Friday, January 25, 2013

The Black Inkling: Studs & Busy Lady Bugs

The year 2013 has went off with a bang right? So much is going on in my life right now. Im the busiest little lady bug. Im twenty seven years old going on twenty eight, I have a lot going on than I did last year. Well, the baby is now a toddler, if thats what you wanna call it. A human being with a personality verses a newborn baby that lays there and coo's all day, is a big jump. These days I am "the busy mom". The babe has library reading days. We go to kid movie theaters. Because she is hitting the terrible twos very soon her days are planned ahead of time with letters and number games. Story book time and Oceanside parks are the craze these days. Im never home and when I am Im being a full time Mom. Its work. This might be the busiest I have ever been in my life. My life took a U-Turn but I am loving who its turning me out to be. A lot of growth has happened for sure. I totally forgot about Martin Luther King Day and was surprised to see the Hubby was off. It turned out awesome because the Booski is always stoked when Dad is home. She gets away with alot more and that mean double visits to different parks. We went to a parade which was god thing you know, the day was over...
Good weekend over all..But before I get into my little life lets get into what I bought this past week!

So okay, its 2013 and everyone is all about talking "whats going to be the new craze in fashion" this year. I have a few ideas. Yes, certain things we all never want to see again, but there are some things that I am all about seeing! Mint has went off my radar and Im all about the soft coral colors more these days. Im still all about peplums and have yet to gain one for myself. But the ultimate want that I really really strived for is the leather collared blouse that everyone seems to be rocking these days. Honestly the first person I saw rock that blouse was Lady Gaga. With her flair of leather and spikes she really made me drool all over her look. I started seeing more leather cuffed sleeves and even leather peplums coming in and out of the fashion mags. Bottom line I needed something leather with a spike on it..
And finally, I found one!

~Leather Tease Inspiration~

When it comes to leather, right now its back in full effect. Even if the leather cuffs and collars are not your style Im sure your checking out that leather pencil skirt in the window or the large sleeved sweatshirt with leather patches. Whether its pleather or leather, the power of the shiny coat has landed..

Finding blouses like this, in my size is, well, lets just say "terribly hard". Its borderline annoying. The fact I even came across this in a store and not online is a shocker to me!  I was at the 5.99 Everything Store and happened to walk past this blouse that just so happened to be only 9.99..
Sold to the black chick with dreads! I mean what a steal! I got 3XL just incase the arms of the blouse wanted to be a bitch. It fit great and man does it scream fashion....

Outfit Of The Weekend

 Blouse: 9.99 Everything 5.99
Pants: Torrid 
Bag: (Thanks Mom..)
Shoes: Black Moccasins (thanks again Mom)

 Close up of the collar

~My Little Weekend~
This weekend I dyed my hair a brighter blonde and went about my marry day. I was getting bored with the copper brown and decided to go even lighter. I have no clue whats going on inside of my head these days. I even streaked two of my locs a dark blue. Hey, don't ask. Early midlife crisis maybe? I am never that bold with my hair, but I think Im becoming a pro with handling bleach these days! As I said, we went to this odd parade downtown and it was pretty awful, so awful I skipped the pictures. Yes. It was that much of an embarssement. Im just saying don't most parades have at least one float?!?
Get your life.

Downtown San Diego

Hubby and Me rocking the gangster mug, on the playground... so hood

Booski was terrified of the pine cones. We found a park that actually had regular trees instead of palm trees...she did not know how to feel about it..

Tunnel junkie

Curious George. She liked this park alot. It had no sand and she did not really understand why..

 We took a trip to California Pizza, which was, egh. I had better pizza. Not bad but was not amazing..

Someones being an artist (honestly.. she tried to eat the mess)

Baja was not nasty, just bla...


The kids platter was blander than a box of cardboard, yet, she loved it...guess thats all that mattered

~Art Junker~
The Artist Rises Again

When you are an artist inspiration comes and goes. Sometimes the artistry is cut off because you are not getting intrigued by anything. Me being an artist I have started drawing here and there again. Drawing was my life, yet, I hardly do it anymore. I always blamed the world for me not having inspiration, or motherhood or some other excuse. I thought about it and realized sometimes you have to go out to find your own inspiration. And stop waiting for it to come to you. I took pictures of all my inspirational findings.

Rhino Art, Encinitas CA

By far my most favorite graffiti art I have seen in a long time..

Rhino art

Graffiti Spray Paint Caps

 Books on the art of Graffiti

This was breathtaking. When you walk into a room full of creativity it gives you so much more room to express your inner you. I found great books and ideas at Rhino Art. Great place to visit when you need an artist pick-me-up..

~New Workout Life~

Working out is so not my thing but for the new year I am trying to make a change. Not a major change but enough to keep my weight at ease. Im walking every so often on the beach or walking hikes and parkways to get some workouts in. Its hard and sometimes boring but Im going to continue to keep it in my life. 

I walked up these stairs, all four rows..

Lunch consist of cheap sushi and a good roll

Salmon and spinach, Oh yum!

Rose's (BFF) Studded Earring Craze
Tell Me About It, Stud

Remember I said Rose was up for a manager position at her job? We'll the chick got it and is stoked! Im super stoked for her as well, she really wanted it. Everything turned out as planned. She celebrated her new raise and position at a seafood place in Vegas. Not only that, Rose got a new addition to her family. And his name is Cairo Klaus. A cute new puppy! The crazy part is she was looking for one. He is super cute. So now Rose has a new friend in place. Love it..

Rose celebrating success!

Hot & Juicy looks good. Yum! 

Tell Me About It, Stud
So the craze seems to be  studs in the ears. Not so much of the big earrings! Which, I love. Something about small studs is very classy and vintage. Very 1940's? Im starting to like them myself and I was never a huge fan of small earrings. Lately Rose has been all about them. She owns a billion pairs. Check out her purchases!

50 cents each!

Here are other hot studs Im looking at these days...

Celebrity Candy~
Mag Cover Edition

This week its been war of the magazines. Pretty much, everyone has a front page over. Rihanna covered Complex this month and rocked it of course. The original Rihanna is back with the shirt dew and all. Not to mention her style and body is insane. 

Kelly Osbourne

Kirsten Stewart

Solange K.

Miley Cyrus
 Miley in awesome floral pants...*sigh*

Kim K.

Since announcing her pregnancy, she has been killing it with fashion pretty hardcore...I have to give it to her. And this dress is it! Congrads Kim..

Amber Rose
 Amber Rose swagged out while preggo, looking faboulous.

Michelle Obama
No matter what party your rocking its all about Michelles fashion right now. She is murdering it. I love her fashion. I mean yes, its a bit conservative for me, but lately she has been rocking a new hair look and rocking these hot gloves! Im loving the new Michelle!

This was by far my favorite look of Michelles. I love that hair so much! And the gloves are so chic! The jacket is just, to die for. I mean she really did it up! I loved loved loved it!

And of course, Barack and Michelle's girls looking gangsta is just the topping on the cake..

Sorry for such a late post you guys!
Thanks for reading!

~Always look on the bright side~


  1. Lots of news!!I loved your black and white blouse, it´s so nice and trendy!!Kisses:)

  2. You make me want to go to forever 21 to see if I can find earrings that cheap. I hope you can catch you breath and get some up time. That shirt you are wear is amazing.