Sunday, January 13, 2013

Orange Plum Collars: When The Party Is Over..

Happy NewYear you guys! What a year. I know everyone has there new years resolution already Im sure. I have mine for sure. Well, not so much. But I have a list of a few changes I would like to make. One being how I live the rest of my life. So much in my life has changed. 2012 was good to me and evil to me, but then again, thats life. Thats how it goes. So much drama with me getting a California license is going on right now as well. Talk about a headache. Thats a whole other story I dread to talk about. Right now Im a wife, a mother, and all in one artistic astroid ready to blast. I was righting down some goals for thirty since its kinda around the corner. I have a huge goal Im looking into, Im not sure if I want to put it out into the universe yet but I have some plans. This year Im looking on how to start my life goals and my future. I mastered my personal life with my husband and daughter. Being a Mom hasn't changed me as much as I thought it was. For some reason I thought I would put on an apron and start baking cookies and wear Moo moo's. But that did not happen. Motherhood makes you more aware if anything. It doesn't really change who you are. I mean, sometimes it can. But for me, it didn't. 

Any who, my point is 2012 was cool. Its over and Im ready to start a new. Hello 2013. So my goals are set and ready to aim. As for fashion theres a lot of fashion from 2012 I am NOT ready to let go! I know some people are over mint, pelpum dresses, collar tees but NOT ME! Im still all about sheer, Im all about more mint and I still have yet to find a god damn pelpum shirt that cam fit my boobs! Ugh...I'll get into that later. I have a huge rant for that one. But over the weekend I found lots of cool shirts! This last week was stressful so I did some shopping therapy...and it worked!

Okay, so like I said I am not over some of the 2012 fashion looks..
One of them being the Peter Pan Collar! Oh how I love. Im so stoked I found a shirt like that because I never thought I would find one my size! I was stoked. Its a 2XL and I love it. Of course the sequence collar soft me and the fact it was on-sale made me cringe with glee! Im still all about this trend...

I cant get enough of these damn collar shirts, I love them! The more the merrier...

Here I am rocking my new collar shirt that took me a year to get (hotmess). Im rocking my Torrid blazer with this and my Torrid Skull jeans, also I am wearing my leopard loafers that my Boo boo Rose gave me awhile back from her store that she works in! I kept it simple with the famous high bun and some silver hoops. 
(By the way, mixing the stripped print and the leopard print was on purpose and made my day.. tehe)

Heres the Peter Pan Collar shirt with the blazer off, which was pretty bad ass as well..

(Im probably going to wear this 50 times this month, it is on the hanger..)

Extra zoom in on the collar!

Caught it on-sale for 8.99, honestly I would have paid 12.99...Usually I can't find a shirt like this to save my life.. I got lucky..

A closer look at my $10 dollar loafers from my bestie Rosie!

As I mentioned, the high buns were everywhere for 2012. I still rock mine, theres nothing like a nice high bun. Everyone rocked it, and I don't see it going anywhere...I got my inspiration from these fashionable celebs...

It just a bun, hun!

Alright, so this year I have same resloution everyone has. Lose weight. Im not going hard in the gym or anything crazy but I do plan on losing some pounds. For some reason, I feel like this year is the year to actually do it. Not for anyone but myself. There is a time when you are all about your body and then theres a time in your life when you finally realize that the party is over, and you see things for what it is. Do I love my body? Yes. Am I down for some changes? Hell yeah. But mainly because of the true things that are going on in my life. Being a thicker woman you need money. No shade, but its true. And me being a big girl, I can speak on it. Torrid is a billion dollars. Lane Bryant is expensive as well. Yes, we can find great buys at Ross, and TJ Maxx...but that comes along sometimes. Hey, maybe your not like me and find shopping easy or have more bank in your account just buy out everything you want. But not me. 
Im always about a budget. Im all about a good deal and don't have the means to purchase a size 18 pelpum dress thats 68.99 verses a pelpum dress thats a size three and 12.99..I mean...damn...

I feel that party is over. I feel almost, I can't afford to be this size and rock the goods. I know there are bad ass plus size looks out there but man, I wish I had the money for it. So basically, Im gonna cut back. I'll never be a size three, but I would not mind falling back a few pounds. So Im gonna make a change in my diet...which I already did...

Fresh veggies with a dab of butter..

(I've went to my local health store (Fresh & Easy) & got some seared tuna, yum)

Have snacks out the ass, yummy ones too. Don't be fooled I do have my occasional goodies in place..but for now its these..

fresh oranges (yum!)

Booski Boo running around in other peoples yards, hot mess..

She's still going, thank god the neighbors like her..

