Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wednesdays Sunlite: Fashion Plus & Whats Your Want?

I will posting a full outfit this week. Its Wednesday, and I felt the need to blog. Why not. No, I don't have my pictures ready for my Outfit Of The Day. But at least you can see what I wear on a regular day. I love my sock boots. They might as well be slippers. I want another pair. Maybe grey. They are so comfy. I adore them. I look like Im going to work out but its more likely me heading to Walmart. I found something amazing at Walmart by the way. I shall post that very very soon.
Some of you asked if Rose was here in California. No, she is still in Maryland. Its gonna be a lot for her to move and come down to the West Coast. Right now, her husband lives in Viva Las Vegas. Soon she will be there, but the ticket prices just for them to visit is..insane. My Mom is suppose to be here soon as well. Tickets are crazy. My dad needs to buy her ticket right away. Either way, whether its 600 dollars or 1,000...she is not missing this trip. I can tell you that. Im excited to see her, and excited to have fun date nights with Greg one on one. Without the Boobooski? Sounds strange. Im so use to pulling up a seat for her. She hangs out with us alot, and it does not cramp my style one bit. I hear Hunger Games is coming out soon..

I wanted to make a quick short video about welcoming 2012. I never got a chance to put it all together. If you feel like wasting 2 minutes of your play...

~In Other News~
I am obsessed with the Cheesecake Factory. I love it! I love the choices. I loathe the fact it has Italian food, Chinese Food, American Food, Pasta, Pizza, Burgers, Chicken & Biscuits..Breakfast..Need I go on? And the best part is all the Cheesecake...I love it. I can't leave without getting some type of dessert. Greg got his usual Orange Chicken...super yum! I would get it myself but I hate ordering the same thing. Looks super yum right? Rose (my bff) loves the Orange Chicken as well. Such a good place to eat. Unfortunately, its deep in San Diego. So pretty much 30 mins away! Ugh...Gas sucks, may not won't go there for awhile..

Fashion Valley Mall has Valet....figures...
Mmmm! Cheesecake outside? Perfecto!

Okay, I know Im crazy for getting cake for dessert and not actual cheesecake...Still it was very yummy. It sounded great on the menu, I just, could not pass it up.

The most fashionable one at the table was the Boobooski. Grandma bought this outfit before she could even see her. She sent this Calvin Klein linen outfit when she was five months in the stomach. The hanger is even fancy, I swear...
Perfecto for this California weather. She rocked it. Fresh 2 death. And the little head-bow came with it. Thanks Mom!

~What Do You Want To Own In 5 Years?~

Good question right? I was thinking about this topic last night. Of course I have something that I want. I even asked Rose what she would want to have by the time 5 years starts rolling around. Pretty simple question. Nothing as in goals or lifestyles. But something thats material. Something you want very dearly no matter what it is. Rose said by the time five years comes around she wants a Yukon XL. Im guessing the SUV. Im not very good with vehicle names so correct me if I am wrong. But she says she wants this car so she can have room for family. Im all for it. I can tell Rose and I are gonna be one of those friends that share "motherhood" experiences with one another and have family vacays and junk. Im ready for it. But anywho, thats her "want".

Now for me.
I want a Canon Camera!
I need a professional camera. I really do. I love taking pictures. I find joy in taking pictures of the prettiest things no one sees. I love colors and details. I love antique photos and black and white silhouettes that you only find in shadows. But the cost so damn much! Rose mentioned maybe I should get it next tax time. Im all for it! I really want one. Something I can take with me anywhere. I have to have that in the next five years!

I love the beauty in focused lens with herbs and spices..

I love the color on fresh vegetables..

Im practically obsessed with spices...
Tell me your "want"!

Back To The Fashion:
I know everyone on the net has seen Kanye's line/ collaboration with heels in Paris Fashion Week. These are beyond stunning. He is super talented, he really is. Kim Kardashians lame ass was rocking them as well. I can't stand her for shit. I think she is boinking him again. And yes I said again. Horrible. But anyway, enough about where Kanye's pee pee lies. These shoes are to die.
Plus Size Fashion:
Where can I find these pieces? I saw these and melted.
The fashion is by Masaari. The size are from 6 to 24. Where the hell can I get this? The prints are beautiful. And the colors are perfect. Check out the many looks from Masaari..

You tell it Kell...
*two snaps and a clap*

~Celebrity Candy~
Did you guys here? I mean you had too, its big news! Snookie is preggo! I mean .. wow. Maybe this will change her. But Im sure not right away. If you watch Jersey Shore you KNOW Snooks loves to drink, ALOT! I think she will be fine for some reason. Babies change you. Yet, sometimes for the worst... But I don't know. She seems to be super in love with her boyfriend Jionni. I wish them the best...
But man, who would have thought out of everybody..Snooki!

Kaela Humpfries
Umm..can we say hottie? Kris Humpries sister Kaela, who jus signed to Ford Models Plus Size division. She is beautiful! What a looker! And her body is HOT! I seen her on the Kardashians before and noticed she was very pretty before. Check her out. I hope to see more of her...

Rooney Mara
I love her. She does nothing wrong in my eyes. Her hair is gorg. You know I love my white chicks with short cuts. Just divine.

Lisa Presley Daughter Riley
I love her hair and the shoes. Im having an American Flag fetish.

Dakota Fanning
She always looks so cute. I adore her dress. Wurk. Red is her.
Here is Rih Rih looking quite down, and so does her outfit. She is not standing out like she usually does, but she still looks cute.

Cassie Ventera
She is brilliant. She is. I know she is Diddy's side piece and she never had an actual album. This chick is just out and about cause of her looks. But hey, at least Diddy can dress her up and make her relevant in clothes. Amber Rose part deuce.
Cassie in Paris for Fashion Week:
She looks bad ass and that hair is still epic.
I think her name is Paz?
Her dress is fab..

Emily From Pretty Little Liars
....need I say more...

Miley Cyrus
I find her..interestingly...perfect...
High shirts and tube tops rock.

Thanks for checking me out you guys, let me you know your "want" in the next five years!
Love you all...


  1. Lil mamas outfit is GORGEOUS!! Ahh I love that face of hers!

  2. Gurl, your little fly lady is a natural!! Too cute!!

    I'm really hoping that Snooki's pregnancy calms her down a bit, as it does most of us. Hope your mom gets there soon! Nothing like hanging with Moms.

  3. I love reading your post, i said that last time but im saying it again lol! My want for the next five years marriage, our first home, and a baby in that order :)

  4. In five years I want to be alive and healthy!