Monday, October 5, 2009

Boho In The Trees

So I found this nice boho shirt in Marshalls. Its a 3x and it it looks amazing and makes my tits look amazing. It does. I love this shirt so much! Im so gonna rock this short when I get back to California. Sp basically, over the weekend I plastered myself with drinks to get by....I was so bored. But I must admit that Sunday I had a great day. I got 3 shirts from Marshalls, I usually hate Marshalls and cant stand that store, but that day they were doing the damn thing. The shirt is from Marshalls, as I said. The pants Torrid, and the shoes are from Nine West, my Mommy got them for me. Jewelry from Target.

How amazing are theses shoes! Yay! The sequence is amazing. I thought a nice close up would be nice.

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