Monday, September 17, 2012

Cerulean Heat Waves: Heat Warningz & Cool Fashion

Hot is an understatement these days in California. At least near Los Angelus and San Diego area. The heat is almost unbearable. Around this time between August and September, San Diego gets super super hot and starts to cool down when October hits, and I mean "cool" down to the point of freezing. October could not come any sooner. So being that the weather is terrible there is only one thing to do when you live by the water with no air conditioning...
Go to your local beach.

I still kept it cute rolling around the streets with my dress and belt on. There was no way in hell that I was going to be wearing sticky leggings or thick ass jeans on a weekend like this. Skirts and dresses were my go-to look. I bought this dress awhile back when my family was here. When my Mom was in town I bought two amazing tribal dresses from Walmart for only 13.88. You might remember the other dress in a past post. Either way, the dresses were a good price and super cute on. I wore the other dress but never popped the tag on this dress at all. Walmart did the damn thing with this one.

Oh! And I find myself looking for earrings with a triangle look to them. I seen the expensive ones all around other blogs and Tumblr as well. I found a cheap pair that was in my price rang (one dollar) and rolled with the closet triangular pair that I could get. Im sure I will find more as time goes along, but until then, these will do.


So here is my Faded Glory Walmart dress on the hanger and chilling on the door. Not too bad for 13.88 right? You can gloss this up anyway you want it if you think about it. If it was not so scorching hot I would maybe rock leggings with this and a pair of ballet flats. Its a pretty print and does not do much for the eye on the hanger I agree. But once I put it on and threw on my signature huge belt, it did its justice.

Here are my dollar earring from the one and only Everything 5.99 Store/ Hopefully they have new earrings that are triangular shape down the line. I would love that! I loved the bright neon yellow color on them as well that gave it more of a sharp look!

More Pix Below:

~Heat Warning Beach Weekend~

Like I said, with the heat being unbearable, the beach was the way to go. That was the majority of our weekend. Spending money on gas and going to different beaches. What a cool time to relax and wind down from the heat in the house! Ugh! It was terrible. The fans were blowing warm air and the Boobooski was running around not sweating one bit. I guess since she was born in this state her body doesn't give a shit about heat. Then again maybe it just doesn't faze her. But it surely fazes me!

Heres a video if you don't wanna read the Weekend Escapades!

After running a muck on the beach, feet got sand kissed...


Booski in one of her many bathing suits, thanks Mom.

Boogie boarding, all day

Everyone had the same idea we had. obviously, don't blame them..

~New Fav Lippy From Beyonce~

So I know that this has been out for awhile but Im just getting into this beautiful red lipstick look. Im all about lipstick not getting on your teeth and not smudging off to the right of my check our for it to disappear when Im kissing (Yes, I tend to make out still with the hubsters). So I found this lipstick that will NOT come off because its damn near painted on. Old news for some but new news for me! I am in love with it, and it works amazing!

So I went to Walmart and bought one and I sooo fell in love!

So the red lipstick feels weird because it does feel like paint once it dries, but afterward it feels amazing after you put th balm on. It makes it smooth and I will never go back to regular lippy again..
We'll I won't say never, but as for red? Always the 24 hour lasting one for sure!

Not bad egh?



Oh and besides my new favorite triangle earrings, these have been running me crazy! I love lighting bolts! I been looking for a pair like this forever! I seen them at Hot Topic for about 8.99. Luckily I waited and fell in love with these at Everything 5.99 and got them for a dollar! Whoop Whoop!

Sunday Morning Wakeups:

So after Saturdays run about with the sandy beaches, I woke up in dying need of some Chorizo. If your from the LA area you already know what Im talking about. Since living here near the Mexican border you find yourself buying tortilla warmers and avocado for your salads. It starts to rub off on you, defiantly the culture. Chorizo and eggs are tradition around here. Its like Grits and eggs back home near the south wear Im from. Its a spicy sausage that is from the Mexican culture that I love! I started making my own Chorizo and made some for everyone. I been in California too long...bound to happen eventually.

Oh I know, this looks strange but man, you wrap you tortillas around have a great breakfast burrito!

Oh yes!

Also that Sunday we drove out by Encinitas and walked around the shops. Encinitas always has a festival, bazaar or something going on. I was constantly seeing awesome old cars glossed up and driving around. I saw my dream cars everywhere that day!


