Thursday, April 18, 2013

Like A Prayer: Crosses & Crucifix Couture

Evening Peoples! Im back with a new post and man do I have some catching up to do. My life has of course been on the main road dealing with family this last week. So mu focus was my family. My Mom and Dad came down from Maryland (my hometown) and chilled with me for a good week. It was great. I hang out with my Mom which was fun, watched Jurassic Park with my Dad (which is tradition now a days) and Greg and I got to see the movie we were dying to see! So much has happened and all has been well. I have bought lots of new gear that I been dying to post! Here is one of my outfits that I rocked the week my folks were here in California.

I found a Forever 21 Plus that is very close to the house. So of course, I randomly check that mall every chance I get. I love Forever 21 Plus, because the prices are amazing. Unlike Torrid (no shade) but...Torrid, *sigh*..where do I begin? Your so fucking expensive for no reason. I bought a peplum shirt from F21 for 11.99. Why are you charging 48.99 Torrid for a plain peplum? Please answer that. And the peplum I bought has a design on it for fuck sake. Sorry for the language but Torrid can be a major rip OFF! Okay the rant is over..

If you love fashion as much as I do Im sure you understand ..

But I come across this awesome all black sweatshirt with ripped sleeves. Loved it. Of course it came with me. I paid 12.99 for it! Not bad. It falls off the shoulders, the material is not thick at all and quite great for a quick beach outing. Plus its long enough to rock my beloved leggings.

And of course, the leggings. Im about to sound like the biggest hypocrite but here it goes. So I been dying for two kinds of leggings. Ones with crosses and one with galaxy stars all over them. I can never find them for the big booty girls, just the small sizes. I seen one pair of cross leggings at Flashback (great urban vintage store) but they did not look big enough and looked to be too small. I go weeks looking for those leggings and could not find them anywhere. So...I end up going to expensive ass Torrid and long behold...cross leggings. Ugh! And I am afraid to turn the package on its back to look at the ridiculous price. I turn it over. I look. I gaze at the 24.99 price and roll my eyes, but grit my teeth because I know Im not leaving without them. I sigh to myself and see a Devil and Angel appear on my shoulders. The Angel says to me "put it back Tia, you can do better. Thats way too much for a pair of leggings. You will find better." Then the Devil with her pitchfork laughs at me and yanks my dreads and tells me "GET THE FUCKING LEGGINGS! You know you will wear them...don't be fucking stupid..."
Devil wins...

I buy them. And yes, I wear them a lot, given you can match a lot with these wonderful leggings. If you know my style and personality you know I had to have these. Im glad I bought them. They were way too much but man, I wanted them so bad. 

So basically this outfit has been my outfit on many different days. I paired these leggings with white flowing shirts and sheer tops. I paired the sweater with boyfriend jeans and distressed jean skirts. Pairing these two together was the best look if you ask me. Why the love for crosses? Im not sure. I all about Madonna's Like A Pair era. Maybe I need to ooze out my inner Madonna and make-out with a black jesus, like the video. Either way...Im happy I finally found one of the leggings I been searching for!

 By the way, Im so into triangle jewelry right now. Anything triangle comes with me! If you are a fan of Karla's Closet Blog you know what Im talking about. I first saw that trend on her blog. So you will be seeing lots of triangular earring and necklaces for sure...
The triangle necklace I am wearing is from F21 for 6.98

Pretty into ear cuffs as well at the moment. Got this for 99 cents at the 10 Dollar Mall. 

Oh! I did not talk about the shoes!

Everyone knows Im tall and I am not a shoe whore at all. If I can not find flats then Im not buying the shoe. I will buy a purse before I buy a pair of new sneakers. I tend to rock bags and jewelry more than worry about my feet. But I saw the most beautiful pair of flats that I have ever seen in awhile. And I bought them faster than you can say Cincinnati. Metal plated sandals. Oh my lord. When Target came through with the new Prabal Gurang line of clothing and shoe wear, I fell in love with theses shoes. They were perfect. But when I first saw them I was not willing to pay $30.00. And to be honest $30.00 for these shoes is NOT bad. Its not. I put them in the cart but for some reason took them out. But, good thing I did because a month later I found them cheaper and half off and ended up paying 14.99 for them.

