Friday, March 9, 2012

Sheered & Spiked Ivory

Its friday. Im trying to get my Mom out here by spring break. Of course she still has not bought a ticket. She has been off for two days. Dental appointment. How I became the ring leader to "help buy" this ticket, I have no idea. It will get done. I need to meditate. Makes me feel clear. Its like a shower. Cleans you up pretty nice.

Whats going on this weekend?
Good question. I really want to clean up the house really really nice today and organize my closet a little better. I also been looking at Dinning room sets. I was suppose to be grab a nice set but thing just kept coming up. Im totally gonna look today. Im such a boring person, you know why? Most people are excited for vacations and going out to the club with their friends, Im that loser who is excited about Walking Dead the t.v. show and can't wait to go to Barnes and Noble for a new book. What has become of me? I always have been different. So I guess in a way it all adds up.
~Back to The Point~

Ok lets get back to the point of this blog. This is my outfit of the day. Nothing super special right? Well, to me it is. I saw this shirt for 14.99 at TJ Maxx. I told myself, "wait". So I did, and I got this sheer baby for 7.00! Whoo hoo! I love it. Its very beachwear. And anything that flows from the shoulders is all mine. I adore it. I thought it would look bad ass with some Arabian paints. Pretty much MC Hammer pants..from what I hear they are called. Pop on some nice flats and your done. Great look for the weather out here.
Believe it or not, the earrings were a dollar. I refuse to pay more. That store has my heart in a vault. I love these earring to death. As you see, I have a spike fetish. It does not get old either. The huge bracelet was a gift from my Mom. She gave it to me Christmas time. My Mom goes hard with jewelry, I give her that. Her bracelet and ring game be on point.
Check Out More Pix:

The camisole did not come with it. I bought it sheer. Its a size 2xl by the way, it went up to 4x!
So awesome. Yet, I was not paying 14.99 for a shirt that comes with NO under shirt. Sorry. But Im glad I waited.
Here is the shirt in the light. Beautiful.
~So Im on a Fresh food kick...~
Its crazy. Greg has no problem with it because that means Im cooking a new meal everyday. Im having a ball. I love fresh food! I want a garden so bad. I need one. I want to grow my own stuff. Rose's dad has a garden, Im not sure if it is still there. But sometimes I would walk into Rose's house and see in her kitchen fresh tomatoes. They looked so ripe and beautiful. I thought it was so cool. I can weed shit. Can't be too hard right? Well for now, Im buying cilantro and basil.

I made a yummy pizza. It think its called a Margarita pizza? I don't know. But I chopped fresh tomato and used fresh basil. Oh the smell! Beautiful! Here is me making it.
Wah La!!! Yummo!
I want to plant this but I need to get a little pot, plus I would need soil right? Egh,..I'll wait. The smell is amazing.
Making Caesar Wraps...
My wrapping sucks but the taste was very very good..

You know what I noticed. This look below is "the look" around here. I love it. I want to do it but, Im not sure if I could pull it off. I have not rocked shorts since I was ten. I barely wear skirts. I don't know. I love this look. Every girl I see from here to downtown rocks this look. I wanna try, but Im scared. Egh. I don't know.

~Celebrity Candy~

Everyone is up in arms about Jessica Simpson being nude and preggo on the cover of Elle this month. Dude, whats the big deal. She looks fucking stunning. Are we still in the dark ages? I think its a beautiful shot. Apparently people are up in arms. I don't get it. I love pictures like this. Then again, I love when people embrace their bodies. Especially when they are preggo. Its a beautiful look. Angelina Jolie said that Brad could not keep his hands off her when she was pregnant. I myself loved being Pregnant as well. Then again, my pregnancy was not hard on my body and I was not sore. I enjoyed it, and I liked the belly as well. Its a pivotal moment in a woman's life. Lets Jessica rock her preggo body. Theres nothing wrong with that.

She looks terrible. I can't even believe I just said that. But her fashion game is kinda at a stand still right now. She needs to bring back the big shirt tucked into the shorts look. Loved that!

Katy Perry
This chick has been at Paris Fashion week working it. Blue hair and all. Divorce is doing wonders. She seems to be okay. Fashion game stepped up.
Nice hand bag.....

Alicia Keys & Her Family
How cute is there little one! Ugh, I love it. I like everyones shoe game here. Ugh and I wanna bite there little boys checks. His name is Egypt. Beautiful family.

The Woman Who Keeps Getting Better
I know you all are sick of me and Solange but the woman keeps looking amazing. I can't help myself! Ugh! She is too fly for her own good!

Nicki Hilton
Always under the radar and her fashion game is as well. She is not running around for the papz like her sister is.

Rachel Evan Wood
No one can touch this chick. She dresses gansta, her swag is gangsta...I can't...

Amber Rose
Someone got engaged. Congrads! Now all we have to do is wait for that amazing Kanye West depressed album to come out...I wonder how he is taking this news? I think he is stuck in a hotel listening to Adele crying..."Never mind I'll find, someone like you..." - Adele

~Tay Swift~
FINALLY! Taylor Swift dressing like a woman and not a little girl! Americas Sweetheart my ass! I want Taylor to have some edge. And she is so pretty. Im tired of that crimpled ass hair, tiny doll dresses...screw that! Rock a straight dew and some Gucci cause bitch I know you can afford it...
Wurk Taylor! You out did Solange this week!

She killed it..

Chrisette Michelle
I love Chrisette. I loved the fact she shaved her head off the random. I think its time for us chicks with afros to come together and rock our hair. We can still have our lace fronts on the side from time to time. But I love natural on a woman! Its hawt! Plus it shows the younger girls that their hair is also beautiful. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing like a nice weave. But natural fros ain't bad either.

How stunning is this?
Need I say more?
Have a bad ass weekend!


  1. Taylor looks amazing and Solange can do no wrong in my eyes. The girl has got the style game on lock! All that food looks yummy. I just had a margharita pizza a Carabaas las week! YUM!!

  2. Ahh loving Taylor's new hair at the moment. Did you see her on Ellen with Zac Efron? Straight hair and fringe looks so good on her, definitely makes her look more mature! Have a good weekend! x

  3. I love love solange! she is helping me step up my game more with the prints. i love how she mies them.

  4. I am loving your top!!! I want!!!

    I also love Jessica Simpson pregnant! She looks GORGEOUS!!!! And finally happy!!!

  5. looking hot in white! i know what you mean about that shorts look, everybody is rocking that in loondon even though its cold lol looks good tho but i have the same reservations as you when it comes to shorts!
    Taylor looks like a woman finally. I love me some solange, you keep posting her pics up cause she knows how to work! Jessica looks stunning, i find naked pregnant woman an art i dont think its tasteless at all!
    Oh and good for you with the fresh food, it will do your body good!

  6. I love that sheer blouse. You look gorge in it.

  7. Thanks for your lovely comments and for following me!!! I've "always" been here, but now you've found me ;) Well I wrote that post in Swedish so I don't think many Americans know the language anyway! Hahah :D I write basically in English, but sometimes I like to write in Swedish and this was just a partyquestion thing so nothing very important :P

    P.S. I loooove the high hair bun Katy Perry has!!

  8. following back =) keep in touch =)

  9. aww Swizz and Alicia have the cutest son! and I am in love with Solanges' style!!!