Friday, March 23, 2012

Blotches Of Blue Violets & Tender Peach

Its friday. Believe it or not I love weekends. Being a stay at home mother is not watching t.v all can be, if you don't take part in interaction with your kiddies. But its nice to have some help. I have a schedule. From reading everyday to her and helping her stand. I honestly have a new respect for single mothers. I really do. My daughter is actually relaxed so I can't imagine a colic-crazy baby and being on my own. That sounds so hard. I swear, new found respect. You don't think about that when your single and mingling. Regardless of their situation is, it take a lot of woman to raise kids without help and keep food on the table. Instead of mothers day, their should be a single-moms day. I swear to God, I commend them, like...damn.
Sorry, it was on my mind...back to Outfit Of The Day..

Old Navy does wonders..sometimes...
Not my favorite store, but it becomes my favorite store when clearance is involved. Five dollars for this dress, yep, five bucks. It was an online dress but someone returned it. It had no price either.
The colors sold me. I bought it right away. I also purchased another Old Navy dress that was seven dollars but, that dress will need leggings under it. Kinda short. Something about the dress screamed vintage. And it was FIVE DOLLARS! I figured I could make it work. Its a 2x by the way. Rose went to Old Navy but found nothing. She was pretty blown. Maybe everyone bought the dresses...but she did say Christmas stuff was still mess.
I hate my ankles. There so damn skinny...eww...
They make my boots look so weird I hate them, oh well..funny how I wish my ankles would gain weight...
I wore gold flip flop heels. I love them. I don't wear them too much. They are awesome. I have a black pair as well. Both from Payless.. Gold was just the perfect color for this dress...
I rocked the hair pretty high. I get mad compliments when I do this style. Very Janelle Monae and I LOVE her. Its also a good style if you need your hair done. If I don't feel like doing my hair, I normally do this style and call it a day..
On the hanger..

So I didn't say anything but my favorite shoes ever "died" last weekend. I was totally pissed. Im walking threw Walmart and BAM! My shoe pops! My leather back sandals. Im sure you have seen them because I wore them religiously. Im not a big shoe buyer so It really pissed me off that they broke. Then again, I wore them all the time. They matched everything I would wear.
My bestie Rosie, got me a brand new pair!!!!
Ugh, I love her. What would life be without my love. She is amazing! She got me a size 11 and it fit like a glove. Another reason Im not a shoe-aholic...because my feet are kinda big. Don't laugh. But they fit great and she sent them Monday. She paid 22 for them. Perfect. I love them on! Rose, my girl came through for me like always...
Here are both shoes...the one Rose newly purchased and my old ones from Torrid...
Hahahaha! The old ones look pretty beat up!

Also in my goody box, Rose got her niece a smell-good stuff animal. It makes the room smell great. It has a aroma pouch in the back. Once the smell is gone I will give this to her to play with. When I handed it too her she instantly started to grin..
She loves it.

Speaking of Rose..Her blazer looked great on her!!!
She looks so profesh! She looks more and more pretty everyday. What a woman. Thought I would show you guys her look with the blazers on her..

~Celebrity Candy~
Rihanna is slowly coming back from the dead with some better style options. I hear she is filming the video for Coldplay's new video "Princess In China". Great song. Im glad the hair is black again, that blonde is ugh..strange. I like it, then I don't...

Charlize Theron
Im feeling this look from Charlize. Denim is in! Them boots my goodness! Airport chic, I love.

Angela Simmons
I love her, she should have a blog with all her shit. Im confused why she doesn't. She is perfect.

Im feeling them pants, and the shoes...Can she do any wrong. She looks great. That baby did her well..she looks amazing, and happy.

(The Comeback Kid)
Like I said, she was losing me for a minute. But shes coming back slowly...
What ya'll think about that blonde though????

Emma Stone
I love the shoes so much..and that blazer...oh my god!

Kat Von D
I hear she has a new eye shadow palette out. I won't go looking for it..I won't! If I was white I would look exactly like her..I swear..who messing with Kat Von D??!?

Katie Holmes
I want them leggings! Oh my goodness! She looks amazeballs! Love the shirt with it...

Adrianne Bailon
Shes a slut I hear. I believe it. Cute outfit though...she be doing it...

Michelle Williams
Nudes. Can't ever go wrong with nudes. My ass don't even own any. That needs to change.

Zoe Kravitz
I love her. Love the shoes. Her grunge look does not get old for me...

Have a good weekend you guys! More post next week! Sorry I was a day late!
Oh, I have a new celebrity crush and its not Robert Pattinson or Taylor Lautner..
Its now Jon Bernthal...
Man I love him. He so fucking hot. Excuse the cursing, Im sorry. Uncalled for. But man, I am feeling him. He is not even that attractive, its just something about him. He was on my favorite show The Walking Dead, now that he is off the show Im stalking him on Tumblr! He is so hot. Rose said she wouldn't "have relations" with him...liar...
Anyway! LOL! Have a good weekend yall! Holla at ya'll Monday!



  1. THAT DRESS LOOKS AMAZING ON YOU! Beautiful as always!!

  2. This dress looks soo good on you!! I absolutely love the colors. Beautiful!

  3. Girl you look incredible in that dress! You like POW...BAM...and some OPRAH ISH!! lol I love it so so much! Rose sounds like a gem. Can I be her bestie too! Dear Rose, will you adopt me? lol Beyonce is my girl crush! Your little one is just too stinkin cute! Kiah

  4. Rose is the best. The dress looks great on you.


  5. love all these photos!your dress is awesome!i wear flipflops all the time!

  6. Lol, this is my first post of yours I'm reading and I love you already!! First, thanks for all the sweet comments on my blog, I really appreciated them! =)

    Ok now... I love the dress! I hardly get anything from ON bc you have to order plus sizes online.. blah blah blah, too much hassle and I prefer to try stuff on, esp when Idk how their clothes fit. Oh! I wear an 11 too! And girl you can find some cute shoes online, I love Charlotte Russe's shoes!

    Your little girl is GORGEOUS! Such a sweet face =) I actually loved Rihanna as a blonde! It wasn't a golden blonde a la Mary J Blige and that's exactly what I loved so much abt it. What I didn't love was the exaggerated roots she had. Bleh!

    I love Katie, Beyonce, Rihanna, Angela, Emma, & Michelle even though she made me mad on the Marilyn movie...but that's another story lol. When I saw Adrianne's outfit on another blog, I thought she looked awful...and I still do. I burst out laughing when u said "I hear she's a slut"! Hilarious!!

    Ok I think I'm done with this extremely long comment. Thanks again for reading! ^-^

  7. I loooooove the dress! Old Navy is really hit or miss with me too, sometimes I walk in and within 2 minutes I'm walking out lol. And I love the high bun, I've been trying to perfect mine. Your daughter is precious!