Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Softest Pink: The Tale Of Two Machines

Guess who's back? So despite internet problems and crazy issues with machinery, Im here blogging. Let me start off by saying I am horrible with smart-phones. Horrible with smart-phones. I mean extremely horrible with smart-phones. Im kinda an antique phone user. I owned a old Motorola Razr phone for about eight years and a LG Envy phone for about seven years. I finally get a smart phone and screw the whole system up. Ugh. I broke my phone two times in a month. A month! And this was not the first nor second time this has happened. I officially have had five of the same damn phones. I hate Androids now. I seem to be kryptonite to them. Fortunately I do have another phone, an actual iphone to use and will get use to using now my relationships with androids are stale. Besides that my internet sucks at home and I need to get that fixed asap. Ugh, being a grown up sucks. So much to do and so little time..

So this month in beautiful February I have been rocking Coral and pastel peach on the daily. I love it. Its the new mint if you ask me. Im kind of obsessed with the color! I recently have been buying anything coral or light colored. Its so soft and spring, and very innocent looking. Im all about it. Especially is its sheer! Ugh, so this shirt rung my heart. I been dressing pretty cool since summer time is coming around the corner. Summertime comes fast in California. So wearing light and airy things always helps.

Check out the inspiration:

I been all about this color, like I said its the new mint for me. Don't get me wrong Im all about mint still but coral has been ringing my bell. Anyone could rock it. Its everyones color. If you ask me..

Im alla bout every shade of coral. Even the darker shade of coral. Its super stylish and colorful. It gives a pop that Im in love with! Soft or hard, no matter the value, Coral seems to work for anyone. I want to find a bag or maybe even some shoes of this color. I got the shirt from one of my favorite stores that I can never stay out of.....Everything 5.99! The sleeves is what sold me. I got a great deal on for only 7.99 and I was not going to let that go to waste! Nice light blue jeans and all white sandals killed the outfit and made it simple yet, cute.

Sheer Blouse: 7.99
Jeans: Torrid
Sandals: 2.99 from Target (Thanks Rosie)

ass ass ass ass ass ass..

Please excuse the Old Navy hanger, I steal all their hangers when Im buying there clothes...they ask if I wanna keep the hanger...so I take them. Here is the shirt on the hanger. It of course needs a camisole underneath. But, if you have great tits, go ahead and rock it with no under shirt...tee hee..

My bestie hot these for me on a haul a few months back and I never got the chance to post them. Its rare when Target has a sale, when they do? Its awesome...

Another purchase I made was for a iphone case and some new workout shoes! Here is sheer proof I wear a huge size shoe, and I can never find a good shoe! Ugh! The stress of shoe searching. But I found these cute ones for my walking days and they feel so good...

Love this

~Livin in Da Fast Lane~
wife. mother. woman.

Ughhhhh. Like I said life is crazy. It's always somewhere I have to be or somewhere I have to go. Something I have to buy or something I have to handle. Oh gosh, so this is what being an adult is like. Yay. Its a mess. But I am handling it all the best that I can. I started adding walking into my life to keep myself in some type of fitness. I am getting pretty bored with it honestly. Rose (the bff) plans on sending me her Wii which is awesome because being a stay at home Mom, it requires being at home most times. So this was I can handle my house duties and still catch in a good workout. The hubby is excited for the Wii for other reasons. Rose is his Santa Klaus and he is all about Rose sending gifts! Lol! Check out my fast past life...since Im kinda behind these days!

throwing up the rock..

So I make my hubbie walk with me on the weekends. We went by this open house, and shall I say multi million dollar house... on the beach and walked right on in... and man was I jealous.. 5 minutes from my place! Ugh! Here is me on the roof!

sea front..

yeah....thats a shower...

wish this was mine

back to the real world...beach days on Sunday..

Booski is doing good. She drinks from the straw these days...lol!

So 2013 has been beating my ass with a electric cord but it had not knocked me off my workout hustle. Why the change? I don't know, Im a Mom. Im a wife. I feel like I should make a change since Im about to hit thirty. I can't eat crap like I use too. But don't get me wrong I need my cupcakes at the end of the week.

Started making myself drink water since it seems to be my kryptonite. I add mint leafs and cucumbers for a better taste and man it makes it me drink up..

~Viva La Pup?~
Rose's Vegaz Life Buys

So Rose got a new addition to her family and it did not cause her to gain weight or push a huge human out! Cairo Klaus her new pup has been an uber fast loving joy in her new life in Nevada. I sent him some amazing goodies to welcome him into the family! Rose got the box quick and sent me pictures of him enjoying the new fun gifts I got him.

And of course, me being me, I sent a sweet card welcoming him into the family! LOL!
Thats him reading it..

The Booski wrote a little message as well...

Rose's is the queen of bargains but she also is the queen of shoes. So of course she had some nice recent buys lately from JustFab.com

~Celeb Candy~

So my crazy feelings for Miley never parted. God I love her. She is such a bad ass now these days and I am all about it. The short hair is super dope and Im loving her whole "not-that-innocent" look since leaving the Hannah Montana stage. Her fashion went straight up, and Im thinking her new music will do the same..

~Quick Top Grammy Looks~

I think we all know Rihanna killed it with this dress. Red is her color for sure. And yeah, for some reason Im all about her and Chris Brown getting back together...I think he learned his lesson..

Rihanna's face after seeing Solange's dress...


The shows with this kills me. The hair, even better..

Many people did not like this outfit Bey wore but something about it struck me. Im not sure if it was the fact she was bold enough to just rock a pant suit or the fact her butt looked like a freaking onion on a sunday morning...yesh..

Jennifer Lopez
Can you believe she is in her forties? How unfair. Jennifer Lopez is drop dead hot. That dress is one of my favorites of the night...she slayed it

I actually sat and watched the Grammys. Frank Ocean (my favorite artist) won one...love him..

Rooney & Kara Mara
Rooney is becoming my favorite best dress these days...

Heidi Klum
Ima need to find a flat pair of these shoes..

Kim K.

Im shocked how real Kim Kardashian is being about her pregnancy. She is surely not glossing it up to make it seem as if pregnancies a walk in a park. Plus her fashion game has been sky rocketing since Kanye..

So Im all about this HBO serious called Girls on HBO. It is super sassy and very real. The funny part about this show is the first episode kinda sucked for me. I hated it. I moved to the second episode and was sold right away. I swear the main character is just like me. Great great show. Very inspiring. 

I'll love the fact its raw and in your face...
Television is missing that if you ask me...


Life is an Ocean    


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