Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Geek Chic Riot! Cinderella & Moonlite Parkz

Who ever prayed for cool weather? Thank you! Because the weather went crazy and became really cool lately! Thank goodness! Oh My god! Maybe too cool. We'll by the water when the wind drops its even cooler than usual. So I decided to rock the Geek Chic look that I saw at London's Fashion week online. So the Ashish Collection is mad cute to me! It looks super geeky and simply 80's all in one. If Napoleon Dynamite and 90's scrunchy era had sex, it would be this line of clothing! Ugh, don't ask why I love it. I can't even tell you.  But I did my own spin on it and rocked out the  ripped sweat shirt and boyfriend button up shirt. Of course, I threw in the crazy leggings with the look and some combat boots in the mix and got this. I never heard of Ashish but their Spring Collection is amazing. Its not for everyone, but it surely wowed me!

Ashish Spring Collection in london is super chic and cute. Its very 90's with a very shabby chic twist at the end of it. I even love the sheer polka dots that make it a hint but tacky and the glittery black scrunchy is just, awesome. The man work shirts are messy and I am in love with how the shirt is tucked in and tucked out. Its messy. It looked like some one got beat with a chic bat and they crawled back up to continued rock the runway.

So my outfit of the day is certainly influenced by this style. Of course Im not as extreme rocking the scrunchy but I did but my personal spin on it. Check out the Spring 2012 line

I was heavily influenced by this collection. Thank God it became alot cooler for me to layer this look. I grabbed my hair and rocked a cute pony on the side. Of course I had to do the pin up girl look with the rolls of hair in the front. 

The Man Work Shirt is a repeat offender on here. It was at Walmart for five dollars in the men section. Ladies check the mens department. You will be surprised the treasures you will find. The sweat shirt was from Torrid for half off. I don't remember the price it was so old! The leggings are the newest thing on this blog post. It was 10 dollars on sale at Torrid when they had the last Memorial Day sale. Shoes are men boots from H&M...

 The bag is form Torrid and it was 8.99 on sale. You know I stay at Torrid when they have them Holiday deals! I loved this look and I enjoyed the sloppy college girl chic that I rocked. Mid-day it got a bit hot. They leggings are a very thin material by the way. They look woven but its very thin and light. Almost as if your wearing nothing. 

 Alright, now lets get to the weekend..

~Sweet Breeze Weekend~

So this weekend was nice, but mid day it did get a bit hotter than usual. We planned to head to the park this weekend and ended up going to two different parks. The Booski was pretty happy about that. Over the weekend I rocked Tribal shirt and washed out ripped jeans...pretty average Tia style. These beaches were by the water given the sandy feet. The play grounds are gorgous. I never been to playgrounds so green and pretty. Then again, I never had a child to take to the playground... Welp, this was my chance..

A Quick Fix: Shirt: F21, Pants Torrid, Shoes Body Central, Earrings Everything 5.99

Here is the second playground we went too. Right on Moonlight Beach in Encinitas. This was Sunday. Sand was everywhere...

Greg playing with the Daughter...

Saturday: Carlsbad Park

Swangs are her Thang...

She wears skinny jeans cause her knots don't fit...

Encinitas Beach Park:
Her Stride Rites kept falling off because she likes ripping off the velcro...

Greg got on the slide and slid with her..I think he wanted to go on the slide personally

She crawled for like a week and a half and then learned to run..time flies. Like all jokes aside, this flew! Just last year this time she just sat in a crib and stared at me fresh from being ripped out my tummy. Now shes running around playing..wtf?! Im proud of her though..

 Eventually I caught up with her..

Family photo?
 Not so much..tee hee

The Princess Of The Ball
~Rose's Dress Buys~

So my best friend Rose who resides in Vegas needed to get a dress last week for the Military ball. She was not that stoked to go but her and her hubby had to go, and besides, the tickets were free. So she needed to find a dress the for the ball quick. She went to her favorite places (ROSS) and went on a spending spree to find the right dress. She of course texted me her top favorites and I of course responded late as hell. But either way, she ended up getting my favorite pick!

1.) Golden Chariots
I love this. And it does not help that I am on a Gold kick right now. I am buying everything gold these days! So I of course loved the beading, but for this to be a ball dress or something dressy, it just was not the type for a actual "ball". Love the dress still..

2.) Vintage Victorian
Now okay okay. This was my favorite at one point. I said go for it. I mean I am sucker for flowers especially on a dress. Its very vintage. I think this screams prom but yet it screams sophistication. I messaged her and told her this was certainly the winner...until I saw number three.

3.) Sensual Sheer
Now you know I said this one had to be the winner. I mean WOW! I loved it! Im all about the black trim and I LOVE the sheer back and the short sheer front! My God this was beautiful! Luckily she bought it even though I think I was late getting this text! But it does not take a rocker scientist to know this dress was a winner! Only 13.99 at that!

Rose's occasion was held at the Bellagio on the Las Vegas strip! How beautiful! All of the lights!

small plates..lol! Looks yummy

Off The Rack shot:

Overall, here is Rose, rocking the final touches of her ball date! Makeup is fierce and so is the hair! Everything is pretty fab. She did a great job on a good price! Rose's always wins in that department..

~Celeb Candy~

Iggy Azealia is my new favorite person these days. Her style is pretty awesome and I mean, I am feeling her music as well. They all tie together. I saw her in Clash Magazine and loved the style she was putting on and loved the fact it was oversized clothes for once. She is super cute. Very model esk. 
Check out her spread:

Bey can wear a leopard dress can't she? Im ready for a new dye job though..I mean come on Bey..

Performing and looking fly as always. Love the short cut. Ya'll know her and Chris are dating again right? If not they f&@#$ing...

Nicki Minaj
Leaving The View looking cute as hell. Love her curves, even if they fake..

Ginnifer Goodwin
Best dress t.v. star ever I swear..

Lady Gaga
 Ga whats going on boo?

June Ambrose
Stylist are not usually on my list but June does the damn thing...
 shoe game cray

Lady Gaga (looking a bit better)
Im not sure what's going on with Gaga but I was thinking maybe she gained weight cause she got a man, you know new boo's make you gain ass...its true..
I noticed her outfits are larger..and she is not as naked as usual..

 Megan Fox
I need this dress!

Dita Vin Tease

 Miley Cyrus

Kourtney K.
I cried when I saw her give birth to her child. I am all about Kourt..

Vanessa Simmons
Im seeing these shoes everywhere..

Lana Del Rey
Wurk that sheer boo..

Anne Hathaway
A classic beauty

Preach Michelle

 ~Music Play~
I think I over worked Frank Ocean's album. I need new music. I am bumping Emeli Sande and Im kinda over Brandi Carlise. Im all about Frank Ocean but damn I need to move on. Right now my songs are Taylor Swift's new single and Im rocking Rihanna like crazy. I need a new album so Im checking these new albums out this week for sure...

Cruel Summer 
Kanye West
So far Im feeling it. Its no Watch The Throne. But so far I am feeling the album, I mean, its Kanye West. It does not put out crap in my opinion. And this album is not Kanye but his G.O.O.D music team...Which is pretty cool. Because Im a big fan of Kid Cudi.

The Weeknd
I hear if I like Frankie O, I will like The Weeknd. So Im going to check this out for real. 

thanx 4 reading peepz!

~swim good~


  1. you look great. Glad you had a good weekend.

  2. Awe, your daughter is just growing right before of eyes!!!! U R looking good too... Loving June Ambrose outfit!!!!


  3. The Ashish collection looks so cool! And I know right? I love the cooler weather! You have a nice family sweetie =)
    - Che