Monday, March 12, 2012

What A Hazard Life: Tina Knowles Fashion & More..

I talked to my Grandma today. I have not talked to her in years. Maybe a decade. Why I decided to call? I have no idea. We did not have a fall out or anything like that. Just my folks moved from their hometown...Sumter, South Carolina. And moved to Maryland where I grew up. I never knew my grandparents on both sides. I never knew my cousins either. It was always, well, me. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Being the only child has its perks. But man, I called her this morning and got the number from my cousins on facebook. See, facebook does serve a purpose now and again. But anyway, I called her. And she was so happy. My grandmother is eighty years old and she sounds like she is thirty five. She is amazing. She gave me advice about life that I will cherish forever. I had a moment with her. It made me think. Im big on meditation and the Buddhist way of life. I want to be peaceful and happy. And that was something I enjoyed doing. I loved talking to her. Im going to call her more.
It was nice having someone like her to talk too. Someone wise. Who can smell bullshit from a mile away. What made me dial her number, I have no idea. But Im glad I did.
Im really glad I did...

You know I gotta tell you guys my life story, now that Im done spewing about my family life. On to the fashion. So this is proof that all stores, whether its the same store or not, carry different things. I got this awesome dress at a Walmart out of town. How amazing. Not only that, this was designed by Tina Knowles, Beyonce's Mom. Funny because I saw the line on The View. She previewed her clothes and man did I fall in love. Yet, I heard she was selling her stuff at K-Mart not Walmart. Either way, I saw this dress and bought it immediately. Theres nothing like a dress with pockets!

Its made in a jumper-type way. Very cute. They had green but of course, I sticked to black. The green would have been cute Im sure. The price was 21 dollars but on clearance for 11 dollars. I saw more but the kids section has baby jammies for a dollar. Yes! I said it! For a DOLLAR! If you have a new baby thats growing rapidly...check Walmarts clearance for play clothes and pajamas! One dollar! No b.s.! So I bought this dress, and my daughter about 24 outfits...LOL! But hey, it was a dollar...tee hee!

Im kinda pissed because I bought a bag of new earrings and lost them. Luckly they were from the 5.99 store so they were all one dollar. I think there were 4 items in there. I looked everywhere...under the bed, in the trash, in my junky ass purse...NO WHERE TO BE FOUND!
Figures. At least I got these earring out before I lost them...
All just a dollar...
I really wish I could find the bag of earrings I just bought...I swear this apartment eats shit...
Heres the dress off my body and onto the hanger..I love this dress...
Fits Great! Its a 2x by the way...

More Tina Knowles:
I love when designers make cute clothes for us thickums. I love it! I get so excited to see my size. Miss Tina did a great job on the line. I know Im tardy to the party about her line for the warehouse stores, but I literally never saw it in any Walmart's around here. Only downtown Diego. I would go back but like I been saying...Gas, sucks.
Where was this look at!?!?!
Tocorra & Tina Knowles wearing the line:
I love Tina's dress the most..I didn't see that there though...
House Of Dereon is not bad either. The runway show was all african inspired which I love! Now if I had big paper, I think I would be rocking the runway House Of Dereon instead of Tina Knowles Walmart Collection but hey....get in where you fit in..

Okay so this weekend was nice. Saturday I felt kinda crappy but Sunday I was ready to get out. P.F Changs was the place of the evening. Cheesecake Factory is officially our new favorite restaurant but its way too far. So we went to P.F. Changs which is about ten minutes away from us. The food was great. I got Lamb and Greg got his usual Honey Chicken. The Boobooski enjoyed herself as well..
(Moms who are reading, I got this whole outfit for a dollar...go to Walmart..I swear..)
Good food. The desert was the best! I swear! Yum!!
Boobooski chilled on the lap while I ate. She is..not you average cub. Lol!
Bring Out The Lamb!

Lemme tell you. This dessert was amazing. Banana spring rolls with caramel icecream...

So you know I had to go home and build myself a fruit!

