Monday, September 10, 2012

African Far Punk Star: Mid Life Cris & Miley's Rebel Life

Okay two weeks of not blogging was pretty much tragic. After weeks of family and another week of having the house back to myself Im stoked to be back on blogger. I have missed it. So much stuff I bought and have not shared. So I am so stoked to show my goodies! Now I have to admit, these past two weeks I been going through a mid-life crisis. Maybe because my birthday is Wednesday. I will be turning either 27 or 28, Im not too sure. Im not joking. Maybe I will be 27. Or then again, I thought I was 27 last year. I don't know my age really. Im not stoked at all for my birthday. I could care less. My daughters birthday has gone and she is now officially one years old. That went too fast. Greg already gave me a gift which was a bit too much but I really liked it. It was very romantic. Af far as a party or going to dinner, nawww! Im not doing anything. I just want to chill and watch Netflix and buy the Blue-ray version of Snow White & The Huntsman and eat Panda Express. Sounds like a good mellowed out birthday if you ask me.

As you can tell Im still in love with leggings. I feel this trend is not ending any time soon. Tribal will fade, neon will fade, even the sheer tops will eventually go away. But I don't think the legging trend will be leaving anytime soon.

Beyonce has the best leggings if you ask me. I saw these on and fell in love with these Alexander McQueens. When I saw these leggings on sale, I instantly thought of these.

So here I am. I loved these because of the print of course. I bought a pinched belt about two weeks ago that was brown. I have no brown belts! I thought I would buy one over the Labor Day weekend. All my huge belts are black, Im sure you all noticed. These leggings were originally thirty bucks but I got them on clearance for eleven dollars. When Torrid has a Clearance, Torrid HAS a clearance! They do not play with their 50% off knock downs! So you know your girl had to raid that Legging Bin. 

Top: Torrid for 10 dollars
Leggings: Torrid for 11 dollars
Boots: Torrid for 22 dollars
African Mud Cloth Bag: Miss B's Boutique (Thanks Ma for the B-Day gift)
Necklace: F21

Leggings without high boots


Over the weekend I found Rihanna's perfume! Something I wanted when I first saw the Ad in the magazine. It smells, okay. I thought it would smell more flowery and light but not really. It does have more of an "old" smell or then again a more mature smell. It reminded me of Elizabeth Taylors White Diamond. Like I said,  its okay. But its Rih Rih and ya'll know Im in love with Miss Robyn Fenty. Only 19.99 as well.

So while dealing with my mid-life crisis, I decided to dye my hair yet again. I really got bold and bleach blonded the shit out my dreads. It got so bright I had to dye some parts of my hair black again. It was a cool project though. I love dying my hair. So I made my hair jet black and blonde. Don't ask. Maybe because I know Im soon to be out my twenties and I should get my crazy out while I can. I love it. My Mom thinks Im crazy, but she didn't say she hated it...

So I won't lie..
Miley really gave my inspiration for my new look. Miley pierced her nose, cut her hair, shaved the sides. Bleached it blonde. I so love it. She made me miss my nose ring as well. So I also got it re-pierced.

~Oh So Miley~
My results

Its simply dramatic and punk and I love it. It looks even better when its curled up or styled in a bun. So far I have been getting crazy compliments on my hair. Then again, I look pretty punk and maybe thats why. I know the whole Mom thing comes up. I been rocking the brown tips in my hair but I had to rage out for my birthday. I love it.

 The blonde dreads are just some of the locs that are blonde. The rest of my hair is raven black, which makes the blonde pop even harder. Mid life crisis indeed. 

~ Kylifornia Weekend~

So like I said, my daughter turned one about a week ago, hence my absents. This weekend was just as relaxing. Nothing extraordinary happened but we have been going up near LA lately. We seen everything and then some in San Diego. So now we have been traveling up by Los Angelus and trying new restaurants with the Boobooski. Great outings. 

People sky dive by my apartment...I see people flying daily...

Outlets In Car County, Ca

I found this dress at Everything 5.99 for ten dollars. You know it was a medium. I was pissed. Cause you know this would have been mine boo!

We went to this awesome Mexicana place called Tequila's and man...they were good!
 Casa Romantica, California

My steak fajitas at Tequila's

Our view at the table

~Me posing in Casa Romantica, Ca at Tequilas!~

~We yawing~

~Ihop On Sunday~ 

~Booski had the silver dollar pancake meal, she did not like sausage~
 good times..

