Monday, March 19, 2012

Im Blazin: The Curious Case Of The Mom Jeans

I can not even explain how great this weekend was. It rained all Saturday. It poured so much that you could hear it on the roof. I loved it. I watched The Birds, the 60's version which made the day more moody and erie. I cuddled up to the hubby and boobooski on the couch and watched a bunch of not-so-great netflix movies. The Walking Dead season finale premiered. All and all, it was a grand weekend.

Of course, now that it is Monday, the sun is out. California is back to the basics. Im rocking a nice polka dot sexy top. A camisole to say the least. My old-school Solange head wrap that I find myself wearing more and more. My pinched blazer (I need a new color blazer, bad). And some ripped Torrid jeans and Oxfords. Not bad. My earring are little bow-ties. I thought that would be cute as well.

Rose and I, my best friend are both on a man-hunter for blazers. I really want an all red blazer, but Im not trying to pay an arm and a leg. I mentioned to her how I found a blazer for 24.99 at Marshalls..So should have bought it. I tend to see things then not purchase them, then regret it later. Rose seems to have the same problem. We put things back to be practical but end up going back to buy the item! Ha! I guess that where shopaholics come in...I need Rehab.

So Yes, I want a new red blazer. Im sure Rose wants something more pastel then solid like I do. Our styles tend to clash. We will want the same look but will wear it different ways. I want a sharp colored blazer, almost neon. Or a hot red or bright turquoise. Over the weekend Rose went and got some new blazers as well! Lucky her, she lives by the best thrift store...ever. The one back home in Maryland where I use to reside. Since moving here, the thrift stores in California are not called "thrift" stores...they are called "vintage". And they want me to pay 14 dollars on a shirt that has already been worn...
*are you kidding..*

Also, Im falling in love with Mom jeans. DON'T ASK WHY! But I love it! I find myself wearing my jeans a little high. I love it. No one rocks the Mom-jean look like Miley Cyrus. Nobody! You don't even have to be a Mom to rock it! Do you guys know what I mean by "Mom Jeans"? Not the hot-mess look but the fashionable "corset-with-high-waisted-pants" look...
Fuck it, I love it. Plus it makes my stomach flatter than normal. I would use over-sized pants if you have a little pouch area going on. I love it.
(can't tell me nothing..)
Check Out The Queen Of The Mom Jean:
(with pinched blazer)
Omg, is it just me? I love this. Its so wrong that its almost right. Todays look is sooo inspired by Miley Cyrus. She may not be rocking the head wrap, but she sure is killing that orange blazer and washed out denim. Love it.
I love wearing floral tights under ripped more "boom" to your rugged look. I love to place right with wrong. Like a tutu shirt with a rockstar tee. Leather and lace. Delicate and rough. Ripped jeans and flowers. Im sure you get my point..
Not a bad try! Its another fun way to rock leggings if your a super fan of leggings like me! Especially if your leggings have a design. Super fun to wear.
So my style icon right now is Miley. Solange is my icon as well, but these "mom-jeans" got me drooling! Plus Miley knows how to rock them blazers.

Check out my "wish list" of Blazers
Hopefully, If Im lucky..that hot red blazer at Marshalls is still there. Maybe the price can fall down just a bit? Maybe? That would be nice.
Forever 21 Bold Shoulder Blazer...30$

Top Shop Boyfriend Blazer...$80

Aryn K. Blazer...62

~The Bargin Whore~
My Best Friends Hauls Of Fame
How pretty is she. She needs to pull that hair back more. I love it. Sorry, got of topic. Well, here is my bestfriend, looking pissed on a monday morning at her office. So much is going on with her as well. She is in the midst of moving but still had time in her busy days to give me her fun buys. Lemme tell you, new comers to this blog, this woman finds things I CANT even find! She is good at finding them deals. This girl found a pair of playboy shoes for 99 cents..
Yes I said it..
99 CENTS...!
Check out her finds! She is also on a hunt for a blazer. Maybe not as colorful as mine, but she is still on the prowl for something very cute...

