Sunday, August 30, 2009

Slouch Boats with a Twist


Okay, Im not a shoe person what so ever! But, there are a select few i do love. Im actually more of a bag person. I will do a blog on my bag addiction alot later. The shoes above with the rainbow are from Torrid. Actually the rainbow slunch on my boats are leg warmers from Torrid as well...I love combining leg warmers over slouch boats. It give a very nice feel. at least for me.

Here are the original shoes without the slunched out leg warmers....when I first got them. Torrid is a God I swear. The jeans in the back were to die for, so I bought them like an idiot. Im so broke. Those came up to 60 dollars...( *sigh*).
I love these boats, alomst like socks....but I feel I should have bought another color.....

OMG...Pastry shoes are the shit! I love them! There colorful and because my wardrobe is colorful they match everything!!!! And I mean EVERYTHING! I got these for my B-day! Yay for me! I couldnt afford them, thats why I will only have one pair.
Okay the shoes above is more of a wishlist. I will never buy these, because one, I know I could not walk in these....But damn there hawt! If I wasnt 5'9 with a husband who is exactly my height..I would rock these....
These are at Hot Topic...I think there at least 60 at least.....

I actually like these better then the ones above. Because I would buy these regarless of hoe tall I would be. Damn these are bad ass. But I couldnt even get these even if I wanted too. I went to Steve Madden in Fashion Valley, California and they stopped at a size 7! I freakin 7! So....It was a no go...I wear a size 11.
Sux right.....:(

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