Sunday, February 24, 2013

Mint & The Mellon-Dramaticz: Spring Floral Dreams

Great weekend. So far life is pretty grand and things are looking up. No devices of mine have been broken this week and my Mac book Pro has been working here and there despite the hard drive blowing up. I did my regular errands to Walmart and Target. My daughter needed pampers so of course Walmart has the best buy with Huggies. I walk to my section of Walmart to check out some workout pants and behold! A pair of mint stretch pants, my size, my color, my price! Ten freaking dollars people. Amazing. Okay, it was 9.98 or something like that. Who knows. But ten bucks?! In my size?! They had light yellow, pastel mellon, all white, all sorts of colors. I went crazy! I got the pants immediately, and the diapers. There was no way I was letting them go. I then on Sunday go to Target to check out some Wii fit games and long behold this beautiful stripped mellon shirt with white weaved lace on the shoulders. Ugh, took all my money.

So far I am all about mellon and mint. Those colors are beautiful, and those two together are amazing. Im all about it. So I paired the coral stripped shirt and mint pants together. I loved it. Its so fresh and spring. So refreshing this outfit. California weather has been warm and cool, very beautiful. Im all about the pastels. Next is lavender for me! Ugh, I am in love with these Easter colors. Something about the two colors are striking and soft at the same time don't you think?

The shirt was a bit much. Ugh, it was like twenty bucks but I needed it people. I had to get it. It looks good with everything including jeans, skirts, or what have you. I love it. And its light and soft on, not thick at all. The pants look like jeans as well. I will rock leopard with the mint very soon, I feel it. Everything can be mixed with mint. Everything! I mean it. Pair it up with anything! You will see, mark my words. 


So here are my inspirations of fashion this week. Soft semi-warm colors of corals and greens. Anything pastel has been in my closet. I figured after 2013 started the mint craze would die down like peplums. But, both are still running its course. 

The perfect outfit to me would be some lavender jeggings, mint oxfords, a button down sheer pink blouse from Nordroms, some crazy pastel colored bangles, and of course a nice hot colored pinched blazer to top it off.

So check out my outfit of the day!
Sweater shirt: Target $21.99
Leggings: Walmart 9.98
Shoes: My bestie got them from Target :)

Oh. This month, I added some blue in my hair. Needed a new look. Something spicy...

 I damn near wore this shirt out this weekend but I did not care; I loved it that much..

Another look I have been feeling is the black and white stripe. That style will NOT let up no matter what era it is. That is another reason why I loved the new mellon shirt I just bought above. I love stripes. I don't care if it makes me look fat; who gives a fuck. I love it. Vertical, horizontal, I really do not care... 

Over the week I rocked striped shirts a lot. My main favorite shirt from H&M came through when I wanted to rock the zebra look. Embellished shoulders on the top of course put an edge to it. I love shoulder jewelry, and I will never see it as "old" or "over-done". It's very Gaga and I live for the glamour. This shirt is old as balls but one of my favorites. 

Everyone says if your "thick" you should always wear stripes going down because it makes you look slimmer. But has anyone seen any pants or shirts with lines going diagonal? I don't think so. I don't think I look that fat with these stripes. If I do at least Im killin'em.  

~Weekend Days~
So days are going good. I did my taxes and I am waiting on that refund like a dog in heat. My workout routine is pretty awesome. I read an awesome book about Meditation and wanted to try and follow the book. I read in order to do full meditation and being at one with yourself; you should first take care of your body. Which makes since I have to admit. Buddhist practice says you should not be all about over-buying and over-eating; pretty much over doing anything. And man do I over food. So far I have been eating a lot better. Rose (the bff) sent me her Wii so I could workout a bit more and not be overly bored with walking on the boardwalk and crap. It gets boring. 

Besides being healthier I have been doing the "mom" way of life. Im at a new play park every weekend now. Greg and I put in the GPS "toddler park" or "baby playgrounds" and end up driving somewhere close in the San Diego area. It's great and it has the Booski excited for a new place to play. She is getting pretty big. She is changing every moment. She is very smart. If I tell her to get anything in the apartment she gets it. I been working with her using flash cards and counting numbers. One day she walked out her room during one my lesson plans and turned on the t.v and sat on the couch. She's one. Ha! I gave her a break and we watched the Sprout channel and ate apples and peanut butter together. 
(also, all baby fashion is my Mom, I literally do not buy any clothes for this kid...)

running for the win

Her bodyguard father was there ...*sigh*...let the kid run..

This weekend me and the Booski eats are favorite snack! Apples and Peanut butter! Oh my god it is so good! Dusted with Equal and crunchy peanut butter with a tablespoon of honey! Oh what a treat! I could eat it all day! It's a hit here!

Cheap 3 dollar sushi! If you live in Carlsbad, Ca..go to Super Grills 50% Off Sushi...the best!

Mmmm, the best!

So I did not think floral pants would last this long. Usually its another phase that wears out but its still standing strong and pretty as ever. Something about vintage floral pants. Its timeless. And especially the aged rose ones with petals. Love them. Not only are floral in full affect so are bahama pants and other earthy bohemian washed out jeans. Rose my little bff has a pair as well...

she killed it...

