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The California Republic:The Swag & Illest Fashion Edition

Whats up you guys! Been about a week. Im pretty busy as usual. Im more in a car than at home the more 2013 goes by. So far Im loving this year. I have my issues with things but all is pretty much well. Im pretty wrapped up in family coming next week which mean "clean time" in my place. I love when my folks visit. Don't get me wrong, but good lord... my parents are super clean and hate dust and I just so happened to be the hoarder child who doesn't dust the back of her t.v. for a whole week. So I really have to jump into Mr. Clean mode and get this place nice and spiffy. Im stoked for my family to come by. Oh man! Greg, my hubby have a list of movies want to see, and given the fact we have a babysitter coming to visit for a whole week? That means its date night! Im so excited

Movies I want to see? Well, I do want to check out The Host given I read the book and it might be pretty bad ass. Though, the commercial is not doing it for me. It does not look like their doing it the right way, or giving the book justice. I might see that. Not sure. I do want to check out the Wizard Of Oz movie which I hear is pretty bad ass. And I want to check out Spring Breakers. I don't know, I here Selena Gomez whores out in this movie, and I kinda wanna see that. But out of all movies..the movie Greg and I prayed to see, the movie Greg and I are dying to see...just so happens to come out next friday when my folks arrive. That movie is The Evil Dead. I watched the trailer and it scared the living shit out of me! I did not even finish it! It was that creepy. I showed the hubby who is also a die hard horror fan the preview and we hoped it came out when my parents came in town. And just so happens, it did. Im kinda nervous. Horror movies are starting to freak me out..alot more then usual. Im losing my edge man! Check out The Evil Dead trailer, its insane!

Alright, enough about my folks giving me freedom of motherhood, lets talk about style, fashion and the hottest trends! Man ..have I adopted the Tom-boy look from Rihanna or what? I literally went ape shit with it. I love it! I rock my hat with nearly everything. Jeans, dresses, army boots, you name it. Its so fun rocking this style because its super fun to play with. Shopping is a blast given most items I purchase is from the guy section. I love this trend and I think Im stuck in it for now! I went to an awesome store called FUZE in the mall down the street from me and was checking out the ladies side, at first. I scroll over to the guys side and went crazy with all the sweatshirts and snapbacks. Mind you, this has never been my type of style. I was always the punk rock girl or the Gothed out Emo swagged chick in the corner with safety pins in her ears. Man has things changed. Im in love with boy looks, even when it comes down to boyfriend jeans and men oxfords. Rihanna splashed all over the blogs and magazines was surely an influence, and I took her tom boy movement cold heartedly. 


If you read my blog on the daily you know my passion for Rihanna. Pixie cuts and Trapstar fitted caps. All the way down to adidas shoes to Red Bottoms and Raybands. I live for this chicks style. I find her to be the only female that can look sexy in baggy clothes. She is not the only tom-boy rocker in the fashion world. I seen many looks like hers everywhere!

~Rihanna Sweatshirt Look~

How fab are them shoes? The coolest part about this look is she in not even wearing any pants with this sweatshirt. Wurk Rih Rih. The sexiest part she gives are her legs with these amazing shoes. The rest is pure stylish boyish style.

~Miley Cyrus Tomboy Inspired~

Im not gonna sit here and give Rihanna all the credit. Miley Cyrus slashed her hair off and started rocking the boy-look early on. She is a bit more feminine with it given her Jeffery Scott heels and tight skinny jeans. But her wardrobe has been pretty "hood fab" lately. I love the fact that anyone can wear it. It does not matter what size, race, or look you rock, you can incorporate this look into anything.

I was rolling around on Tumblr and saw this amazing blog site called Style Miley which showed Miley's style choices lately..Check them out!

