Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Rugged Blue Jean Baby: Hello October!

Its about 4:00 here in California right now. The first day of sitting down and getting on my Macbook and writing a post for my blog. Two weeks have jetted by and I have still not yelled out my love for the month of October so I guess I will have to do it now. This month has already been insane. The hubby has been in and out of the doctor for his back aches which has me taking care of two humans at once. I don't mind it. I hate to admit I love the fact when all three of us are together when its not a weekend. Family time is surely the best time. Greg is doing better but his lower back seems to be the bitch in all this. And of course, I had to marry one of those guys that can't sit down and is uber independent. Either way, Im being a major wifey and Mommy all at once. And that means no time for, well... myself. But finally since the horses died down, Booski is napping and the Hubby is passed out from the pain killers they prescribed, here is my only time to fashion vent.

Like I said, sorry I been M.I.A!
Being a wife and mom surely takes up your time. Especially if your doing it the right way. Im so stoked about october because I am a huge Halloween slut bag. I live for it. So I been sweating my palms in order to show you guys my events for my favorite holiday! Besides that, you can find me with the rugged out jean vests these days. Its like the ultimate layer. There are scarfs, there are sling bags, and then there are jean vest that complete any type of outfit...

Okay, Okay, I know the whole jean vest thing has been in the fashion trend for awhile now but I had no idea how much denim pretty much matches everything. I have been rocking my vest with damn near every outfit I ever had in my closet these past days. It completes every look! I bought my vest from ROSS for 12.99. The fact ROSS even had my size made me buy this vest immediately. All this vest is missing is the studs. Which I might add on later down the line. I think I saw that Hot Topic had individual studs you can buy.

Im rocking bright blonde dreads these days, it really looks great when you are trying to rock the pin up look. I bought this super cute leopard canary yellow scarf for my hair. I always tie it in a bow and rock it with pretty much anything. I found that at ROSS for only 3.99. The shirt is from TJ Maxx for 9.99 and the leggings are Torrid. And I can't really remember how much they were exactly. But they were around the time the mall had a memorial day sale. Of course I got these leggings, there florally perfect and stretchy for my legs. And of course the shoes are Body Central...

More Pix Below:

 ROSS had alot of these vest. The crazy thing was I did not want the vest that was rugged and torn. Usually I go for the distressed jeans look all the time but this time I wanted to keep it clean. I wear this with pretty much anything...

Here are my floral leggings. I have another pair but they are capri's. These are becoming my favorite these days. These also match my knee high boots that are camel colored. You can't really go wrong with leggings like these.There fun to wear and easy to pair up with anything.
(I don't think my floral phase is going anywhere anytime soon)

Also at ROSS i bought these cool bright neon colors for 2.99. Unfortunately one of the nail polish busted in the box! The fumes were strong as hell but did not get on my clothes thank goodness. Figures. Only my luck. I haven't rocked any of the colors yet but soon I will be able too. 

~October Fest~

Halloween is around the corner. Not counting my two favorite TV Shows are coming back on air very soon. Im a horror fan fanatic. Its pretty creepy. Im more into this holiday than Christmas. I love horror movies, and I love love love trick or treating. Last year was pretty awesome given the fact I had a baby and took her trick or treating at 2 months old. She was a pumpkin last year. This year she shall be a witch. My mom already sent the costume, all I need to get her is the hat and tights. As for me, Im gonna be a devil. I was a kitty cat last year, so I will be quite red this year. The hubby wants to be a zombie, which makes since given his love for The Walking Dead which comes back on this very Sunday. Best month ever!

Here is my door right now, my Mom is sending more Home Goods halloween decor for the porch. Thanks Mom!

Here is our pumpkin from the Pumpkin Patch..we liked the stem..

Cool window stickers!

~Bates Nut Pumpkin Farm Festival~

Okay, when I said I wanted to go to a pumpkin patch to have Booski pick out her pumpkin, I did not expect to go to this huge farm with over three hundred people there! I could have sworn it would only be twenty people and a hayride. NO WAY. There was BBQ, Slides, petting zoos, face painting, races, funnel cakes, games, need I go on? It was packed! Finding parking was crazy! I had no idea how popular this place would be. I never even heard of Bates Nut Farm. I googled Pumpkin Patches in California and that one got all five stars. Check out the pictures below:

Too grown. Booski on the hunt for pumpkins..

Greg being...Greg.

To be honest the Pumpkins were bigger than her..maybe they were on steroids...

I think she found one..

We had a winner...