Went to my favorite store Flashbacks "vintage clothing store"...

Neon blazer? I wish..

In older news, last Thursday night, my phone cracked. I was not mad, and I did not freak out like I thought I would. Given the fact my phone got water damage BEFORE the cracking I was use to the bullshit of my owning a "smart phone". When I took the phone out of my pocket and saw the crack I just laughed at myself. Not only did I save up to replace the water damaged phone, I now cracked the new one and needed replace this one as well...
I just paid for a brand new smart phone with my own money! Mind you I have a husband and a little one and don't have the ends to be out right buying smart phones every time I decided to damage one up. So I did what any female at 27 would do if they were in my shoes...

 (yeah thats me, lol!)
Daddyz Gal 4 Life

~Rose's New Job In Viva Las Vegaz~

Rose has been job hunting for awhile now. We'll ever since she landed in the Las vegas area! She finally landed a gig not only at a store, but at a store that has everything for only ten dollars. I can't even imagine working somewhere like that without wasting my whole check on all the merchandise in the store! She landed the job and she now works there part time, which is cool because she still has college online, so she will have time to do her school work.

Here is the shot of the store she works at! It's on the Air Force Base her Hubby works at...

Rose's showing me the cute jewelry 

Everything 10 bux!

Rose also landed these awesome loafers for 10 bucks...

And she found my big foot size and got me a pair! Love you Rose!

~Celebrity Candiez~

Kelly Osbourne
Fashion week is full effect. And Kelly Osbourne's fashion game is too. I loved her style back when I was in High-school, back when I was watching the Osbournes on MTV. Her style was great when she was chunky all the way down to her being a skinny minnie. Either way she is fierce and is killing this color coated look..

makeup on high! LUV!

Kirsten Stewart
I mean, who cares if she cheated on Robert Pattinson in this hot look. She killed it. I love that her tom-boy "I don't give a fuck" style is seeping through. Lets be honest, Kirsten aint a girlie girl and never will be. She looks like a women right now. Love it

Anne Hathaway
I feel in love with Anne because she chopped that hair off, pretty much what Miley did. Even though she did chop her hair off before Miles her fashion game is pretty sick yet simple all at once. There is something about Anne dolled up. 

Here she is candid with this pap shot of her. She looks super chic with the boy cut...


Angela Simmons
I would wear this anywhere..I would find an excuse, she designed it herself I hear...

Emma W. aka Heromine Granger
No ones messing with this brit right now. I love her. She is my ... We'll...She is my British Rihanna..
She can do know wrong...

Best outfit I seen all month, by far!

Miley C.
Being the punk princess I love, her with her man shopping around. Damn she looks bad ass.. Love Anacarcy shirt and boots...what a amazing faze..Im loving it

Selena Gomez
She is stunning, aint Taylor Swift her bestie? They need to talk...

I can't believe Im saying this but Solange looks awful. I mean, maybe this just is not my cup of tea and we all have our "off" days. But I am a fan of mixing prints, but damn! This is atrocious..
and the pressed out hair? I mean, reallY?

Nicole Ritchie

Lady Gaga
Call me crazy but I love this ya'll I MEAN..WOW!

Paula Abdul
Im all about this print, how cute is this..

Kirsten Dunst
This dress is super flawless..very fall. Shoes could be better, but the dress makes it..

Khole Kardashian
Metal belt? Nuff said..

Rih killed it last week with this outfit, I loved the shoes so much I almost died. I loved the peep toe covered. Very hot and sexy!

Demi Lovato
Her style is so awesome. Im going to start watching X-Factor now just to see what she is wearing. Im all about her style.

Love yall!
Hope you enjoyed the post! Pray the heat away for me!
And enjoy life and its obstacles...

~we mean mugging~


  1. great post as per usual! looking good! good luck with the heat out there, seriously i don't know how u cope! praying for cooler days for u lol xoxo

  2. I have that dress too! I got the striped orange and brown one too. I was so shocked to find something that cute at Wally World!

  3. Love the dresss!!!
    You look amazing!!!! super sexy and the belt adds the perfect touch to the entire look!!!


  4. Such an amazing dress. I will try my best to send cold weather your way.

  5. nice dress and neon earrings, i love them!


  6. Really like the dress and all those earrings. You do such a good job with your outfits...just goes to show, we don't need lots of money to look good.


  7. Such fantastic pictures !Loved those loafers so much
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