Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Monochromatic Wilderness: Where Have You Been

So check this out, I get ready for the day. Get dressed. Get my camera ready, and the people next door..are moving. So here I am. In a dress, about five moving guys are going up and down my apartment stairs. How awkward. So I waited for them to be done but I noticed it would take forever, and Im already dressed! And of course Im wearing some awesome print that would look even better shot outside with the trees and sky, but no. Moving trucks and all were all around me. So I had to take pictures inside which I hate. I prefer natural light, I hate light bulbs, they don't give pictures the justice it deserves. But oh well, You gotta do, what you gotta do.

Yesterday I was going to post but I had to clean up the place. It looked a hot mess. So I spent most the day cleaning and making the place look decent. This weekend. Ugh. I don't even. Lets get to my Outfit Of The Day. Now you know when I saw this dress I went off. I got it from Target who has been catching my eyes over and over lately. I saw this dress on sale and grabbed it as soon as I saw it. Too cute. I loved the print and for some reason I love print that is black and white. Because its so fun to throw in some color! You can't go wrong. Whether its neon, or blue or even a hot pink. Nothing will look bad with it because of the monochromatic mesh. 

 The Dress was 15.00, yeah I know. But hey, I was willing to pay! Especially because of the style and print! I rocked my Steve Maddens that my Mom got me when she was here and my Target Neon Bag that was 5.95.

Sorry if the pictures are kinda muted. I think me taking pictures inside is not giving it justice. Ugh, I love this dress. It looks kinda short but don't be fooled. Every time I strike a pose and vogued I hiked it up without knowing it. It would have been so much better if I could have took the pictures outside. Oh well. Sad face.

 The earrings, of course, is from Everything 5.99 Store. I go know where else. Ever. Rose was just telling me since I sent her some earrings that she can't dare spend 4 dollars on some earrings anymore! Im not gonna lie, because they are so cheap they do break easily. But, I don't care. Lol!

Here is the dress alone:

 I have never wore these damn earrings. I bought them about three months ago! I buy so many earring that sometimes I forget I have them! I thought these would be cute with the dress. Plus, I never wore them so I thought why the hell not.

Get Your Face!
Little Packages In The Mail

The best friend (Rose) sent me a box and it came yesterday. She sent some amazing things, which I will post maybe...next week. Some of the stuff I will show now. I have been wanting to try the nail stickers that I seem to see everywhere. I see them in Target, Walmart, CVS...you name it! I never bought them because I did not see them looking cute on my nails. My nails are stubby and I bite them uncontrollably. But Rose, being the kind soul she is..sent me a pack. Which were only 80 cents..(bargain whore)...originally six to eight dollars...and I wanted to try them immediately!!

Rose yesterday sent me the two lippy sticks that she got. Of course she hates them and I love them. Check her colors out:

Lippy Called "Red Wine"

Lippy called "24 Carrot Gold"
( This one above is my favorite)

 Me with the Sally Henson Salon Effects Rose sent me!

When I got this, I got wayyy to excited and but them on without reading the directions...they chipped..

She sent me this AMAING polish called Refresh-mint. Mint Green! Looks blue..but its green!

I did my toes with the polish. I screwed up the stickers because your suppose to put a top coat on first.

Inspiration Of The Outfit
It was actually Kourtney Kardashian that made me but this whole look together. Love the way she dresses, even pregnant. She looks too amaze-balls. 

On My Wish List:

So lately while cruising the internet. I found that alot of these chicks that I follow on Tumblr have these leggings that I would kill for! I love them. And I can tell by the size of the chicks that rock them that they would not have my size. The brand is called Black Milk and man do I love these leggings! Galaxy leggings! How sexy! I sooo want a pair and when I went to check how much they were I found that originally they stop at Large and also the leggings are 75 dollars....(side eye)...girl, who is paying that?
Too cute though, guess it was not meant to be... but Torrid...Holla at your gurl..

Celebrity Candy

I love when Kirsten Stewart cleans up. We all know she is nothing close to a fashion phenomenon. But when she goes to these shirts for Elle Magazine and Vogue, she works it. I am guessing she is still banging Robert Pattinson. What a waste. 

Ginnifer Goodwen
 I am a huge fan of Miss Goodwin these days. I had no idea she could dress like this! Too cute and I love the red lips!

Nicki Minaj
 I wish Nicki Minaj would just admit her ass is fake, like come on. Really? I love her Starships video though. Did ya'll see? I loved it. Ugh, and I talked so much shit about that song. Its now growing on me. I hate when that happens. Fashion wise, shes bad. I mean c'mon. Blue hair?

