Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Frosty Frozen Fringe: Holidays & Rekindling

Happy New Year everybody! This year has been long and drawn out so I am kind of glad to see its over. The holidays were great. My folks came threw and we all had a pretty good time. So much has changed and Im not sure where to start. I have many plans for this year. Well, first things first. We had to move given our neighbors gave us the boot for being "too loud". Whatever. Im over it. But yes, we had to move given the complaint. But we still live in a different complex just different area, which is must better given the fact it has a yard. So at then end of the day, the asshole neighbors gave us a better place. Ugh, moving was pretty harsh. But we got everything transferred.

Besides the moving ordeal, I did have a great time when my family was here. Greg and I went on a few dates which was pretty awesome. My Mom gave me an awesome bag for Christmas and a home make over which is pretty bad ass if your not paying.
Overall, the Booski got the best presents. I got the bag, a new sofa, and some other goodies but Booski's presents were pretty bad ass. I been craving a fringe bag for over a year now. I was sold when I saw she bought me one, and I mean a NICE one. I can officially scratch it off my wish list.

Anything fringe I love, It would be awesome if I could find some pants with it. Sounds crazy but I love it. Fringe is very hip and vintage which I love. Very boho. And the longer the strap, the better. The more tassels the better...

Here is the bag my Mom gave me close up...



~Holidayz & Family~

Im going to keep it real. I get my fashion sense from my Mom. To be honest as much as she gets on my nerves at times she still nails great style and I have to give it to her when credit due. My Mom gets all her clothes made these days. She longs for different items, and is not your average Macys and Nordstroms shopper like me. My Mom killed it with many outfits. Thought I would share one of my favorites.

Zip up hoodie with pockets...

She wore boots with this outfit but she insisted that she'd rather wear her Crocs given she was more comfy in them..

The rock of my life, My pops..

Here is Booski's rocking chair. Talk about rich girl. This riding thingy makes me think of a rich girl who is stuck up with a huge lollipop in their hand. She loves it. 

Booski enjoying Christmas

The folks gave me some Yankee Candles as well! 

Extreme Makeover Home Edition...thanks Moms..

Found these Glade fan plugins at the dollar store, and they work great! I stocked up pretty heavy..

Booski went to the dark side and finally uses a sippie cup. I thought it would take forever for her to understand it but she eventually got it..

Bought a Polka Dot Ball for Booski but she was more interested in other peoples yard. She breaks away from me and jets off...

Off she goes..!

~ Rekindling The Good Times~

When Greg and I know my parents are coming over, we instantly plan to see about sixty movies. We get pumped for our outings given we raise a child 24/7. Their visits are our only breaks. So, we took full advantage of it. We walked around Old Town Vista which was pretty much a Ghost town on Christmas day. It was beautiful there. The sky was a harsh pink and the sound of the town was silent. Pretty romantic. Not only that we also went to dinner at a pretty swagged out restaurant... Good times..

We watched DJango Unchained and it was hands down one of the best movies I've seen in this year. The acting was crazy good. Everyone deserves a Emmy or whatever you call those things. It was gritty, bloody and funny, you can not go wrong with that! My favorite was between Leonardo DiCaprio and Samuel L Jackson. I felt they were not A list celebrities, but just as the character they were playing. Then again it did not seen as acting at all. DiCaprio nailed and so did Samuel L. Jackson. Don't get me wrong Jamie Foxx was great! But nothing held a candle to those two..

I recommend everyone to see it. Its hella good. As soon as it hits the dvd shelf I will be buying my copy. 

More pictures Below:

lights in the gazebo in Old Town Vista

Italian Resturan that I cant pronounce..

Pan seared Scallops and noodles? Ugh, yum!

New cling ons for the new place..

Given this is a fashion blog and the year is officially over I have to do my top ten fashionable celebs who killed it this year. Number one is not what you think. These chicks are the ones who murdered the street style in the tabloids and magazines. Its going by the best style of course. Near the end I'll give you who I will think will take over fashion wise this year for 2013...

