Monday, May 21, 2012

Cerulean Ring Of Fire: Re-vamped hair and care

Its a pretty gloomy monday morning. The window was open in my room last night so there is a cold chill. My weekend consisted of watching movies and eating good cooking. I was in the cooking mode over the weekend and made great food for everyone. We'll, Greg. I watched the movie Water For Elephants (a book I bought but never read) and another movie called Chronicle. Loved them both. Yet both was pretty sad. Water For Elephants had a nice ending. Greg rolled his eyes when I flashed the dvd in his face that we were going to watch this romantic love story of a movie. Once it started he was glued to the screen. He even gave me a high five and said the movie was great. Ah, boys. it was great weather outside and we still stayed in the house. Guess it was a cuddle day just without the rain and clouds. 

Okay, okay...Im going to stop rambling about the weekend and talk about my outfit of the day, and my hair. I know it looks super short, but that was the point. My outfit was pretty colorful which I love. I found a bright yellow purse that I use to wear all the war in the back of my closet. The funny thing is I bought this purse maybe two years ago, before popping colors became a real big hit as it is this year. I always loved a splash of color I guess. So it worked well with the outfit. 

I adore this shirt. I got this from Target on sale for 10.98. It was 24.99 but your girl was NOT paying that. But I loved it. I did what I always do when I see a shirt that is not in my price range..I wait. Like a lion to its prey. And soon enough, it was on the clearance rack! I loved the weaved shoulders and the bold green color. The texture is almost silk but not. The camera makes it come off more blue but it really is green.

The back of my neck. Can you see the rubber bands? It feels super weird that my hair is not down my back. I love this way. I shake my hair all the time. It feels strange, but a good strange. I wore a beaded aztec choker from Everything 5.99 Store. It was a dollar.

More Pics of Outfit Of The Day Below:
Shirt: Target
Bag: Wet Seal
Pants: Torrid
Shoes: Body Central (thanks Rose!)

Can you see the shirt coming off more blue? So weird. Its super green. But I guess its
more of a cerulean green I guess. Love this shirt. Target seems to be my place of choice these days. They never seem to disappoint. 

$1.00, anything neon is coming with me...

Rose sent me these amazing lip balms. Rose lives by watching Youtube and heard that these were great. So of course, my little bestie sent me some. I like them! They do keep your lips extra moist. Plus, look at them, they are too cute! There called Baby Lips.

Wild Child Hair Day
I can not even begin on how terrible my hair as gotten. I have been getting it wet back and forth from washing my spider bite that I got last week. I had zero time or strength to make sure my hair was done and fresh. So yes, I was walking around with this bird nest on my head. I had zero shampoo in the house, plus I needed loc twist gel in order to do a proper twist down. Why did I chose to have locs? Easy answer, I don't have to do it. Im not a big hair person. But I can't lie, when a nice weave passes me I can't help but turn my head and check out the yaki hair...*chills*

Hot mess, I know. All that new growth. It was time to do my hair and do it well! I had to find a style that would give my hair a break, because long locs are alot of weight. So I found on trusty youtube Badu Knots. Pretty much wrapping your hair around your hair. All you needed was rubber bands. When I found that out I did it all over my hair. But first, of course, I needed a good wash...

There is the shampoo. Time to do some business! I loved this shampoo by the way.
Rose was not using it so she threw it in the box to send me. Its huge in person. And the woman only spent 3 dollars on it at Walgreens. It did wonders to my scalp.

And here it is! Badu Knots! It was so weird having your hair run down your back and then transformed into little braids all over. Im going to keep this style in for as long as I can. I love the light feel of it. And also once I take these knots out, my hair should be full of spiral curls. Well, we shall see. Im not sure if that will happen. This was my first time trying it. Wish me luck.

Here is the back, which is my favorite part! Greg loves it surprisingly. I told him I cut my hair and he actually believed me. I know, what an asshole thing to do. But I think the reaction will be funny once I take the knots out after a few weeks and then him realizing I never cut it. Ha! I like a good laugh.

So that was my weekend. I did my hair on friday. Relaxed on saturday. And watched movies on Sunday. You could say we had a big pajama party, because thats what it was.  The Boobooski is doing great as well. Rose sent her these cereal snacks called Graduates which Im sure Moms reading now already have heard of these snacks. She loves them. I need to start buying them myself because she is eating them like candy. Over the weekend she tousled back and forth between me and Greg. She now knows how to hold out for who she wants. On the couch she started reaching our for Greg and me, going back and forth between both of us. We kept laughing at her... what a fruit fly.
(Greg on my Macbook..and Booski wurking it for the camera) 

Mrs Fox Is In The Building

Back in Maryland, Rose did her devilish deeds at....of course... KMart. Talk about finding a diamond in the rough. She will be n Vegas very soon. For those new, she has just gotten married and will be moving to Las Vegas with her hubby. And if you know your geography, Nevada kisses with California. So pretty much, she will be near me very soon. Im excited for that. This blog will see maybe too much of Rose. By the way she passed her spring semester classes! What a semester. How I miss her so. Wish we could celebrate. Its been awhile since we seen each other let alone shopped together. I find myself getting jealous of all her buddies that she hangs out with...childish I know. But I would be lying if I said I wasn't kinda jelly about!

Check out her finds at KMart!
 Love these tops. They were both 10.99. I love the color. The red was my favorite...

Here is Maryland's KMart! Her haven...hahahaha!

 Now you know I love this shirt, and the one on the wall. Man these are gorgeous. 