So my bff Rosie got these cool nail polishes. One of them I wanted actually but never bought it because it was 7.99 a pop! Leave it to Rose to buy a polish on sale for half the price. Im sure you guys have heard of Essie nail polish. If you have, you know the price his very high. The colors are amazing. The orange is called Hazard and the white is called Marshmallow.
Check out her Colorful nails:

~Celeb Candy~
I have some good celebrity candy this week. Nicki looks amazing on Allure Magazine. Have you guys heard her new single. She looks great but her music is confusing me. I don't know how to feel about it.

Snow White From TV Show Once Upon A Time
I feel terrible that I don't know her name. I just don't feel like going on Google to find out. I might as well because this chicks style is crazy. I need to learn her name fast. But how hot is she. From last weeks Vanity Fair after party.

Zoe Salada
Simple but perfect. Sometimes jeans and button down is all you need. With librarian glasses..

Cassie Ventera
Can she ever screw up an outfit. No.

Emma Blunt
Love this yellow belt with this dress...

Really Rihanna? Do you really need any exposure? I now think she craves attention. C'mon. First you do a song with your Ex who beat you and now your walking around L.A. with your tits out...But hey, at least she has great ones..
Shes been rocking jean denim pretty hardcore. She wears it well I give her that..
Whats up with the fanny pack though?
Rih Rih in the famous shorts and tights trend...I love it.

Need I say more?

Kirsten Stewart
DAMN K STEW! Fierce! Did her fashion game go up or what?!?!?!?!? Them shoes killed it..

Chris Browns Girlfriend
(not a fashion comment...just an analyzation)
How do you go from Rih Rih to this. Shes like 4 pounds. She seems boring. Really Chris Breezy? This is your chick? I don't know. Ugh. She seems ew. I noticed they are beefing on Twitter. Her and Rih Rih. Her tweet said something like "Hey Jennifer, Im Angelina see where Brad at."
They broke up cause he beat her idiot...I can'

Evan Woods
Look at her and Kate Winslet. Simple and amazing..I love!

The Walking Dead:
The T.V Show that takes my breath away...
I have never been so invested in a shot before in my life. I use to watch an amazing show called Lost but...that went off awhile ago. And it did have the same effect. I get so attached to these characters. Last night I balled my eyes out. Im so emotionally invested in this show that its pathetic. It comes on Sunday nights and next week is the season finale of the first season. I might just do a video on how I feel about this show, because words can't describe...
Unlike a movie... a t.v. show goes on for years at a time.
You learn the characters, you relate to them, even fall in love with who they are... Last night, I balled my eyes out... I can't even explain. I needa break from this show. It has my heart in a vice. Ugh.. I can't explain..I'll do a video...

Love you guys! Mwah!


  1. Omg i had those spring rolls while on a trip to Destin,Fl and yes they were the business!

  2. I so wish we had that store here. I would love shopping there.

  3. ur baby girl is soooo damn cute!

  4. Awww your little lady is getting so big. She is so cute.


  5. Great post! I loved your outfit, definitely want to check out Tina Knowles fashion line.

  6. Love your dress! Your baby is beyond pretty she should do modeling. Gerber baby! Essie is pricey, but I might goagead and get some. I love the colours Rosie has.

  7. I love your blog too! You dress amazingly, this dress in particular looks fabulous on you! And that's the cutest baby I ever saw, I'll have to scour ebay for some of Tina Knowle's line xx

  8. Where do I begin!?!?? I love your blog! You tell it like it is! And I agree with you on the Rhianna boobs thing. I'm wondering why too. But I guess I can say that I've seen Rhianna's boobs, lol. Chris Brown's gf looks like a hot mess. If she thinks shes Angelina, then I'm Selita Banks. I guess she failed to realize the reason why his previous relationship didn't last. Let me get off this subject, lol!

    Also, your little one is ADORABLE!

  9. great post dear n ur dress looks cute on u

  10. I've never really looked at the Tina Knowles stuff at Walmart, but that dress is super cute on you!!

    Everytime I see pics of your baby, I get Baby Fever even worse!! She is such a good mix of you and Greg!!

  11. Nice post! your daughter is soo cute! and I'm liking that dress on you. ahhh I've never been to PF Changs! there's literally one like 5 minutes away from me...gotta get there soon. sounds like you had a good time though.