I love these shoes. I saw Beyonce with a similar pair. Love these shoes. I wear them all the time!

Something about silver cuffs around your ankles remind me of bondage...hawt..

Here is another shoe I wanted from the Prabal Gurung line from Target. I wanted a pair of these so bad but never could find my size. The wedge was perfect and not that high. I have never seen such a sleek and sexy show that low to the ground! Love these! Too bad I could not find a pair. 

These are a pair my best friend would maybe buy. Nice and high. I love these. Great shoes...

style watch

 Im all about silver tipped shoes right now. Anything metal plated on shoes is awesome and seems to be the major trend right now. Whether its metal spikes sticking out of loafers or plated gold toes at the end of a stiletto pump. The metallic craze seems to be officially taking over 2013. I find myself looking for boots with metal plates on the cuffs or maybe even more sandals like my Prabal ones from Target. Its the craze for me right now, just like Peplums. I thought I would show the top five metal plated shoes right now that are trending on celebs and us regular folk.

5.) Short Boot Golden Heel

 This boot is kind of beyond bad ass. Its an ass-kicker. I love this shoe. Something about it screams bad ass bitch and I love it. The fact its a short boot makes it better if you ask me. Gives more "pow!"

4.) Leopard Metal Strapped Motorcycle Boot

 I love these. These maybe should be number one given I do not own these. But given the fact these can be in or out of season I think its good at number four. You mix leopard print with anything you will get fierceness every time. Its a harsh shoe but still sexy and womanly. 

3.) The Wedge Golden Cuffed Sneaker
 If I opened up my best friends closet Im sure I would see these sitting there. I love the wedge shoe craze and Im pissed I can't even wear them given my shaky knees and massive height. I tell her every time I live my shoe fantasies through her and this is surely one of them. All white crisp sneaker wedge with golden plates and zipper.

2.) Golden Girl Flats
 These pretty much remind me of the ones I have. I could have sworn I seen Jessie J. or Solange rocking these shoes. Im not sure where? Love these and I love the fact they look like the cheap ones I just bought. Love it..! There should be more shoes like this for the tall girlies like me who "mind" being too!

1.) Nude Golden Strapped Flats
 Super sexy and super gladiador all at once. I love these so much. Im a huge nude shoe fan and have yet to own some. Something about the gold makes it stick out a bit more.

~Rose "BFF" Haul Of Deals~
White House Black Market
I miss this woman with all my soul. 
Rose use to be all about dark colors. More blacks and grays but never whites or pastels. Im use to her wearing harsh colors instead of the soft colors in stores. But lately Rose has turned a new leaf and rocks beautiful spring colors. Her focus seems to be lavender and mint. And she also has a craving for peplums as well. Rose went out and got some amazing fashion deals. 

Pretty awesome shirt that gives me a tribal feel with the beadings. 

This shirt is one of my favorites that Rose bought. I would wear this in a heart beat. The strange part is Rose and I have totally different taste in fashion and how its put together. This shirt is amazing. Who doesn't like antique keys?

This is going to sound like a horrible fib. Rose got this shirt for a dollar at a retail store. How amazing is that? Always check them racks, you'll be surprised.

This maybe the best and prettiest peplum I have seen. The fabric does not help. Its smoothed and creased perfectly. I love the fact its cream colored and a solid white..

Last but night least is this white and black peplum. Pretty bad ass given the shape on the side. Peplum is surely taking over this year and I love it.

Can't get enough of Rose's bad ass buys? Check her Youtube channel hauls. Visually its more shocking!

~Welcome 2 My Life~

When my family was here for a week I made sure to watch the movie I have been dying to see. I wanted to see Evil Dead for about three months now. The trailer is scary as all balls and to be a horror fan this is one of them films I have to see. Greg and I finally saw it and we, actually...did not enjoy it as much. Then again I was looking away from the screen majority of the time. But Greg did not seem impressed. I mean, they did hype this movie up a lot. For instance calling this the most scariest film you will ever see. But overall Im happy I saw it. I think it was good but then again I also felt something was missing...

