Sunday, August 30, 2009

Thick and Questioning It??????

So I started up this lovely blog yesterday. I have so much to say and little focus. But I want to share the fact that I am a "thick" girl or what the call a curvy woman. Im size 18/20 and I weigh...well...I'll leave that part out. But anyway, I loved fashion all my life, even when I was in highschool and was a size 13. As I got bigger over the years I found it extremely hard to buy clothes and other fashions. It was a nail in my side. I found myself struggling in the dressing room and crying because nothing fit at all anymore. Then Torrid came around.
My life as a plus-size girl is shaky. Im not gonna set here and say Im comfortable with my body because Im not totally. Somedays I want to lose weight and other days I dont, but isnt that every girl? Either way, life being my size was diffucult as well because my mother is a personal trainer and an aerobic master. Shes been telling me to lose weight for years, as far as I can even remeber, even highschool (I wore a 12/13).
So life for me as a plus size is hard. But I want to embrace it. Its very challenging though...

I love all fashion whether I can fit it or not. Smaller women have the better role when it comes to buying fashion I must admit, but I think full figured women are now just becoming a franchisee. So overall, my loves are important to me but a part of me wants to just say fuck it and enjoy the full round thickness of my body...

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