I'd die for those boots. The celebrities are rocking these pants pretty hard as well. The floral pants are even better washed out to be honest. Work! Nude shoes always kills pastels and floral looks every time. 

Target had so many vintage spring looks. Oh my goodness I wanted to buy all of them. So many dresses so little money. Target has my favorite looks but needs Walmart prices. I love when Target actually breaks down and has a real sale! Which is usually never, but when they do its amazing! Im not talking about 30% off type deals either...Im going for 50%!
Check out Targets Looks:

Leather floral jacket? I'll take one please..

washed out denim and floral jeans

Me trying on a beloved Peplum and putting it back on the rack cause a bitch ain't paying 25.99 for that Target, Im sorry...maybe if it had sleeves..

~Celebrity Candy~
Served Sweet
Oscar 2013 Edition

Oh my Gosh peoples, Im so into Elle Magazine this year! Rose sent me a cool 1 year prescription for Elle for the both of us! Which is pretty cool even I love Fashion mags and its always nice to smell the fragrance in the pages. Elle magazine had my girl Taylor Swift on the front cover. She killed it. She even killed it at the Brit Awards if you all seen! I love how she is rising out of that vintage prep look. Slowly; but surely..

Love it!

Miley Cyrus
You might be tired of seeing her but I am sure not tired of seeing her style get more and more edgier. Love the red lip punk style. 

Chole Mortez
There is something about her I love, its almost strange. She is young but her fashion is very mature. A good mature. She is up there with Emma Watson for sure. Love her look..and the shoes.

Ashley Simpson
Who would not wear the green leopard poncho?

Rooney Mara
Goth and dark, and Im loving it. One of my top fashionable icons...

Kate Bosworth
Skinny as all hell but kills it with her style. 

Kim Kardashian
Is it just me or is she dressing more and more matronly since this pregnancy? Kanye most have said slow up on the sheer tops and booty jeans..

Selena Gomez
Love that she is rocking more adult wear and not the regular skinny jeans and ballet flats she always wears. Her style is on the come up like Tay Swift..

Did anyone get Rihanna's album? Because the shit is fire! I am all about miss Rih Rih! Next month she will be featured in Elle and Im excited to get it in the mail. She has a new fashion line coming out that Im kinda ready for, and a lipstick with Mac. Im soooo getting that...

I have to get this! And that lipstick WILL be mine! I am kinda getting into dark lipstick and grungy camo-colored eye shadow.  Rihanna you have officially got some of my tax refund...

~Oscars Red Carpet 2013~
Tonight was the Oscars and I was all about watching that red carpet. I had some likes and dislikes but no one really wowed me. Maybe a few head turners but not really. I'll give a quick review on who my best dress was. Like I said; no head turners, at least not for me. I dunno it seemed like alot of people were very matronly and old. Especially a favorite fashion icon of mine.

Olivia Munn
This was the hottest look of the night. And when I say hot I mean the most firey look of the night. Very sexy. I loved it. It seemed very fierce and bold. I think Kerry Washington should have rocked this dress honestly.

Kirsten Stewart
She was rocking crutches with this..I don't know, the dress is pretty but she seems like a real bitch. Something about her rubs me the wrong way...Judging on dresses I'll say she killed it, or...her stylist killed it...

Im going to say it. I love Adele. But man, she really dresses like an old bitty. I mean Adele is younger than me and I'm 27 years old! Whats up with these old dresses? She can be sexier than that I mean come on. You would think she was huge the way she dresses! Her buddy is not that bad! She really needs to sex it up because she is very sexy, she does not need to rock this old look like she's 62....Am I right...? Worst dress man..

Anne Hathaway
She embodies classic Hollywood but damn. For some reason this did nothing for me. The hair was okay I guess. Dress is very 70's prom to me. Very square. It needed something flowing I mean come on, its the fucking Oscars. I hated it. She could have done better man..just old!

~Runner Up~
Charize Theron
To be honest I have been feeling her style for awhile now. I love a woman with short hair and a smile. She killed it. I love her look. She looks like a model.

Here is Charlize outside the Oscars, killing it with the rugged style and pixie cut. Love her! 

Best Dress Of The Night
~Jennifer Lawrence~

Im not sure if she killed it because the dress is big and bold and almost princess like...but man she looked stunning. The dress was flawless. She looked like a doll baby. I loved how it fit, I loved her hair. She stood out more than anyone. Not old, not to fresh, just perfection all the way around..

 She killed it...

Thanks for reading peeps!
Will blog again! Mwah!

~Booski On Valentines Day~
Love.Life. Live.

 *and she smiled*


  1. You look great in both outfit. I'm loving pastel right now

  2. i needs me some mint pants! lookin fab boo!

  3. I miss you and Boobooski and this blog so much. I have not been on here. At all!! I'm stupid over mint green and melon too. omg. I just bought little fake leather jackets in each color a few weeks ago!! You are so funny and just gorgeous. I love your style. I'm sneaking on at work, but I do have to back track and read your old posts!! I miss you much and LOVE YOU GIRL!! You are one of my favorites... muah, muah!!