Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Spiderz Deadly Catch: Awards, Fashion and Fun

If I could even, tell you, any of you guys... what my week was like. You would tell me "Why are you even blogging?" Its not even a long story. I literally got bit by a spider. Yes. A spider. How and why? I have no clue. One day I saw a small bump on the side of my leg that looked like a mosquito bite and the next thing you know, I have been limping and sadly hurt. For some reason, spiders love me because this is not the first time. It got very infected to the point were I had to go to the doctor. Oh my life...more on that later...

I did so happen to purchase this awesome shirt. Its so plain jane but to me its amaze-balls! I love any shirt with anything on the shoulders. Jessica Simpson seems to be my girl these days because her shoes , bags and clothes be on point! Okay so I could not do a whole run down of my Outfit Of The Day (wah..sad face) because Im still down with the sickness. Ugh. The insanity. 

But in other news, Awesome Awesome news, and I love when this happens. Because this will be my third time getting this...
I got nominated for an award! Which is dope because Im happy if one person reads my blog let alone two hundred. Miss Cherry Vidal from the wonder United Kingdom gave me this nomination and she is super sweet to do so. Im one of those regular chicks who feel you should give credit when credit is do. Check her out at her blog: Fat Girl Diaries

She is super awesome and her blog is super great to me because for one, hands down, I LOVE seeing what people are wearing in different places. How cool is it to see what people from everywhere are wearing. Especially, when its from places you never been. She is hands down awesome, thanks again love!

Now of course, if you an average blog reader, you know how this goes...theres the rules..

1. Nominate 15 fellow bloggers who's blogs you enjoy the most
2. Let them know you nominated them
3. Share 7 random facts about you
4.Thank the blogger who nominated you
5. Add the Versatile Blogger Award Picture to your post


 Given I thanked Miss Cherry already, its time to nominate my favorite bloggers, since Miss Cherry nominated hers in order (with no shame in her game) I will do so as well. I follow...ALOT. I like maybe too many blogs..from Karlas Closet to Rihanna Fenty Fashion Wannabe Blogs...I follow them all but here are my top... starting with 15...

6.) I Bleed

Top 5 Must Go To Blogz
(in no particular order, but love these damn blogs..)

If Curves Could Talk

If you don't know Stef, get to know her. She has been blogging for awhile and what makes me come back and read more is the fact that she is so honest with her readers. She writes about her good times, her insecurities, and her successes and you can't help but cheer her on....she is an amazing person with an amazing blog...check her out if you can.

 My girl Kiah is killing it right now. I love her style. Her clothes make me want to pull my hair out..alot.  And did I mention her style is great. Then again, you guys already maybe know who this goddess is. I honestly love her on a personal level, she is a great person and gives me woman to woman advice and it sticks with me, especially her advice on being a new mom...I like her on another level so maybe this is biast..but if you look at her blog and her Jeffery might think again..

Curvy Girl Chic
 I never seen someone find so much awesome stuff. I like her body type and her style and I love hoe she plays with it. Everything she wears seems so light and fluffy and I have to say this is one of my top go to blogs. She is pretty big these days on the blog-ways. But man am I addicted. Love her. And she freaking pretty as hell...and doesn't let her thickness defy that.

Amy's Fashion Blog
 Do you ever just need a casual day? Look, Im all about the feathers and the big hair. But I can't lie. Some days, I love a good deal and I love a casual day. First things first, Amy little ray of sunshine. I love her blogs and her Tirade Thursdays and her themes. She is one of those feel good blogs that I love, and she will let you know when or what she got on sale. I also never seem anyone "remix" an outfit like she can and me not even noticing she did it.

The Notorious Zag

She curses. Shes funny. Her style is my style. She is from my home state. I guess she I Love her BLOG! She tells it like it is and she is a diva in her own right. She knows how to shop and finds deals just like my bestie westie Rosebud. Check her out for sure.

Oh Random 7 Facts about me:

1.) Im twenty six and I love it. Like, I really love my age.
2.) Im married and the guy is my like....ugh...can't explain..soulmate aint the exists...
3.) I mediate...and its awesome...
4.) I love family nights, it rocks...
5.) I hate the people I actually know...and love the people I never met..(aka you guys)
6.) My ex boyfriend called me fat in a nice way and I told him I get f&$%# by my husband every night so why do you care about my thighs if their in another mans mouth...i mean...really..c'mon...
7.) I believe in aliens. Like..I know they out there...

Life on the O-side

So yes. The reason for this late blog is because I was super sick. The actual bump looks terrible. Like I gag. Its super sick. I not even talk about it. But I am feeling better. I took antibiotics which made things worst and ...ughh..I vomited the whole day! Like, you life has been, vomit, spider bite, and more vomit. Its been super sucky...

And mind you this is how the sider bump looked in the beginning. You should see that nasty crap now. I had to get a shot and everything. At least the little one did not get the bite. The whole area was hard as a rock.

But Today. I actually could walk. My limping last maybe two days. Now I can finally walk. Im super happy about that, but I can tell my leg is pissed about me jumping around so soon. So I need to prop up my leg more. This week and weekend was a nightmare. Hopefully this is the last hurray for this leg..cause Im so over it...

