everything about her.. the style, the hair, the person :)