Blazers..Thrift store...

Leopard Wedge...$8

this broad makes me sick...look how much it use to be...

Leopard Belt by Essentials...


Cheap sandals!


The Nude Wedge
My favorite shoe. When I looked at this on my email I died. I love this shoe! And the fact it was only 19.99 kills me! I am way too tall for wedges. We'll Im one of those tall women that are afraid of being taller, so I won't rock wedges. But man, if I was 5'3 or even 5'5...these could be mine as well! I love.

H&M Rings

~Celebrity Candy~
Celebrity fashion has been under the radar. I have not seen anything amazing from anyone besides the one and only Solange. But I can't keep posting that woman. LOL! I seen some great looks. Some that are not so good. Check out the candy.

Taylor Swift
Taylor, Taylor, Taylor. Where do I begin. I love the vintage look, don't get me wrong. But your young and gorgeous. You have the body of a pencil. You can wear practically anything! Her style is so fourteen year old prairie girl! I mean really?
I like foxy Taylor. I know its not who she is. I get it. Shes nerdy and geeky and writes music in her treehouse. But c'mon Tay Tay, lets dress like a woman! Your hot, sexy, and your a millionaire. At least rock some type of "sexitude". Look at Miley...
Just saying...

Rachel Zoe
Theres nothing like a fashionable mom...nothing like it...

What The F$@% Is Going On?
Black roots. Blonde hair. Denim jackets. Plaid shirts. I don't know whats going on. Is it me?
I feel she is losing her mind. I dunno. She looks..odd. Oh my goodness. Maybe Im expecting way too much. She is just looking so plain jane. Where are the heels and rock star leather pants?

Jill Scott
Who doesn't love and respect Jill Scott? Love her look.

Ashlee Tisdale
Something about crosses....


Katy Perry
She did N%$#@s in Paris by Kanye & Jay Z...and man..
She up...
Yall gotta see...check her out...if your a fan of the song....then you might like!

And on to The Walking Dead...
Well. The show is over. Im still sad. Im still invested in the show. Maybe to much. The season is now over and I still do not know how I feel about it. Rose and I of course watch the same show. Rose is done. She is not sure if she will watch the third season. Since my fantasy lover Shane is now dead, I don't no how I will move on from this tragedy that happened on the show. I can't ee myself watching this show without my favorite character. Then again, I have no choice. I will be watching season three. Because Greg will turn it on instantly and I know I will be peeking to see what happens. If I lived alone, I think I would give up on the show. But because I live with a man who lives and breathes horror films just like I do...I will be watching the next season...
(R.I.P Shane)
His balls looked so good in his pants...


  1. I love how you layered the tights and jeans. A nice twist to the ripped jeans look.

    Sarah Jane R.
    <a href=">Sarah Jane R. Styling</a>

  2. I so want a pink blazer. Blazer are so in right now.

  3. Hahaha "she writes songs in her treehouse". Yeah I really liked Katy Perry's live lounge cover but not as good as when Florence did Take Care in my opinion! x

  4. Im from Indiana and I love your blog. I never comment but I had to this time. Your so funny! There needs to be more people like you who are real and straight to the point. Im with Jade on Taylor, she needs to get her shit together and grow up! You are so pretty and so is your best friend!
    Your daughter gave up the pacifier on her own??? Are you lucky or what! I want Rose's blazers and shoes! I wanna shop with Rose!

  5. Beyonce was my FAV hands down, always killin Em! How you doing girl! Your baby is getting big-she is so adorable!

    Always, SOULBeautiful xx*s

  6. I can't get with the mom jeans ma'am lol. But thats just ME! I do wear my jeans high bc ur right, it does make ur stomach better, but my shirt is over them lol. And maybe its just me, but the 2nd picture of Rihanna you posted I thought was GORGEOUS! The matte red lip was just icing on the cake lol. Jill is human form lol she's my body idol.

  7. I love what you did with the jeans and the leggings...looks really good! New fan of your blog here! lol