Thursday, March 1, 2012

What A Stylish Little Lie

So much has changed. For the good actually. If I could have predicted my life a few months ago, I would be boggled. So far in 2012, I learned about patience and never giving up. I learned that very quickly. This month was a great month. Still a lot on my mind. Actually, Ima go ahead and say it.
I did not think I would be staying in California this long. I always thought that I would eventually move back to my hometown in Maryland. But, it does not look that way. It does not bother me at all. This was my path. But I can tell, since I have had a baby, my mother wants me closer. Which is understandable. I am her only daughter. For some reason, the plans to move back did not go our way. Don't get me wrong, I love it here. California has become home a long time ago. I noticed when I first moved here I would say I want to go back "home" to see my parents. Now I say, I want to visit my parents and then come back"home". I grown to this lifestyle. This is my home. When I talk to my Mom, its more about how she feels sad Im not closer. Which honestly, is crazy shocking. Given the fact all my life, I was told if you have a child, your on your own. And now that I have one, she does not want to be on my own. Lol! Thats pretty strange. I do find myself feeling bad. She is my Mom. But at the same time..
How do I say this...

When you get married, that person is now your new family. Im not saying once you get married you divorce your parents. But that is a new branch on your own tree. That person is your home. And then, when you have a Its officially a family. Bottom line, who knows. Anything could change. Life takes you on different roads. But I do have my own family now, and my child's life so far is amazing. Not a second goes by that she doesn't smile. She is an awesome chick. She is everything Im not. I gave birth to my best friend. I know she is just a few months but her personality is relaxed and even goofy. What more could I ask for.

This is home for now. Everyones journey is different...

So, on to the next.
I saw online that another school shooting occurred. Bullying is so massive. I could not imagine being sixteen in high-school at this time. I can actually say I did not have Facebook at the time. Bullying was raw and to my face. These days you bullied on a website. I don't get it. I wish there was something to stop bullying. I blogged about this before. People are killing themselves. It makes no sense...
I think no one learned from Columbine. That one name. Columbine. That changed everything. The two guys that did it are now cult figures. Some look up to them. The crazy part about it was they got what they wanted, to be infamous. You would think that would calm people down on people getting picked on. I was a victim of it. I would be lying if I said it did not mess with me mentally. That shit hurts.

Done with my rant... back to fashion...

~Stylish Little Liars~
If you don't watch Pretty Little Liars on ABC, then at least tune in for the fashion. I admired the style of the t.v. show since it came on. But for some reason no one had the pictures of their on set outfits. I came across a Tumblr that featured their style and finally got some pictures. All credit is due to
Check out the Goods

Aria: Spiked Jean Dress
My most favorite look that she rocked ever on that show. If this came in my size, man! I would never take it off. Shoulder spikes? How awesome is that. Can't get any better.

Aria: Two faced Leopard Pants
This was more punk then anything. The shoes look bad ass with it as well. Very rock star and grudge with a innocent edge. I love it.

Aria: Blazing Blazer & Floral
I guess you guys now know who my favorite is on the show. Aria rocks a mean outfit every time. I know if I just watch the show she will be rocking something fierce. Love that shirt.

Hanna: The Nude Wedge
Would someone really wear these to school. Im thinking yes. The shoes with this dress is hands down gorgeous. Super high shoes but works so well with that color.

Aria: Neon Greys
Tore. It. Up. I love the small matching belt that matches the shoes. The shoes look like Crocs with a wedge. How awesome. Anything neon is a winner in my book.

Aria: Big Bad Combats & Belt
Again, very rock star chic. She looks edgy and urban. The huge bag and army green pants rock.
Can she do anything wrong? Nope.

Aria: Tribal Tymes
The design of the dress is perfect. And the pattern is even better. Top that off with a pinched blazer? I give you this masterpiece.

Hanna: Boho Laced
I love laced tights. Or at least tights with some sort of a design. The fringed shirt makes it even better. Its almost lounge-like.

Aria: Stripped & Ripped Off
The pants. Thats all.

Hanna: Scarlet Spots
I love when people rock the hat and the hair is not even under it. The color is so off with what she is wearing, yet it works..

Aria: Black & Ripped
That necklace is a killer. The shoulders on that top makes me want to stretch that shirt out and find a way to make it fit me...just saying..

~Celeb Candy~
I love when very well know artist push the limits. When someone dresses up as a guy and they are actually a woman, it is powerful to me. Or maybe Im just artsy. Jennifer Lopez pushed the envelope with dressing manly with a jock strap. I love it.
She is stunning. Hands down. You can tell she is the kind of woman that you can wake up next to her and she still looks perfect. She just has that "it" factor.
Love the tough boxing gloves..

Nicole Ritchie
Im actually feeling the shoes more than anything...

Nicki Minaj
Im digging the pink hair. Has anyone heard her new song Starships? Man is it awful. She took a major turn in the music side of things. Its almost gimmicky and bubble gum-ish. I hate it. Im not feeling it. But fashion wise, she owns it. She just does.

January Jones
After-Party with Vanity Fair. When the Oscars ended, the fashion surely didn't. She looked bad ass. Love that green.

Miley Cyrus
She looked elegant. Yet I admit, she did look a bit old for the dress. Almost matronly. But if she was going for the classic old hollywood look, it worked.

Rihanna Fenty
The fact she tucked in her huge shirt into her shorts..kills me. She sets the best trends. No one is messing with Rihanna right now. Look at those shorts! She is my fashion icon. Hands down. She never messes it up. Ever.

Fashionable Icon Of The Day:
Tracee Ross
Im late. I had no idea how much style this chick had. I never watched Girlfriends before. But this chick is rocking that body and her fashion pretty well. I thought I would feature her, why not? Did I mention her body is crazy? Check her out:
That butt...I want on my myself...

Love you guys, Im going to try and catch some Z's. Its almost four in the morning.


  1. You have impeccable style and an eye for it baby!

  2. i love Tracy Ellis Ross! And her style is crazy! Her ass is crazy!!! U look beautiful and so does the baby!

  3. When you get married you leave your mother and father and you cleave to your husband. The 2 of you became 1 when you said "I DO" and that means that you and your hubby are priority to each other. I feel bad sometimes too because I sometimes have to tell family no but that is the way it is. J-Lo is so flippin beautiful....she makes me sick! lol Tracy Ross is my hubby's celeb crush! You daughter is just precious! Kiah

  4. cute look. We so need to figure a way to stop the bullying

  5. I love me some Tracee Ellis Ross! That's my girl!