So, fashion wise..Rose (My best friend) sent me these pants in the mail from Kmart...yes, Kmart. And they were 1.99. PEOPLE YES, THESE WERE 1.99!!!!!!! I HAVE PROOF! GO TO YOUR LOCAL KMART PEOPLE! Unfortunately my Kmart had pants, no dresses...but Rose's Kmart up in Maryland, had these, for a damn 1.99.... 

The brown in the middle are the saddle ranch patches, how hot! Love these! I tried them on and they fit. Heres me seeing how they look on the legs.

Like I said, Im also all about this shirt right now... Jessica Simpson my girl right now..

Marshalls 12.99

Celebrity Candy

 After being sick and vomiting my life away I did not get to talk about the Gala and the looks people was wearing. Ugh, I felt horrible because I really wanted to talk about it, but because Im tardy to the party I won't talk about what everyone already talked about...but I will talk about the baddest bitch at that MET Gala...


I hear there sending my girl to rehab though. I believe it. She is always twittering herself on a bong or drunk or naked...she seems to be losing it. And Rihanna I know why girl! Its cause of Chris Brown. Rihanna let the dick go! You can find a whole new penis somewhere else. You guys Im not even trying to be funny..but its time for her to move on. That birthday cake song was real...they need to stop banging...gurl he no good for your girl...

Don't let me look like Rih Rih. I would go to Robert Pattinsons house and show him whats up. And get me swerve on. Don't let me be no celebrity...

Kirsten Stewart

Speaking of Robert Pattinson, his girlfriend K-Stew looked cute on Jay Leno. Love her look.

Kourtney K.
 I love when women wear heels preggo. Now thats a fucking woman. Love her whole look...

Khloe K.
 She owns, like..every bag I need in my life...

Kim K.
I like her

 Is it just me or did Beyonce look a hot mess at that damn Gala.
With a freaking ponytail?!?! Omg..she ugh...I can't....

Last but not least....more of my girlfriend/lover girl crush will never subside...wish me get well prayers peoples, cause Ima need them!

*ass ass ass*


  1. I LOVE YOU!! I really do! You know you are one of my favorite blog buddies! You are just so real and I have always loved that about you! Thank you for the love. I can't believe you got bit by a spider! What kind was it? Thank God not a brown recluse that are flesh eating bites!! I wonder if it was a black widow!! eeek!! Love love love those pants and the sleeves on your top ROCK! Riri makes me sick with that fabulous body...ugh...i can't!! Kiah

  2. glad you are getting better after that spider bite! i love the shirt and pants! now i will be riding around town looking for both items lol

  3. 1. I am LOVING those pants that Rose sent to you! What?! I am seriously losing my mind over them. I love that line they've got going down each leg, they look amazing on you by the way, I think they would elongate me, I need that with my short legs.

    2. "Rihanna let the dick go! You can find a whole new penis somewhere else" - This is so funny! But too true, I can hardly recognize Riri anymore, she's changed so much, yea she's grown into herself stylistically and I’m sure in other parts of her life too but with that she's also gone awry.

    3. Kourtney K is amazing always, she and Solange have to be on my list of best dressed celebrities.

  4. First off. You so made my day. What you wrote about me is amazing and It means a lot to me.

    Second Spider bite suck butt. I'm allergy to them so they are 10 time worse. I'm happy to hear you are getting better. Here a hug.

    Also Rose find such great deal at Kmart. I so need to go there. I haven't been there since I did the Kmart Fashion Blogger Style Off.

    I hope you have a great day.

  5. You made my day! Thank you for that, Ive been feeling BLAH and this totally made me smile. Youa re just so awesome!

    Second, you look gorgeous!!

    Third: I wanna wear a dress like Riri!

  6. lol actually i did not put my nominations in any order (i do have shame in my game lol) But again love your blog and sorry to hear about your spider bite, i hate those things i would have litterally died! feel better soon xoxo

  7. Dang, sorry about that spider bite girl... That sucks :-/

    But your #6 had me CRACKING up! Lol

    And Rihanna basically raped me in my dreams one night... and i liked it :-( I had to question my whole existence after that for a few days lol

    Check out my blog, comment, and follow if you like!
    Confessions Of A City Girl

  8. Ouch on the spider bite.

    And thanks so much for the shout out chica!

    i totally love your blog and your fun way of expressing yourself and those leggings are so fun!


  9. AWWW shat! Your leg =\ that's that bullshit. I hope you feel better soon and everything is ok. Secondly, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE AWARD!! *_* since you are my girl I'm actually going to complete all stipulations of the award, lol. I love your outfit in these pictures. I mean, how are you doing this with your leg all fucked? You look amazing, and that shoulder detail is the bomb. Those pants look so hot. I dare say... you are channeling Rih Rih in this outfit. GIVE IT TO EM. Aww look at my Boo on the beach! Did she like it? And I agree with Queen Bey looking like something dratty at the MET Gala. I mean, the dress was OK, maybe it was more breathtaking in person. And yes, how are you wearing a damn ponytail girl. come on, a bun or some soft waves or something. Thanks again for the award, I'm off to complete my tasks, muah love you girl and take care of that leg!

  10. LOVE THIS!!! You are so funny, nice blog!!!!
    Oh, and I hope you get to feeling better soon!