So okay, I love colors and Im all about design and sweatshirts. When I saw this California Republic shirt I was game. I loved the pink and it also had the hat to match. It was a match made in fashion heaven! I bought the shirt huge so it could be looser on me. I got the snap-back on sale for about 12.99. It use to be 19.99 before the discount. California has been warm lately but rain has been coming in and out of the skies over here. So, I had a lot of moments rocking this shirt and hat. I must have worn this outfit sixty different ways already. The leggings, a pair I bought about six months ago were on-sale at H&M for very cheap and I can barely remember. I posted these leggings before. I noticed the leggings matched very well with the sweatshirt weeks later. And here we have my Outfit Of The Day..

Im going to be real. Given the fact I rock dreads, it was super easy to pull this look off. You usually see the Dope boys or Swag dudes rocking this look, and having rasta hair did help the look a bit..
The great part about this look is the fact its super comfortable. The leggings are pretty loose and has pockets that I love! The sweatshirt is roomy. And the best part about wearing a hat for the sake of fashion is you do not have to do your hair that day! You CAN get away with it! 

Sweatshirt: FUZE Sweatshirts 19.99
Leggings: H&M (12.99 I think, they were on sale..)
Shoes: Hot Topic 24.99
Fitted: FUZE 12.99

~More Below~

I be in mountains..

Got my ELLE Magazine in the mail today, one of my favorite fashion reads!

Off The Body:
For sure, my favorite item right now. I wear this all the time, even when if its a little toasty outside..Love this sweatshirt!

Even if Im not rocking the sweatshirt I find myself rocking this hat on the daily. Love this hat and Im thinking about getting the Diamond version of the hat similar to the one Cassie is wearing the pictures of inspiration above. 

~Gifts From Afar~
MAC Cosmetics

Last week I got a Facebook message from a Follower/Reader of mine. She messaged me and said she sent me two gift-cards by Email, and to go and have fun with spending it. To say the least my mouth dropped. I've know her for awhile given I had this blog for about four years. She and I never met physically nor have we even talked without the internet being involved. For her to send me these gift cards was the sweetest thing that has happened to me in awhile. I was super stoked she gave that to me. I almost thought it was unreal! And she did not send me just any old gift card, the cards were enough to get many things. This post is for her to know how thankful I am for the gifts.

So of course when I found out I had a MAC Cosmetic gift card I went right away to the store to have some fun. I got to Fashion Valley and went inside to see all the choices I had. I was not sure what I wanted to buy but one of them was lipstick. I figured I was getting Nicki Minaj's lipstick or something from her collection. 

I had a great time. I was told the ways of the brush and now know how to wear makeup the RIGHT way. Awesome tips. So Crystal, if your reading this  I made you a video for you. Press play and hear my thanks towards you. You really made my day!


Crystal if you have time, watch this video

Thanks you much!

Fashion Valley, CA @ MAC Cosmetics window 

I ended up paying extra after I maxed the gift card. There were so many options. To be honest I would have bought the whole store. I did go to Target for a blush brush from ELF's line of makeup tools. 

The awesome chick in the skirt with green hair did my face. Her style was super dope

Happy go lucky!

Here is the blush I bought. Its a warm color and looks great on the apple of my cheeks. The blush brush in ELF for two dollars..

Another purchase was the foundation brush which does wonders. I heard its better than using a sponge because it soaks up the foundation rather than blending it. 

Here is the foundation up close. I also got a highlighter for my face as well to get that glow. Kim Kardashian in known for the highlighter look...

Once again, thanks Crystal. There are no words..

~Bag Lady~
Rose (BFF) Shopping Haul

My best friend just got a puppy. She was looking for a cute bag for her pup Cairo and couldn't find the perfect one. Luckily she ran into this one which is super fab. Her dog is tiny so he would fit perfectly. The best part about this bag is the fact it looks like a purse. It looks like a Burkin almost. Love it!
More of her finds below:

Rose also purchased a nice nude colored purse from Just Fab which is to die for!

Rose is lucky Im not down the street.. This bag would be mine!