Someone went and got these beautiful coral earrings. Love the gold in them. From Walmart 4.88

 Gold Bangles from Walmart for 5.88, go Walmart! what??

Ooo! Aldo! I love that store. Rose got some bangles from there as well. I love the coral and gold theme she's got going. Its gorgeous. I would wear all of those on one hand, Rose would only put five!

Rose was also surfing around in Marshalls over the weekend. We were on the phone when she told me she saw these sandals with a feather on it. I told her I couldn't see it but it sounded cute. Then I get a email of them about a day later. She did not get them, but man these are cute. 

Rose also just got her Just Fab shoes in the mail. God these are fierce! Do you guys do Just Fab? I see the commercials here all the time. Either way, Rose got these beautiful leopard back pumps from there. The shoes on the side are some that see also bought, but they are being shipped to Viva Las Vegas! Where she will be residing soon.

Love this blue in this scarf that she bought. She has a blue fetish right now, but if you ask me, I think its coral and gold. Then again she might be right.

Beautiful Nine West coral bag...see what I mean?

~Celebrity Candy~

Did anyone watch the Billboard Music Awards last night? I recorded it. I still have not seen it. And I have not seen The Kardashians last night either. I hate to love thats show, but I do. I thought the fashion at the Billboards awards was kinda "blah". Nothing spectacular was on the red carpet. I mean, maybe two caught my eye, but then again no one really was there. If Rihanna was there I no for a fact I would be reviewing the fashion, hahaha! At least Im honest.

Cassie Ventura
 Diddy's side piece rocked this all in one beautiful printed outfit. I love her shaved head so much. I want to do it so much but there is no coming back from that. Beautiful. And that color is divine. Love love love the shades.

Taylor Swift
 Tay Swift needs an album. I love her country ass music. Love her outfit right now, and the cute shades. Love it. Wurk Tay Tay. I saw her at the Billboards Award and she looked, alright. I mean, I still need her to vamp it up.

Khloe Kardashian
 My favorite Dashian looking amaze balls. Love her bags, like her bag collection must be serious. I love it. The shirt is the as well. She is looking super california right now. Love it. And them shoes are fierce.

Tilda Swanson
 This color palette is bad ass. The nude shoes and the muted beige top and the blue skirt. Oh my goodness. She looks stunning. My most favorite look so far on this post. 

Snow White & Prince Charming
Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallis
 I watch Once Upon A Time the show every sunday. Now that its off, Im kind obsessed with the real life characters. These two actually date, I love it. She plays Snow white and he plays Prince Charming. How cute. Ginnifer is super stylish. Wurk with your man boo.

Kourtney Kardashian
 The best dressed preggo celeb. Hands down. Beyonce was cute, but Kourt kills it on the daily.
Love them flats! I want!

 I need something with an American flag on it. I saw something at Walmart for 3.88. I shoulda bought it. Im going to buy it, cause I need something like this bad. I really do. Hello Walmart, here I come.

 I can't believe that Kesha is on my best dressed celebrity candy list, because she is a hawt mess. But I love this outfit! I mean wow! Love the hair as well! Beautiful. Go Kesha.

Charlize Theron & KStew
 When did KStew start dressing? Im confused. I love both of their looks. 

Willow Smith & Jada Smith
 I love this mother daughter team. Love it. 
*sigh* I love them so much. 

Miley Cyrus
 Okay, Miley at the Billboard Awards. It looked better as a photo. I saw her presenting something while it was on. Mind you, I did not watch the whole show, but I will today, but when I walked pass the t.v I saw her presenting and it looked strange on her..but at least it photoed well.

Alicia Keys
 Oh she killed it. Beautiful look. She looks amazing. I am loving her curves so freaking much!
Her hair is to die for. So cute. 

So I love making mini movies. I could be driving and hear a song and I will automatically see the film I want to make in my head. I love using m favorite songs as well. This has nothing to do with fashion. Just my life. If your bored and just wanna press play, by all means go ahead. Take a look at my craft. Move making is a little hobby. Tee hee..

 (everyday of my life)

Love you guys!
Thanks for reading!!! Mwah!


  1. OHHH I LOVE THIS POST!! So many reasons... ugh... #1, I got that shirt from target too, but mine was... $5.96! or something like that. Exact same shirt. That is my favorite color. So cute, I love it on you. And your hair is dope, it really look like you cut it. And hello, the eyeshadow! You ain't even say nothing about that, it's hawt #2, Greg and his Princess, sooooooo precious! I love it, she is amazing. #3, Rose and these KMarts, I mean really what Kmart is she going to, I've found a couple things in there but nothing like what she has! Go Rose!! #4. Khloe is killing it, she just be looking good in everything to me. I don't understand why people call her the ugly one. Good post xoxo

  2. I love the details on the sleeves of your top, your little one is too cute for words, and I need something with the American flag on it too! I want these boots on that have the American flag on them.

  3. You look great. Your hair is super cute short.

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    xo Allison of Curvy Girl Chic

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  7. I never realised that Alicia Keys was this curvaceous, she looks very good. I'm loving that shade of green on you feel like its a perfect colour for summer. I am not liking Miley Cyras in that outfit though, just not a good look as far as I'm concerned.

  8. Absolutely adored your home vid. It was totally cute!


  9. Love the outfit...and the hair! I am sure your bantu knots will produce beautiful spirals once you take them down.

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  10. You look great! I love your blouse & your hair looks awesome.