Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fashion and Blogging...Here I am.....:) The Intro

So here I am! Im going to express myself fully and openly on this blog. I want it to be successful with people who love fashion, unique things, and cool fuckin stuff! Im 24 years old and Im married to an amazing marine ( no...hes not cheating on do I know?....I have my ways..) and I live in San Diego, California. I just moved out here and I do love it. I love the fashion sense out here, its almost refreshing! I want to create a fun site not just for people but for express art and music and the love of being different.
Im originally from my hometown Temple Hills, Maryland....I miss it and yet I dont. But the style there is pretty trendy too. Here in Cali its cowboy boots and shorts, down back on the eastcoast its Black Label shirts and colorful Pastries shoes....(have not a clue what both are? Yor soon to find out) Well, I have style from the eastcoast and new inspiration from the westcoast..this blog will be a trip or better yet a journey, into the eyes of the new generation of fashion.

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