 ~Like Water For Elephants~
Rose (bff)
My girlie Rose has been busting her ass these few weeks at her job. The funny thing is when Rose got to Vegas she was working every few days, and man have things changed! Now Rose is working almost everyday and is really bringing in the bacon. Not only that, their might be a possibility that she will become the manager of the store she is at now! Holy cow right?! All fingers crossed for her because I know she is gonna slay as a manager running things in there. Rose has always been a go-getta type girl. She works her ass off. So cross your fingers guys! When she gets the gig she will buy us all Starbucks and a biscuit! 

So this weekend Rose and the hubby went to the circus. From what she said it wasn't a huge circus but from the looks of it it looked pretty bad ass! She got some great pictures on Instagram of her time there. I myself haven't been to the circus in aawhile. But it looked like she and the hubby had a fun time!

apple pie candy apple....ughhhh god! *drools*

Check out Rose's hauls on youtube! Love her high bun! OW!

~Celebrity Candiez~

Are you done making us look like shit Beyonce? Okay. Thanks. Anyway, Im going to stop hating on Beyonce's hot and sexy body right now and focus on the fashion forward celebs this week. Because of the award season dresses and gowns are everwhere. And because of the constant movie premieres as well, the dresses are heavy right now. The looks right now seem to still be about prints and cool patterns. Designs are popping right now. Check out these fashionable celebs... if you can get pass Beyonce's abs...*bitch*..*rolls eyes in envy*

Kerry Washington

Django was huge this year, and so is her show Scandal which is super bad ass! She rocked this at premiere of Django overseas in this off white and grey number. I love this. Its different and pretty artistic..Love the white shoes and dark plum lips. She slayed it.

Katy Perry
 Katy looked toned down and sexy in this all black and flowery. Love her soft makeup. She looks great like this, she should tone it down more often..

Marilee Coudron
 I know this might look like a hot-mess to most but I am in love with this look. I love the print. Flower print the new look for 2013? Maybe?

Kat Graham

Kourtney Kardashian

The best dressed Kardashian does it again. Sorry Kim, no matter how many times you get preggo by Kanye you will never have style like your sister. Sorry. Kourt kills it with a high bun and sheer red. Loves it. And her face is killing it. Umm, does this picture resemble Rose or what? 
(yeah, Rose is getting a twin)


Need I say fucking more? Nope! Solange Solange Solange! Here she is at the HBO premiere of Girls looking like a fucking fox! I love it. She is beautiful, love that damn hair..! She is super fierce in this.

(Her outfit was on the runway)

~Golden Globe Awards~

The Golden Globes were on and I totally missed it! But of course, I got the scoop on the dresses! So of course, here are my favorites of the night. My favorite will be near the end. Everyone kinda killed it, no one looked a total mess..check it out!

Amanda Sey(I dont know how to spell it..)
 She's already freaking beautiful. The dress is so soft and pretty on her body. She looks perfect. Love the trim near the end. She murdered it..

Anne Hathaway
 Can be honest? I thought she was gonna slay it at the Globes, but this was a little to simple for me. I love the dress and its not horrible, but I wanted something red or black on her. Not white. I don't know, maybe because she is already kinda pasty. 

Jessica Chestain
 Theres nothing like a red head in some mint! Yes! I love that someone rocked mint on the red carpet. I would have done the same thing! Beautiful look!

 Rosie Huntington
 Fierce. She looks overly sexed and I like it! She oozed it..

Halle Berry
 Halle Berry is 40. Nuff said. Next..

Naomi Watts
 By far, one of my favorite dresses of the night. Mainly because of the nude color and the light petals at the end. Very vintage. Loves it. Very soft and airy. My second favorite of the whole night. All and all this is my favorite dress I think.

 My Best Dressed
Taylor Swift

Draped in plum and soft plum earrings, Taylor MURDERS it at the Golden Globes. She looks amazing in this and finally looks mature. I love when she looks not too old and not too young. When Taylor does it she DOES it! The color is just, ugh! Love it...
(you better show what that One Direction fucker is missing boo)

 killed it!

Alright you guys! Hope you enjoyed the post! I'll be back with new looks!
Mwah! Thanks for reading...!



  1. praise the lord your back
    I been wondering about you!
    I love your shirt. your style is red hot
    it is always good to change your eating habits. you will do good.
    your daughter is growing so much i remember when you announced you were pregnant just yesterday. rose's haul is great and she does resemble courtney kardashian
    keep blogging!

  2. HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Your collared top is fab Doll. I'm starting an exercise routine today! I missed most of the globes. Your daughter is too cute!

  3. I think you already lost some pounds, you lost weight miss tia
    keep up the good work

  4. ohhhhh Happy New Year! Baby is grown so much and I just remembered why I love your blog and how much I enjoy your writing..... As for shopping...I FEEL YOU! Our plus size stores here in Australia start at like $70 upwards....and that's why I get most of my stuff from the thrift store ;)

  5. You can do it. I change my eating habits 5 months ago. Loving the collar on your shirt.

  6. Cute shirt!!!!