Monday, May 14, 2012

Caribbean Nitez Arabian Dayz: Ty Dye & High Bootz

Great weekend. My leg is so much better. Thank goodness. Im still having that weird feeling that it will come back. I stopped my antibiotics because, well, it so did not agree with my body. My dad told me that he is the same way with some antibiotics. They are just not my friend. And when I say my stomach did not agree, I mean my stomach did not agree! It was so bad. I was vomiting, and crapping all at once. I know, I know ...TMI.  But you all it was not cute. My hair is a mess. I found out last week as well that I will not be visiting Maryland my home town anytime soon. I was hoping around everywhere with a puss infected leg and a baby to take care of..not a good week last week. Plus I couldn't really blog any fashions like I usually do.

So my outfit of the day is this look right here. Pretty casual. And of course, a nice tye dye print. I love print. Its a problem. Anything african or aztec WILL be mine. I got the shirt from Target. Here is the thing about Target, never buy something as soon as you see it. Wait. Because it will be on clearance in a week. Hence with this shirt. It was 24.99 (yes, that much....I was not going to pay that). And I waited and got it for 12 something dollars. Not worth it you think? Maybe not. I loved it and bought it right away. Target has been my place to go lately. And of course, all their clothes fit me. This shirt is a XL and fit pretty loose.

Okay, lets talk about the star of the show, the boots. I caught them on sale at Torrid. I swear, when Torrid has their sales, they have their sales! These boots were of course 68 dollars like all their damn boots. But I caught one of their 50% off sales. Got these For either 15 or 18 dollars, not sure, but I know they were less than 20. They did not have black so I settled for the camel. These babies are a size 11. They go up near the side of my thigh. Love it. The fit great and of course, it matches with alot of the stuff I have. I wish they had black, but I won't complain, cause these are sexy.

cake cake cake cake cake cake cake cake cake cake cake...

So like I said, the beach was the place to be over the weekend. Cinco De Mayo passed. The weekend was crowded. This around the time vacationers come down. You can always spot someone who is vacaying. Then again, maybe you can't. I notice the people with the video cameras but then again, I look like a tourist given the fact I stalk everything I do. I did not check the mall over the weekend. I did not want to do any damage. This weekend coming up I am going to try and turn in my Netflix videos so we can just lounge around. We went out both weekends back to back. Not gonna do that this weekend. I want to finish my book Fifty Shades Of Gray (which is so hawt..please read it people)..
Of subject..
But I was talking to Rose...about the book. Its best seller right now and I like it. But its about..well bondage. Would you guys do that if your significant partner asked? Are you a submissive person or do you like to be in control...too personal? Forget I!

Here some pictures of my weekend. Which was awesome. Can't lie.
Sometimes my brain wants me to think my weekend was just "okay.." but honestly it was fantastic. 

Funny how people leave footprints, in your life..

My Rosie (BFF) 
The K-Mart Bandit

Remember I was saying how Target it my store, and for some reason they have everything I want. Well, thats KMart for Rose. Let me just say I have checked my local KMart for the deals Rose have been gaining these past few weeks, and let me just say I found nothing. Rose even sent me actual proof that KMart is one of the founding fathers of bargain hunting stores. I found NOTHING. Rose finds thing I have never even seen! But she finds great things other than in KMart, like these shoes from Marshalls that were Kenneth Cole...

 Clearance for 27 dollars...

Love these pants! If your also wondering why I have all these pictures of Rose's buys its because this is kind of the only way we can shop together. She is still in my hometown and I live across the country. Hot mess. Check out this outfit from Kmart, I swear the bitch lives in KMart...

~Celebrity Candy~

Love those pants Rihanna. I want to see Battleship. For some reason she looks like she tore it up. I know, Im kind of a stan fan of Rihanna but you know why. More than the reason she can dress. But the simple fact I never met a chick who gave zero fucks like she does. I mean, I never seen anyone not give a damn as much as she does. And everyones watching her. I admire chicks like that.

Alicia Keys & Family
 Is Alicias family cute or what?! I love her son Egypt! He is too cute. Love it! And he dresses so cute. There is nothing cuter than a well-dressed kid. Work Alicia. She looks super happy.

