Saturday, August 29, 2009

Inspirations from Fashion: Who Are Mine


One of the most elegant I must admit. The outfit that she is wearing above is even worn today and is in stores. The classic all black leggins, the ballet shoes, she is classic in every way and simple...I always admired her style...


Hot, sexy and defiantly a major influences on my style. Im not as small as her but the way she corporates her fashion is very sweet! Her curves make an outfit pop. I love her elegant dresses as well. Her style is very vintage 1960's.


Known better as Kanye Wests better half, shes a model and has to be at least a size 9 with that behind (her ass). A shaven head and some bold red lips are always an eye catcher, especially if its a woman who looks very dominate and man- like. Her style is literally "out of this world". Amber has the "dont care attitude" with her fashion and I love it. Her style is more Urban then how I dress but her vibrate colors and bright shades always has me wondering what she will be wearing next.

The One and Only: LADY GAGA

If there was a list of my favorite fashionistas, she would be number one. Gaga's style blows me away everytime. Although shes quite petite and small ( aka i could never fit her shit) her style is a hammer in the fashion world. You can tell she lives and breathes what she does. Lady Gaga is Lady Gaga 24/7. Her style is influenced by Chanel she says and she loves wearing no pants...( how awesome is that!) She is a legend in my book.


Im going to already say that Rhianna is going to be gracing my blog alot! Her style just went up and up and up. Her fashion is amazing and very rock and roll. From her huge platform heels to her shaven sides she is one fashion icon that will be staying in the lime light. Her style is very much like mine then anyone on this list. Very punk rock and glamorous.

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