~Worst Dress of 2012~

I am a fan of her style do not get me wrong, but sometimes I think she goes way over board. The colors are too much and Im never sure who she is gearing it too. Besides her my worst dress would have also go to Lady Gaga, which kills me. Her outfits as well are going a little too far. But Nicki, she takes the cake. I would love to see her more conservative for once, and ditch the blonde wigs..
Alright, on to the Top Ten of 2012

10.) Taylor Swift
Okay, normally I would never say Taylor Swift has awesome style but it did grown on me. She sports red lipstick now and rocks vintage oxfords and dresses. Im not sure what made her step her fashion game up but it worked. She is very retro and kinda preppy all at once. I love it..

9.) Kristen Stewart
Kristen slayed this year. She cheated on her boyfriend and then afterwards, started to wear reveling dresses to premiers like she doesn't give  afuck. I love it. She has been rocking see-through and red bottoms like she's been wearing it all her life. I love the new sex kitten Kristen

8.) Anne Hathaway
Another case of someone chopping off their hair and becoming super fabulous. Anne Hathaway did it this year. I should have known she has it in her when she was in The Devil Wears Prada. 

7.) Willow Smith
After her first song "Whip My Hair, Willow challenged her fashion and got bold. I love it, even though most people hate. I admire the fact at a young age she does not care about what people think about her. I love her punk rock style, and I love the fact she has a don't care attitude.

6.) Kourtney Kardashian
Maybe the only sister that can clean up nice. Her fashion sense is pretty dead on and I have never seen her in something I did not like. I love her! Plus she has the best shades ever..

5.) Ginnifer Goodwin
I think I might have a fetish for women with short hair. LOL! Once Upon A Time star Ginnifer Goodwin wear cardigans and Mom jeans on the show. But in real life, she is smoking with fashion ideas. She is another celebrity that I see killing it every time without disappointment.

4.) Beyonce
Since Bey got Instagram she has been showing her outfits on the daily, and I did not know she has that much style in her. So far, every picture of Beyonce is flawless and cute. Not to mention her shoe game is drop dead gorgeous.

3.) Solange
Yes, she out beat her sister. Her style is power just because she wears daring prints and outfits people are afraid to wear. I love the head wraps and the tribal prints she gives us every week. One of my favorite fashion icons. Thick afros and red lips? How can you lose?

2.) Rihanna
I am kinda stoked that they went ahead in front of everyone and showed their affection. Rihanna kills everyone in the fashion game, lets be real. I doubt anyone is touching her at this point. Yes, near the end of 2012, her outfits were getting weirder and weirder...but seriously, who's messing with Rihanna right now..

1.) Miley Cyrus

Talk about good girl gone bad. I love how Miley went into this punk rock princess mode out of nowhere. Not too long ago she was on Hannah Montana as a child star. She's bold and so are her outfits. I love them. 

How bad ass is this...! Go Miles!

So who do I think is going to take over 2013 with their fashion sense?
My thought is Emma Stone

I remember her from Easy A the movie and Spiderman. I seen her face in almost every movie out. Her style is underrated and Im down for her to keep up her stylish looks. No matter what event she goes to she rocks it..Emma is the new girl on the block, and I think this year she's going to be tearing some walls down..

~Music 2012~

Best album of the year was hands down Frank Oceans Channel Orange. It was raw and it was honest, the most deep album I have heard in awhile. One of the best, and damn well a classic if you ask me. I hope he wins hell Grammys. My new love is The Weeknd, a male singer who is kind of in the same category as Frank Ocean. I love The Weeknds album.I think 2013 he will blow up even more...
If you like sexual music, buy it. LOL!



  1. Stunning! And shes is growing before my eyes!! Ughh Make her stay small!!! NOW! lol! Jk! Happy new year love!!!

  2. Happy New Years. Sorry to hear you had to move. Glad you had a good holiday. You daughter is getting so big.