Solange Knowles
 No Comment....Shes bad ass..

Kylie Jenner
 Or is this Kendell? I can't tell. I love her leggings though. Too cute. 

Khole Odom
 Oversized jeans, bright Hermes bag....Im done. Love her. Or is that a Berkin bag..I don't know, either way I couldn't afford neither..

Kirsten Stewart
 Here is actually proof that Kirsten Stewart can clean up! In her everyday life she is rocking converse and a white tee most of the time. Her hair is shaggy or pulled back, and she seems to always wear these...terrible man shades...Ugh..she looks a mess sometimes. Im sorry Kirsten but, c'mon.

K-Stew Done up for ELLE Magazine

 (Yes Gurl)

Rihanna Fenty
 Her bikini is too cute. I just love her. I mean, I can't stop posting Rihanna. Whether she is smoking weed or doing a song with her ex boyfriend who is a douche lord. She is perfect to me. And red lips in the water?!?! Yes bitch!

(girl crush...)

Please check out her video. The song is hot, she is hot. Im sure everyone has seen it on Perez Hilton or Necole Bitchie already but, man she wurked it! She even dances and tears it up! I love her! Check her out!

Love yall!



  1. The little one is growing. How cute is she. So yes Rhi Rhi slayed that video. That was my first time seeing it. Thanks for posting.


  2. I'm loving your dress and the earrings....BABY is growing ever so beautifully and Solange...well she can never do no wrong...IN LOVE with her style. Once again loving the update on both yourself and what other celebs have been wearing.

    Cheers ;)

  3. Hey! Thanks for the compliment! Your blog is so chock full of goodness. Now following you...

  4. Omg you look so gorgeous and lil mama at the end looks so ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I love this outfit!!! And, I think the inside pics were great!

  6. hi dear, thanks for the blog love. looking forward to visiting u again.

  7. oh i wish we had a target in London i would so purchase that dress! everytime i read your posts u highlight rhianna so much that now i am feeling her style lol, and your boobski is gonna be a heart breaker she is too cute xoxo

  8. That dress look super cute on your. You so lucky to have a great find like rose.

  9. Omg girl, your comment had me on the floor;-) your soooo sweet and funny, love your blog and your beautiful!! Following

  10. Kristen Stewart looks like Jackie O on the cover of that Elle. She's such a beautiful girl. I hate taking outfit pics inside too-- I have a balcony I use a lot because I live in the city and there is always SOMEONE lurking around, watching me and being annoying when I'm trying to take photos outside. I love the print of your dress.

  11. Girl I love your blog to the fullest.
    Rose needs to stick with the orange colour as well. It fits her skin very well. I have a bit of a girl crush on Rihonna too. She is dope. Is your daughter posing like a diva already? I love her! I always know to expect a beautiful picture of her at the end. KEEP BLOGGING, I LIVE FOR YOUR POST!
    Signing of from Sydney, Australia

  12. Hey babe,
    Great dress!!
    Really love the photos.

  13. cuuuuuuuuuuteeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I didn't have your email, so I decided to leave you a comment. We can bring Swapnista to Cali. If you have any ideas on a good venue that is large enough to house the event, you can contact Keren at info@swapnista.com

  15. I love this dress! how long ago did you buy it?

  16. Girl you look thinner now than you did before becoming a momma! I'm so jelly! Totally in love with that dress! WOW! You really look AMAZE!! btw - that bag Khloe has looks like a Proenza Schouler Ps1. LOVE!! Kiah

  17. Hey!!! Thanks for the comments on my blog. Your blog is cute and humerus.
    Lets stay in contact-wanna follow each other?

    Piksty :-)

  18. what.a.babe! I love this dress on you!!!

  19. Thanx again for your sweet comments Miss California. Really happy to discover your "good mood" blog! You got a new follower :-).
    Guess I had forgotten the post: u're gorgeous.
    Much love from West Africa :-)

  20. Cool dress, it looks perfect with this neon bag! <3

  21. Your top is too fun! I like the bag, too.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  22. How fabbb <3 love the neon shoulder bag!!!


  23. Don't you hate it when you can't take photos because there are too many people out where you usually take photos? I always make sure no one's around then I go out! hahahaha. I love that dress, though-- the pattern is amazing!

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    the shop of worldly delights

  24. beautiful photos, you guys look great!

  25. hey hun i nominated you for an award on my blog! xoxo