~Celebrity Candy~

Look. I don't care if she worked for Disney or not. Miley is the truth. This chick is fierce and I mean FIERCE. I love her new look. She is not 18 any more, she is a grown woman. She took hold of her look and her womanhood and did what she wanted to do! I love this rebel look she rocks, she is doing the damn thing. What a rebel. This photo shoot of her kills me. I thought Rih Rih was bad ass, but I think Miley is catching up and taking her place...

You better wurk girl! Check out her candid looks! Love it! And Im all about her rock star style these days! She looks awesome and rebellious.

~Top Looks At The VMAS~
 Anyone watch it? I did. It was pretty, well, blah. I thought Chris and Rih Rih would perform but that did not happen at all. Kevin Hart was kinda funny but I thought he could do better. All I cared about was the tension between Drake and Rihanna. Man they hate eachother now...but back to the fashion and away with the Gossip. Top picks of who "ran the red carpet" Thursday Night.

#5 Amber Rose
I think the head turner at the VMA's was Amber Rose being big and preggie. She looks amazing pregnant I mean god damn! She killed that dress as well. I was wondering where the hell she has beem. Her and Wiz look extremely happy and you can tell Wiz is ready to have a huge family with Miss Amber Rose..she killed it!

And to think this was Amber about two years ago, and now she is a Mommy...
Time changes everything huh?

She worked that dress, and the curves are still sitting right, You betta wurk Amber...damn..

#4 Rita Ora
 Her style bites Rihanna but who cares. She looks hella beautiful and I love the print on this outfit.

#3 Taylor Swift
 I love when Taylor puts on her big girl panties and wows us with a more adult look. I love it. She looks insanely beautiful. I love the fact she wore a suit.

 #2 Rihanna
 Close but no cigar, Rihanna killed it by chopping off her hair yet again and rolling with an all white number at the VMA's She is stunning. I think she wurked it. Her face is flawless. She is like Halle Berry, she looks best with short hair.

You can't tell me they aint fucking...

#1 Miley Cyrus
You can not say Miley did not kill it with these dress I mean damn! She looked epic! And the hair was too die for as well! And the earrings and the makeup...ughhh...I can't! I know Im on a Miley kick but she has been kicking ass on the fashion front...

~Other Celebrity Candy~

Jennifer Lawerence
This dress is insane. I love her hair brown/black right now. If you don't recognize her she is the girl from Hunger Games. I mean this dress is beautiful! I love it!
 This is the best look I have seen on a celebrity in a minute...go Jenn.

Mary Kate Oslen
Does any one of these twins ever do it wrong? No.

Kirsten "cheatin ass" Stewart
Okay, Okay, she killed it. She looks amazing. I would be ashamed to walk out the house these days but okay Kirsten, I see you. The dress is amazing, keep paying that stylist boo boo..

Alicia Keys
Alicia chopped off her hair as well and rocked red lips and dark shades at this event...she is so beautiful

This dress is insane and them shoes are a killer. She did it with this look

Amber Rose
Beautiful look of her preggo and on the streets in a mint number, she is still beautiful even knocked up..

 Angela Simmons
Need I say more? Then name is right there.

Kim Kardashian
Kim K actually looking fashionable, this is the best I ever seen her in like years. I was beginning to wonder when Kanye was gonna start dressing her right, and I think he just started. Thanks Kanye for giving Kim your stylist because this was soooo not her doing...she killed this though!

 Milla J.
Resident Evil anyone? I thought she rocked this outfit and Im in love with them shoes..

Gwen Stefani
killed it..

Ashley Benson
I am so in love with her shoes...she is becoming a style icon these days..

Alright peeps!
Oh! By the way! Rose found a job out in Vegas! She is super stoked because she could not find a job that she felt was worthy or worth it. But she just so happen to come across a store and heard someone on the phone at the front desk asking about interviews...*how ironic?!* So yay for Rose! Rose posed some of her fashion on her youtube, check her out if your bored or wanna see more Kmart shit she seems to always buy...

You seen some of these items on my blog, but theres ntohing like seeing the real thing on video..
Check her out if ya like!
 Love u guyz!
I'll be back! Mwah!


  1. I always enjoy your posts. nice,those leggings are fab... :) miley is killing it lately and Ive always thought amber rose's style was amazing,your outfit is really nice and we also share the same b' happy early birthday to you :)

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