Sunday, August 30, 2009

Monday pUNK

Mondayz R 4 Punkz
Thats a pic of me in my punk days. To be honest I look more Goth then anything. I did a photoshoot with myself of course and ended up with some amazing shoots. But these were the days. Going to Hot Topic and spending all my money for the perfect outfit. Well, thoose days are kind of not over....

I want thoose mack daddy shoes so bad!!!! I saw a pair at this Vintage store called Flasbacks. They were 18 dollars but, I aint got no money at all. Still tryna get ready to visit Maryland for a few months....sigh.....I want thoose so bad...and Im loving the dorky glasses :)

Here a girl I found on a fashion site. How cute is she? her user name is Kellynsung on the site...amazing style. So chic...
Black seems to be the theme in punk clothing all the time. Black can never die out at all.

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