Thursday, October 20, 2011

We Found Love In A Hopeless Place

Quick outfit of the day! I adore TJ Maxx, lately they have been doing the damn thing for me. In fact, all department stores have! I seen so many shirts there that I loved. I saw this one and I knew it was coming with me. It was 14.99, but I did not care, I knew it was coming with me. I found another one in the bunch that I needed and bought that too. I need to calm down. But man, these stores are having what I want. Im guessing the whole tribal look is for everyone, because its not hard now finding tie dye shirts and prints.

Three reasons why I love this shirt:
1.) It has leopard in it and Im all about leopard.
2.) Its flowing, and I love huge sleeves that look flowing.
3.) You can wear this with jeans or a dress, it can be worn anywhere...

I wore it with jeans. I have several pants that could make this very upscale but today, I want a chill look and I want to be cute. Its very earthy and looks hella good against my skin. I love it. I know I will walk back to TJ Maxx and find this for ten dollars. But hey, I couldn't wait.
You win some and you lose some.
This is a size 2x
Im rocking my leopard wedges. They are not super high wedges but there high enough for me. Im starting to wear shoes with a bit of a heel. Im tall and hate over towering someone, especially Greg (the hubsters) who is the same height as me. Maybe if he was taller I would wear higher shoes. Don't tell him I said that though..

The jewelry all came from Everything 5.99 store. I am literally addicted to there jewelry section. I grab a basket and go. Its like the dollar store but all a dollar! I love I love! And the jewelry doesn't look cheap or tattered, it looks good!
All $1.00
The detail is awesome in this shirt, I decided to take it off and show a close up of how bad ass it is. Very boho. Loves it!
The collar is awesome...
The hemming on the shirt gives it an indian spin...

Who saw Rihanna's new video...I love it.
She surely understands love.

Rihanna’s new video soars. If you walk pass a city street garbage can and turn it over, that is the core surroundings of the video. It raw, grungy and hardcore “Pretty in Pink” punk. Its Sid & Nancy with a hint of Amy Winehouse & Blake. The lighting is yellow and tanished, almost like a cheap 80’s film. Drugs are all over the place like valley of the Dolls. And I loved it. I felt in love with same man in the video, I saw her relationship with Chris Breezy and she melted it into this beautiful dark and twisted video. Something like a requiem of a dream. Yeah, that relationship is over and done with, but comes back to life in this video. This video shows how love can be evil, fun, crazy, insane and light all at once…
I loved it

And the guy..

Okay, I don't go for dudes like this at all, but my oh my...he looks better in the video...
Did Rihanna tap that?
Yeah..she did.

So this week I finally watched Chelsea Settles..
MTV's New Show...

I made a quick video about it. Like, I could not really put my finger on it. I started to like it and then it just ...I still am speechless from the show. Check out the video below if your bored:

Look, Im all about weight loss. Im not saying everyone should love and accept being big. If your not happy with yourself by all means change. But if you do like your body but other people are making you feel like you should change, don't do it. I think we all need to sit and ask ourselves if we dislike our bodies or do people make us feel like we dislike out bodies. Which one.
Im not an avocate for staying big.
Some people just shouldn't be big...
Look at Christina Aguilera...
She coulda wore something else,...c'mon.

I love this model, I think her name is Tara Lynn, I could be wrong. But she is on the cover of ELLE looking fab and confident. And I feel there should be more women like this being happy and rocking their body proud..
skinny or big:


What a show. My good friend D.V. messaged me on Facebook and automatically guessed I was watching this show. And man was she right. I really like the show. Its not totally creepy, but its good enough to were it keeps me thinking about next week. I sometimes wish they gave more detail about things, about the house, and why things happen the way they do. But Im guessing its because this is a t.v show, and they have to keep you wondering, every second and every minute. Everyone should check this show out, Its crazy and full of insanty….
This is literally on repeat..

Love Ya'll


  1. I am in LOVEEEEEE that shirt!!! I am the SAME WAY I can't stop buying tribal prints and stuff but I know once they go out of style I may not be able to find as many in my size lollllllllllll

  2. Hmm I wonder if Rhi hand picked that guy. gorg.

  3. You look gorgeous!! And Xtina in that outfit a no no, but her thick is a yes yes! and your baby is adorable!!!

  4. You look amazing in that top! Loving those earrings too BOO!! Rhianna's video is a bit disturbing! That is not a relationship, that is a party a party doesn't last forever! Tara Lynn is freakin beautiful! I adore her! Awe look at Lil Bit!! So so precious! I hope you are well my sweet friend! Kiah

  5. you look cute. your daughter is too cute.

  6. lol I rarely wear heels either because the man friend is the same hight as me lol ;)

    And how amazingly beautiful is Tara Lynn! :)

    Olivia :) x
    Wait Until The Sunset

  7. AWWWW What a beautiful surprise at the end!! Moya, Boobooski is absolutely gorgeous. Send her pictures into Gerber or some shit. Forreal. Now, back to the top: I LOVE that shirt! The colors, especially... they give so much that you can keep the rest simple, like you did. Boho chic indeed. The jewelry too, you know that's right up my alley!
    I watched your video on the Chelsea show. I agree with you 1000% Will had seen it before me, and told me about it. Well, he and I watched an episode together... well as much as I could stand to look at, and she didn't want to go out because she didn't want to eat in front of people. It was at that point I was done watching it. Complete nonsense. Like you said, perhaps it is from being from the DMV that I have never seen ANYONE react like that. What the hell? Sure I've been called a fat bitch a time or two, but that's usually when someone's feelings get hurt, and I have walked into certain stores and been given the stank eye but that's because the employees are ignorant. I've never been made to feel like I should envy small girls or like I couldn't go somewhere an not eat or any of that. I call bullshit, MTV. Although I'm not the biggest fan of Gabi's attitude, I'd much rather see her have her own show than this tomfuckery MTV has chosen to broadcast.

  8. I love your leo top!! Pretty!!!
    And I agree with you, the guy in Ri's video is quite hot :O

  9. OMG the pic your your baby is tooo adorable!!!! I love it, hes a cutie!

    And I AGREEE on XTINA!!!! I love Christina, the stripped album is one of the best things ever written, but yea she needs to get back to her Christina self!

  10. I looooove the shirt, fantastic colours, fab print, you look gorgeous! I watched your video, and I haven't seen the show you're talking about so I can't really talk too much about it, but I think peoples issues with their weight can vary wildly. It's all about the individuals feelings about themselves. It sounds like this Chelsea has some really serious self esteem issues, and an eating disorder. In which case it seems incredibly irresponsible to put her on this kind of show...