Besides the movies, I had an amazing time with my family. I relaxed at home, went shopping just me and my Mom while my Dad and the hubby had fun together. Great times. My Mom went to my Hot Yoga class and tried it out for once, and hated for being to slow. LOL! It was absolutely great. Last week was grand. And given the fact my folks were here I did my norm of being a Daughter again, asking them to buy me something..some things never change.

One thing that did change is my Mom. Life is so funny that way. I remember my Mom and I jokingly talking about the time "I will have kids" and how she will not want anything to do with raising them or babysitting them. She always made it clear that if I get pregnant its on me and don't think of her as a babysitter/nanny because it ain't going to happen...

So here we are a billion years later and thats all she wants to do. My Mom all of a sudden does not believe in spankings. My Mom thinks when the Booski cries she has to get her way. My Mom feels if Booski is flipping out not wanting to go to bed, its okay to hold her all night till she falls asleep. I basically do not know who the fuck this woman is. 

I came home around 12:30 at night with Greg coming from our movie date (my mom decided to watch her while my dad passed out in their suite in Oceanside), I open the door and their is my Mom with bags under her eyes still rocking the 12:30 at night...
Booski knowing willingly her bedtime is 9:30, 10:00..the max!

My Mom tells me "She was crying so I got her out the crib". I shrugged and told her "You got to let her cry Mom, she is trying you right now."My Mom shook her head and said "We'll Im gonna go outside while you put her to sleep I can't hear her cry, it kills me."
*blank stare*
My daughter turned my Mom to a mush, and my Moms no walk in the park...that made me smile.
I love change. And yes, Booski went to sleep. I don't play that stay up shit, Get your life. 

Also in other news, Booski is out the crib now. She is in a toddler bed which is awesome. I know a one year old seems a bit early to graduate to a bad but she was getting out of the crib in the morning. How? She would push her Dreamlite to the corner of the bed, step up and climb onto the changing table, she then uses the shelves on the bottom as a latter to climb down...I caught this act about a month ago. When my folks were here we made sure to change over her crib into a toddler bed, well at least Greg and my Dad did...

Booski's personality is now starting to show. I notice she loves to laugh. She love Angelina Ballerina. She only likes pop-up books. She loves fruit more than candy (no bullshit). She hates getting her hair done. And she loves pink. I would guess she is going to be a girlie little thang but then I get a bit confused. She plays rough. She hits kids who take her stuff. She loves legos and LOVES, and I mean LOVES race cars...tomboy or girlie? Can't tell. Love watching you grow Booski.
By the way someone asked about my daughters clothes on a post about two weeks back...
I don't buy her clothes, my Mom does. And she gets it all at Marshalls mostly or TJ Maxx. And Ima keep letting her do that cause clothes cost! 

By the way Mom's out there reading, H&M got a great clearance for children, 50% off clearance. Even I bought her a hoodie...

~Celebrity Street Style~

Rihanna will always be talked about on this blog. The chick can dress her ass off. Her Diamond tour is going on right now and a part of me wishes I could check her out. I love all her outfits on stage and off. I can't get enough of this woman, or her music. I was looking forward to seeing Rihanna at Coachella but she did not go. She wears the best hippie clothing if you ask me and actually performed a little last year.

Rita Ora @ Coachella 2013

Katy Perry @ Coachella 2013

Solange Knowles @ Coachella 2013

Lindsay Lohan @ Coachella 2013 *drugs kill*

More looks @ Coachella 2013

Alright you guys!
Thanks for reading, stay tuned for new looks! Mwah!

stay close


  1. Haha the devil always wins when I'm shopping. I try to soften the blow by thinking of the prices as cost per wear - if something is £30 and not worth it, I have to at least wear it 30 times! Those Giuseppe Zanotti white wedge sneakers are to die for omg I'm in love :'(
    And I can't believe your daughter's so big already; I remember when you were blogging about being pregnant! Time goes quick!

    Jade | JadeFungBlog

  2. I can't see myself spending a lot of money on leggings either.

  3. Girl you look like you have lost some weight! Don't lose all the booty! haha I ain't even gonna discuss the foolishness my parents do with my child that would have NEVER been tolerated with me! smh Loving flats right now and working on an all denim skirt outfit as we speak! Glad to see you are doing well. Your little one is adorable!