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Boys Gone Bad: TomBoy Edition

Fridays seem to be the easiest days to blog. Monday is such a huge start in the week, and I can't find time to sit on my ass for an hour and write on my blog. In a way its a good thing because I get to see all the fashion over the week and pick my favorite looks as the days go by. When its Monday, Im still seeing outfits I could have posted if I just waited a little later. 

This year my style has changed dramatically. I always had a punk style. I raged hard with loud pinks and band tees but after awhile retired the whole look for boho style and earthy tones. Now, I find myself heading back towards the "punk rocker chic" look but with a bit of a twist. Im totally falling in love with the tomboy craze that women are rocking right now. I always been a fan of bending gender roles in fashion from wearing men blazers, bow ties, shoes and more. What makes the feminine tomboy look so fun is the fact you can give both feminine touches and masculine touches. Rock a fitted cap with high heeled pumps. Or rock huge baggy camo pants with a low cut tee with red lipstick. Im loving the tomboy look so much that I find myself shopping on the male side then the female side for clothes. The trend is taking over. 

So with this OOTD Im totally rocking the Rihanna-look with this spiked hoodie vest and heels. I ran into a new store at the mall and fell in love with all the mens clothing. Expensive, but great store. I purchased a cap, earrings, sweatshirts and more. Tax season was great to me so I went ahead and bought all my favorites in the store and called it a day. The sad part about all this is I really thought I did not need any more clothes and put myself on a restriction, yet... here I am. 

Everything Im rocking is inspired by Rihanna. I rocked deep red nails and an all black beanie. I went very urban for this look which is different for me. But it turned out great in the end.


Distressed denim never gets old; especially when its a jacket or vest. To be honest, anything with spikes wins me over every time. 

The vest was 35 and to be honest I would have payed more. It was in the mens section and I knew it was leaving with me as soon as I saw it. I rocked a beanie with this look to give it more of an urban flow. I wore all black everything and topped it off with a high heel. I embraced the hardcore tomboy swag as much as I could. Check out the rest of the pictures below:

Top: Zumies 12.99
Pants: Torrid (Old pants but good pants)
Vest: Fux 34.99
Shoes: Thrift Store
Beanie: Fux 2.99

Besides the vest, another favorite I bought was a Goblin shirt by a favorite band (Odd Future) of mine. I been looking for an Odd Future shirt for the longest. I was even as close ordering one online which I never ever do. The print inside the word is leopard print which sold me even more. Love this shirt.

12.99 at Zumies Skateboard shop 

 Stoked, love this shirt

 Close up of the vest I bought

Vest off the body 

~Life In The FAST Lane~

Lively Hood: Everything this pretty great these days. Taxes came in which was a major bonus. I bought alot of things for my place more than for my closet. I wanted to create a mature look to my apartment. I wanted pictures on the wall, more photo's on the wall, more decor...all around a more grown up place of living. I found great finds at the local Goodwill. Not only that, I've signed up for Yoga classes which is great. The best part is during the day I can still bring the Booski with me to Yoga. They have a place for children inside. Im super stoked.  

 Food: Im still eating pretty well you guys! Im still eating healthy and drinking more water. It's fun to try new recipes and I find myself enjoying cooking more and more everyday. Tofu, veggie burgers, you name it, I have it. I made sure to stock up. I have been doing Wii fit and going for walks more frequently. Im enjoying it, keeps my day full and I feel more energized...
More Pix:

Booski in her 12 month dress. She's pretty lean. 18 month clothes look huge on her..It's weird because she is a breast def baby and usually those babies are kinda chubby...

Greg surprised me this week and it really touched my heart. Great great surprise! I got a knock on the door and got some edible flowers. Along with it a great keepsake box with a very pretty necklace. It was very sweet, and it was for no reason. Thanks Greg.

Great surprise! The box says "I Adorn You" in pink. If you know the song by Miguel then you understand the meaning. Very romantic, kudos to Greggers... and tax season
 *ooo baby*

~ River Island~
Rihanna's Fashion Line

The fact her line debut was in london makes me want to rip my freaking hair out. Like literally out. Her sizes go up to 18 which is awesome. The line is different and it was not what I expected at all. Some of the line is kinda bland yet very creative. To be honest I don't know what to think of this line. I expected a bit more and the line feels safe. Don't get me wrong, I love it. Of course at the premiere she looked stunning, rocking her dress from the line. Im all about this plum dark lipstick look she has been rocking lately and it made me pick up a lippy on my own.

Love the leather hat and the shoes, but the rest just seem okay to me. It seems strange that as soon as she wears something of this line I fall in love with it, and like it better. Maybe everything Rihanna touches becomes gold. What do you guys think? Do you feel its safe? Is it the models? How do you feel about the overalls? *Side eye*

When I saw this styled on one of the models I hated it. Then here comes Rihanna rocking it at one of her other fashion line premieres and killing it with flavor. I hated the pants so much but now I LOVE IT! Her line is different and yet Im not sure what I expected....Maybe rasta colors, weed signs, cute sheer tops, wild leggings...Im not sure... 

