Monday, March 18, 2013

Peplum To Da Metal: The Peplum Era

Guess who's back! Man, I was excited about posting fashion day. I wanted to post earlier but life came in the way of that. Since moving things have been better. I now have more space for my child to play. Laundry room is only four steps away. Parking and living is even better given I don't have to go up any stairs. But of course, there is always a down side to every up. I planned last monday to blog and saw my internet service was shot. My place has the wort service ever. We literally live inside a mountain. In order to even get to our place you have to walk close to the canyon. It's insane. Its quieter here and very pretty, like a villa. But of course, no service. Its almost unbearable. Im trying to hang in there. Tax money has sent me on a crazy roller coaster of malls and shopping centers. I told myself when I would get taxes I would not spend anything on clothes and shoes. But of course I ended up doing exactly what I planned not to do. 

So I go to Encinitas, a place where my Yoga class is located. I wanted to find a nice new vintage bag. Preferably a name brand Michael Korrs or Dooney bag or clutch. I go to Flashback; a store full of vintage outfits and used bags, and decided to look around. I got near the plus size rack and skimmed through the clothes looking for some kind of gold. And there she was. An all black studded peplum top.

I thought me finding the perfect peplum shirt would be tough given I am not a size two. I pretty much wrote it off because I believed I would not find one my size or my taste. I tried on several peplums in stores and some of them were okay, or just looked awkward given the shirt had no sleeves. Now, I know why I did not buy the shirts, because it was meant for me to find this particular one. I grabbed the shirt immediately. I could not believe I found a peplum that bad ass!

Peplum has taken over the fashion world this year. You can't turn your head from it. It is literally everywhere. 

So of course, this is my favorite top hands down. It fits great and I already wore it in several different ways. The price was great as well, only twenty bucks. 

~ Inspiration ~

There is something about spikes. It's dangerous and edgy. For some reason I need all spikes. Not only do I like it on Peplums but I love it on shoes, dresses and even bags. I will never grow out of it. The best part about peplums is it fits everyone. Whether you big or small, it works. But I have to admit, there is something about a curvy girl in a peplum dress or shirt...

Outfit Of The Day
 Shirt: Flashbacks $20.00
Jeans: Torrid $25.99
Shoes: Torrid

Chain shoes from Hot Topic

Peplum on Hanger

~Cheers 2 The Freaking Weekend~

Besides the horrible internet I been hanging in there with eating a bit better. My choices are becoming more and more better. We will see how long this is going to go, I still crave my favorites. I been totally obsessed with apple salads with pecans. I make it at home a lot just to enjoy the taste. I signed up for Yoga around my way and had a great time. Im thinking about signing up for good. It's calming and a great escape.

I have been taking the Booski along with me and dropped her off at the child care section at the Yoga center. I thought she would get ridiculously shy and be weirded out around kids even she hangs around me and the Hubby all the time. Not to mention she is the only child. She blended in well and played well with all the rest of the kiddies. Its weird seeing her play around on her own. 

Hot yoga makes you sweat lot. I love it. 

The Kids bar, where the kids do Yoga as well...

I always feel sleepy afterwards..

Besides the Yoga my weekend consisted of many restaurant outings. I tried a great new place called UP which was pretty yummy. Its a lot like Panera just less bread. The salads were great and so was their baguette. Im so going back there. 


Romano Free Range Chicken Ceaser salad...

Eat time!

Fruit Junkie

Ruby's Diner, another cool retro restaurant in the same heights as Johnny family restaurant and kids eat free..

Booski was super fascinated by the train above the celling...

Greg got a paper toy car and built it at the table...he was so into it that I wondered who was the baby, him or Booski..just saying..

Making sure the car is legit..

Pond of ducks

Over protective psycho Greg is getting worst when it comes to letting her run around and play. Its almost sad. He hates when parks are full of kids which is totally insane. Booski was climbing around yesterday at the park and actually went down the kiddie slide by herself. I made Greg stand away 5 steps from her and told him to freaking stay there. This way Bodyguard Greg could let the girl breathe....just saying..

~The Peplum Conundrum~
BFF Edition

Rose (B.F.F) stated the same lie I told myself this month. "I will NOT shop for anything I do not need including fashion". Basically we both thought we would not shop with our tax money for clothes but who were we kidding? Sometimes I wonder what would happen if Rose did not live in Vegas and lived near me, and the same way around, what if I lived in Vegas? Man, all our tax money will be gone and we would probably be on restriction from shopping. Ha! Rose has been all about peplums as well. Who isn't? Last week she went ahead and found not one, not two, but three really hot peplum tops! Im love them all. And what makes it even better is the fact she found one for only four dollars! Ugh, that chick and her bargains gets me every freaking time. 
Check out her peplum buys and more below. 