Black & White peplum

Mesh Peplum

~All About The Weekend~
Food Porn

So me eating better is still going on. Im pretty much obsessed with this place called Urban Plates. I have been going there for a minute now. Its cheap, healthy, and tastes so good. I fills your stomach just enough and does not make you feel heavy. Just satisfied. I order the same thing every time. 

roman caesar & "free range" chicken

organic romaine, arugula, organic tomatoes, marinated olives, garlic croutons, shaved asiago, romanesque caesar dressing topped with orecchiette pesto pasta
Organic agave
pineapple, watermelon, basil & mint

The Booski's lunch, Mac & cheese, fruit bowl and kettle potato chips

~Celebrity Candy~

 Im crazy about Elle Magazine thanks to Rose giving me a full year subscription. Nicki Minaj was "nude" from the baby pink lipstick and huge crazy Marge Simpson wigs. I love her look in this edition. She is bare and open. Of course the blonde lace front is on and some lashes. The outfits were subdued and her face was fresh. The lips were bare and soft, I loved it. It was new, simple and fresh. She looked amazing. It was nice finally seeing her like this without all the bells and whistles. Besides Nicki, below is all the hot looks I loved this week. 

Here is her video shoot during her interview with Elle. 

~Rooney Mara~
 The queen of darkness, the dragon tattoo girl herself rocking a amazing bag that I love. Love her style in every which way. She is a fashion favorite of mine for sure.

~Elle Fanning~
Her style is pretty odd but I do like it. I think Overalls are coming back. 

~Kirsten Stewart~
KStew is insane these days. Her outfits are the greatest, and her shoes game went up tremendously. She has legs for days..

Kim K.
I got to give it to Kim. She has been rocking great clothes all this week while being preggo. 

Cheryl Crow
Love the pants so freaking much!

Dakota Fanning
Love the boots and over-sized sweatshirt. The bag is to die for..


Everyone has a best dressed list. But has anyone seen a best shoe list? Shoes are a woman's best friend. There are so many celebrities who rock amazing shoes but get zero credit for it. There are some Celebrities who's shoe game is crazy that we can not overlook them. Unique shoes are always fun. I ranked the top celebs who wear great shoes from ten to one. 

 Kim & Kourtney
I hate to love these girls. The Kardashians are not the best with fashion choices if you ask me. They dress semi-good I think because they have stylist. I think without a stylist they dress awful. As far as shoes, no ones is really seeing the Kardashians. 

12.) Jessie J.
Jessie J is new to the scene. I love her wacky style and shoe choices. 

Emma Watson
Emma reminds me of a british KStew. Her shoe game is always bad ass. 

Blake Lively
I never watch Gossip Girl, but from what I see, the fashion is insane on that show. Blake Lively is always rocking a shoe that looks sleek and different. 

Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba is not in movies like she use to be. But her street style is filled with life. I noticed her shoe game was more modern and straight forward. 

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift is on my list for one reason only. Comfort. I myself refuse to walk in huge sky high heels. Taylor keeps it simple with flats such as moccasins, ballet shoes and oxfords. She is stylish without rocking high heels and keeps it simple, which is nice to see from time to time.

Kat Graham
The most unique styler of shoes behind Gaga would have to be Kat Graham. She has the best collection of odd shoes that will make your head turn.

Angela Simmons 
Angela Simmons uses her instagram and twitter to show her awesome shoes on the daily. Im always wondering what she will post next. I feel like she is one of the best when it comes to great shoes.

Kirsten Stewart
To be honest I should not give her all the credit given she has a stylist who is actually dressing her in these to-die-for shoes...but until then she is on the list.

I think universally we all think Beyonce had the best shoe game. I never seen her in anything bad at all! In my life. She looks great! And she rocks the highest shoe! Not the best shoes game..ever in my opinion, but defiantly the second best...

Kat Von D
In my opinion I think Kat Von D has the best shoes ever. They are different, unique, and totally awesome. I love her style. Its very gothic renaissance but she has fun with her shoe wear. I would have had Lady Gaga as my favorite but her shoes look possible to walk in...well, almost possible...
If you have doubts about her shoe game check them out below:

Best Shoes Ever...

Thanks Ya'll For Reading!
Have A Great Weekend Or Week!

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