Don't get me wrong I like the line. I just expected a lot more. But of course when Rihanna is in the room what else matters. Love her..

~Rose Gets Braided & Bunned Up~
BFF Hair edition

Im sure everyone and there momma saw Beyonce's Life Is But A Dream documentary. It was great, and I actually enjoyed it. I loved how natural and beautiful she looked giving the interview. Her hair was in box braids, her face was fresh with lite makeup, she was just glowing. I loved the braids on her. Im also a huge fan of her sister Solange's braids as well. Rose (my bff) was think about adding some braids her in hair for a break from blowing drying it, heat, what have you. She took a break and actually made an appointment to get some braids in her hair. And man, it turned out gorg!

I love it! And since the high bun is in this year, she killed it even more when she scooped it in a Beyonce bun. I love this hair style so much. I even tried doing this with my dreads now! I love it. And on Rose it looks even more amazing...Can we all say that Rose should rock braids more often? I think so. 

Here is Rose rocking the high bun..

Not only is Rose rocking the fashionable high bun in Las Vegas but she bought this very very cute blouse at TJ Maxx. And she got the damn shirt for ten bucks! Love it. I am all about blouses like this, the more the better. The orange color is even better!

Rose also got a new toy in the mail! A canon camera! Rose is high on the QVC website and ordering her life away with a smile! LOL! She plans on doing food videos which Im totally excited for! When I was younger Rose would cook for the both of us in my Mom and Dads kitchen. Rose is one of those cooks where she smells up the whole house to the point your mouth waters. We all smelt that smell before. She is a very good cook and I learned a few tricks and recipes from her! So i must say Im pretty excited about her doing professional videos showing her kitchen skills..

I will premiere at least one of her videos once she gets everything up and running...

Over the weekend I sent Rose's puppy wuppy Cairo a new chew toy. It was the best chew toy I have seen in a long time! Its a replica of Kendall Jackson wine! It says Kennel Relaxing! How awesome! As you can see he loves it!

~Celeb Candy~
Tomboy Edition

So this Celeb Candy will be a little different this time. Im all about my newfound tomboy style so Im gonna give the ultimate list of bad ass tomboys in the fashion game today. Before I show the top dressed tomboy ladies I'll do my best dressed of the week ladies who don't need boy-swag at all. 
Check them out:

Rita Ora
 She murdered it.
Rita, this is by far my most favorite look I seen in awhile. Its very chic and very mod! I love the hair, and the shoes should be illegal.. I love this outfit so much, head to toe..

Victoria Beckham
 The shoes did it for me, but when does Posh spice ever have bad shoes on? Never...

Miley Cyrus
 I hear the she and her fiance are not together anymore. But obviously thats not effecting her style at all. Love the red lips and crazy hair.

Jessica Biel
 Im all about Jordan's these days. Love the laces and the gloves...

Nicki Hilton
 Loved the boots. I need some ankle boots...just like this...

Jessica Alba
 ........ *sigh*.......

Adrianne Bailon
 This girl can dress her ass off! Love her look every time! Love the leopard and the hair! She did that...

 Solange in her monochromatic outfit..loved the shirt and shoes!

~Top TomBoy Fashion Icons~

Okay, so I am all about the tomboy girl these days and all about men fashion. Of course I was inspired by a few celebs that paved the tomboy trend. Here are my top bad ass tomboys who killed it...

5.) Jessie J.
 Jessie J. can dress her ass off. Very Katy perry with a bit more boyish edge. She pushes the envelope a little harder.  She wears girlie things but tends to rock huge pants and high heels all together...

Agnes G.
 She is a model who embraces all of her masculine wear. Love her swag! She does not pair heels with her gear as much but there still is a very feminine touch to it.. She rocks punk clothes and suspenders on the regular...I love that!

K. Stew
 We'll if it isn't the girl I love to hate. Kirsten Stewarts style has went up up and away! She has great boyish style and it turns feminine very fast. She pulls it off great without even trying. She would be number two but Rihanna had to be number two..

2.) Rihanna
 OMG I made Rihanna number two?!?!?! Am I sick? Of course not. Don't get me wrong, to me, no one is seeing Rih Rih in the fashion game right now. She rocks the boy look very hard and pulls it off every time. Even with a boy pixie cut hair style. But number one is someone who has been rocking this look way before Rihanna "Umbrella" hit...

1.) Teyana Taylor
 Teyana Taylor is the KING of the tom boy swag that us females are rocking lately. Rih Rih I hate to say this but Teyana takes this crown. Yep, she has been rocking this look way before it got popular. She rocks Jordans, snap-backs and tends to make it sexy by showing off her midriff and red lips...Love her! Huge influence on my style!

Check Out Teyana:

Love it. And there you have it. I am in love with the Tomboy look and I am surely embracing it these days. I bought great sweatshirts, t-shirts and caps that I will be showing next week! If I were a boy, I would look like this....

Love it..

*case of the swag flu*


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