Fresh mint top, ahh!

 sigh, I miss that woman..

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out peplums have taken over the fashion world. There are so many different types of peplums that I lost count on how many ways to rock them. The best part about this look is it works for everyone, and I mean Everyone. Thick, big, small or skinny. It can be sporty with flats or chic with some sexy heels. You can wear peplum upscaled or downscaled and its obviously up to you. I wore my top at least ten different ways by now. Its fun dressing it up the way that you want. 
Here are my Top Ten Peplum Buys right now! My opinion of course...!

10.) The Romantic Laced Peplum
 I think this top is sexy. Nothing is better than lace over a peplum. The trim is sexy, the back is sexy, its just a hot top that you can rock on a date or other..

9.) The Quarter Sleeve Peplum 
Not everyone is all about arm action. I love the sleeves on peplums because it gives you more ammo to gear it down with a pair of jeans and flats. Then again, you can still rock stilettos with this baby and get the same effect. Im a sleeve girl at best..

8.) Glitz & Glam Peplum Blouse

 Nothing beats a nice collar! I love the Peplum blouse that has a chic collar to it! Its almost doubles the fun with this top! Im a fan of baby collars and sleeves so this shirt is certainly one up for its whistle and bells. 

7.) Sheer & Feared Peplum
 This one is super duper sexy. Im loving sheer a bit more than the collar craze right now so this one gets an head start at number seven. I would rock jeans with this any day...

6.) The One sleeved Believer
 UGH! The embellished belt alone makes me want to scream. Im all about this top given I have not seen one person in it yet! Love this..

5.) Leather Is Better
 We are officially in the top five. This leather peplum is everything to me! I so want one! Its more edge and I love a shirt with edge! Who ever has this Im jealous!

4.) High Studded Low Bottom
 I love a good train. I love peplum shirts that get lower in the back and higher in the front. Im all about that! Its super sexy and cute. And of course this has studs on it. Anything with embellishments wins me over every time!

3.) Pencil Peplum Skirt
This is my new favorite peplum right now! The pencil skirt! Ugh! How diva is that?

2.) The 50's Peplum Dress

 Collar? Check. Peplum? Check. Pencil skirt? Check. Looks vintage as hell? Check! This is all in one fierceness on a hanger...I can see this with a blazer...oh my..stars..

1.) The Spiked Peplum Blazer
 I found the love of my life with my new spiked peplum. After finding that I know I will find nothing better than that! So of course, my top peplum top would be this, a nice pinched peplum blazer with spikes. Ugh, I need this in my life. It's sexy, its long sleeved and you can rock this with anything as well. So my peplum finds are over, I found my beautiful peplum in distress and I am ready to settle down. But if I see this beauty running around I might fall off my game!


Im going to be real. Im not the hugest fan of Michelle Obama's style. Not saying I don't like her style but it is a bit conservative for me. But, she is the presidents wife and she has to ease back on the split skirts and boobage of course. But if I was conservative and not into the wild child looks that I rock today then I would surely be up in her closet. Sometimes she catches me off guard and I find myself loving her fashion choices. Lets be honest, she is fierce. And we have not seen such style and grace since Jackie O...
 Here are some Michelle O looks that I have been feeling lately..

High wasted

Gwen Stefani
Where did she get these damn pants? Ugh, I need! Red lips, blonde hair, doesn't care! Love it!

Selena Gomez
Wow. Just wow. She looks amazing, the whole look.. if I was that size I would rock that top all the time..I seen it in stores..

Dita Von Tease
The best dressed vintage bitch I have ever seen in Hollywood. I would wear this top to freaking bottom. 

Kirsten Dunst
Looking vintage and chic, love her shades with this..and those damn shoes..

Rita Ora
LOVE THIS! And with that freaking bag tho?! Wow..

Lilly Collins
I am in love with this look. Im so getting back into the dark lipstick look as well..

~New Style Icon Watch~

This year I kept my eye open for someone new and fierce to come in the fashion game. My thoughts were Emma Stone or maybe Rita Ora. Emma Stone can dress her ass off but Rita Ora's style is hella different and I could see myself rocking her outfits more than Emma Stones. So of course, I think Im giving the new-celeb-fashionista crown to Rita Ora but, it looks like Iggy Azalea (rapper) will be taking that crown right off her head. Iggy is doing it, with music and fashion. Every outfit she wears I love!

She did that..

Thanks for reading ya'll! Mwah!

Always leave your footprints...


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