Sunday, August 30, 2009

Important!!! Chunky Funky Monkey Blog Change!!

Okay, so I want to make a quick change on how im going to do this blog. I said I was going to do a Fashionista everyday. But to make it more exclusive I think I will hold off on that and do a Fashionista every week. Because of the busy schedule that I have. I did Franchesca and she was the very first Fashionista of the day...and I will leave it that way for now. But, for here on out I will make Fashionistas of the week....they will be posted on Mondays...Fridays I would do... but Monday is the begining of the tommorow I will have my first girl of the week.
Thanx for listening ;p

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  1. Are you home!!!! I need a sitter for like 30 min while we record our song!!! Let me know!!! Please!!!