Nicki Minaj
 I like it. Don't ask.

Lana Del Rey
 Best album out right now if you ask me. Love her look right now.

Jessica Alba
 Combat boot and floral skirt. Epic Win...

Ashlee Benson (Pretty Little Liars)

Willow & Jada Smith

Why does Willow and Jada have to be such an awesome mother and daughter team.
Look at Willows shoes. I love her.

Lindsay Lohan
 Love the shoes...

More Rih Rih...being Rih Rih...

Oh, Mothers Day was great. Greg gave me a super hello kitty ballon and roses. And I was super happy! Yep. This was my first. I chilled mainly and ate cake. Like Marie Antoinette. Tee hee...

Aww yeah! Chocolate yeah!

I finally got Rose to buy this book I am reading. Fifty Shades Of Grey is the shit right now. I bought the second book of the series and I need to hurry up and finish this first book. Im glad she is reading it because I have no one to discuss about it. I think she is gonna hate it actually. But we will see. Again, would any of you have an S&M relationship? I mean, if you really loved this man or woman, would you try it?

Lemme No what you think...Tee HEE!
Love you guys and thanx for reading...

~And not a single fuck was given~


  1. Happy Mother's Day. Also you look great

  2. Your hair is cute, I like that updo in the front. That's the thing about locs that I miss the most you can just tie your hair in knots and come up with a fly hairstyle. This outfit is so california dreaming with the floaty shirt and thigh boots, which are slaying all other boots by the way. i would like to read 50 shades of gray,s ince i need something new to read. i was about to go for the game of thrones series but this sounds much more my speed. Happy Mother's day

  3. You look gorgeous! and so does lil mama!! Her dress is ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Every thing you said about Riri is true, she really looks like she doesn't have a care in the world, ergo, the zero fucks she is giving per second. She's killing the fashion game too, I think that's what I like the most about her. Fashion is her mouth piece, she says so much through the way she is dresses without saying anything at all.

    You're daughter is too cute!

  5. Aw thanks for your sweet comment! I love that you and Rose shop like that; I do that too with a friend from home now I'm in uni. We always send each other photos of stuff we buy!
    Ahh could so do with a beach break right now x

  6. love the outfit, baby is so CUTE!

    when did willow smith get so...BIG?

    The nicki outfit, sure, the hair not so much LOL

    The cake looks *so.good.*

    Now following :)

  7. Thank you for all the sweet comments, I only use GFC so I am def following you on there. Keep up the great work with your blog!

  8. Thank u for showing LOVE on my blog! I am sooo wanting to get the book 50 Sades of Grey! I’ve been hearing so much about it and heard some bookstores were pulling it from the shelves! I know it can’t be worst than Zane… I wanna see what all the HYPE is about!

    Your shirt has such and amazing print and I adore thigh high boots! BTW, Happy Belated Mother’s Day!

  9. I am so behind on everything, blogging, reading blogs, life..LOL!! I need to stop by more, your baby is getting so BIG. She is just the cutest!!

  10. OMG, your baby is so precious!! Congrats on your first mother's day! :) LOVE LOVE LOVE your boots!! And what a freakin' steal! You totally rock them. And Target has totally been my store lately now too. Probably because of the collaborations going on right now. Have you checked out any of The Webster clothes recently? I've gotten a few things and they are pretty cute. But I'm hoping a lot more will go on clearance soon. :) <3


  11. OMG, I'm reading the first 50 shades book right now! I must be getting to the good part...because I'm having a hard time putting it down. I can't wait to get to the second book. Awesome boots...and your baby is precious! Love your blog!



  12. Loving your top! And baby girl is so adorable!! Awwww... :)

    Stay beautiful! *Smooches*

  13. lol love your posts man, they crack me up! and there needs to be a torrid in London I mean we got a Forever 21 now so whats the hold up! i would kill for those boots me and my thunder thighs! xoxo

  14. Looove your boots! Hot combo for real...
    Happy you had a wonderful Mother's day; ur baby is so adorable!
    Have a nice sunday!