Down the line I will post the pictures of us cutting threw the pumpkin which will be my first time!

Greg would not put her down at all, which was a hot mess...He is so afraid of her falling or tripping to the ground..thats a father thing I guess..

~Viva Halloween In Las Vegas~
Rose Fox (bff)

Rose is just like me when in comes to halloween and trick or treating. We grew up together. We lived off of horror movies and popcorn. We rented every horror/ sci fi VHS in Blockbuster. We lived for gore. So she as well can appreciate this holiday as much as I do. She is in Vegas right now working hard for the money at her new job these days. My girlie went to the dollar store to decorate her place. I did the same! Since coming over to the west coast I gave Rose the nudge that 99 Cent Stores have the best Halloween stuff. Back over in the east-coast where we are from, the 99 Cent store chain does not exist. But now she got a taste of their Halloween spirit! Check out Rosie's door..

You can't tell me Rose's sliding door doesn't look perfect! How amazing is that, and the whole set up was a dollar!

Alright enough with the Halloween stuff. I can get a bit overwhelmed with this holiday. Lets get back to the fashion shall we? Rose is a polish queen. The sucky part about that is I can't play with all her wonderful colors. She sent me a picture over the weekend of all her polishes. She mentioned she was going to organize it all by colors and sent me this amaze-ball photo. That beige nude section of polished really makes me wanna play..
How does this not make you wanna give yourself a mani and pedi?

Other Rose Findings:
My beautiful wifey also bought me these bomb ass shoes! Tribal I might add! And take a wild guess how much they cost? You won't believe it. She paid 2.99 for my big ass foot. I can't even begin to explain how a deal like this could never ever happen to me!

$30.00 to $2.99? In what country? Thanks to my wifey Rose! Love you baby!

Another win from Target! Rose got these awesome shoes from there and I am in love with that blue! Love the tassels!

Another pair of loafers from Target, is Rose trying to be more comfy these days? I have not seen a heel yet! Love these!

Look at these beauties...Rose found these for a good bargain given there Guess. Love the neon!
12.99 REGULARLY 24.99

Last but not least, this very cute cream colored purse. Rose of course got it on clearance for 5.98 from a whopping 19.99. Can we shoot this chick already? Her finds are insane! 

~Celebrity Candy~

I honestly have nothing to say right now. I mean, Amber Rose has not been on my celeb watch in about a year now. Since the Kanye break up her style kind of vanished into thin air. Not saying she is not stylish, but Im sure the Kanye mula stopped her high end couture. But since being knocked up by Wiz her style is becoming a rapture again. I love when Moms still rock out with their c#$%s out. How bad ass is she at 6 months?!?! I love it. Welcome back Amber Rose. Even bare foot and pregnant your killing them out here..

Amber Rose
Like I said, she is slaying women right now who are not pregnant, enough said..

Kirsten (I cheated on Robert Pattinson) Stewart
Looking more chic each day. 

I have to admit I think they belong together. They are both all about, well..themselves. But Kanye really needs to prep her more. Kim's style is kind of awful. Yes, her shoes game be crazy but the outfits be so, blah for someone who just made 60 million just being a Kardashian. Help her out Yeezy..

The queen of the runway. Rihanna is back with the short cut and back with Chris Brown all at once. I love it. Yes, I love they are back together. Don't ask why. But her swag is back. Im loving them high boots..

Footage of Rih and Chris getting cute in the club. Yes boo! 
 Yeah ya'll got caught..

Im feeling the lounge look with heels. Plus the hoodie makes it even more relaxing. I love it. She does no wrong! Love this whole outfit!

You better wurk Rih..

 Demi Lovato
Pink hair and them shorts! Love it. She is becoming one of my favorite celebrities that dress my way. And thats kinda rare given my crazy style..

Khole K.
Im all about metal belts, brass belts, whatever you call these Im digging them. Its almost like scrap metal..


Jill Scott
Love that she is a curvy lady with style. Love the leather...

Taylor Swift
I can't believe Im saying this but Im in love with Taylor's outfit. Her vintage looks are growing on me heavy. That shirt is amaze-balls...Love the sheer...

Welp, this is a wrap. Thursday my show comes on finally! Im so over Bad Girls Club and all the ratchet shows I have been watching. Im ready for my television shows to be back on. If you have not checked out Vampire Diares and love Twilight? I suggest you netflix the hell out of it..

I so can not wait!
I'll be back next week! Love you guys and thanks for reading!

must be the season of the witch...


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