Friday, October 14, 2011

Golden Blues & Hues: A Musical Month

I completely forgot about this store I use to go too. It's called Everything 5.99.
I have not been in about a year, I stopped going after awhile. Something told me one day to go back there and check it out, and boy did I ever. They had this awesome top there and there jewelry was to die for! And all jewelry was only a dollar. YES! A dollar. I got this super awesome earring for a damn dollar. Now please let me explain my taste on earrings.
The bigger the better.
I do not like small ass earring. I never ever wear studs of any kind. I like huge, bold or long earrings that are different. I do not care if the earring go all the way to my hip, I WILL wear them. I love the dramatics.
So the shirt was 9.99 at Everything 5.99...yeah, I know, what a contradiction.
And the belt, I got from another shirt. Torrid has this great thing were anything with a belt...will come off, and you can use it for another outfit.
Whoop Whoop!
I loved the colors in this so much. I saw a purple version of this, but decided to stick to the blue. Usually I go for purple hands down, but good thing I stayed with the blue....because the earrings matched perfectly...did I mention they were a damn dollar?
I went back to get twenty dollars worth of earring, I didn't get that much, but I did buy some more...You can't beat that...

More Shots Below:

Top: Everything 5.99 (find this store in your state people!)
Leggings: Torrid
Shoes: Torrid
Earrings: Everything 5.99
Belt: Torrid (off another shirt)

Also, I know its fall, but Im living in California and its still pretty warm during the day. At night? Well, not so much. It gets super cold. But I live by the ocean and thats what makes it freaking freezing. Some folks around here (people born here) consider the weather now cold. But not to me, Im from Maryland where it actually snows for hours. California people put on a coat when it his 60.
I'll never understand...tee hee...

Right now I am loving the music scene. The playlist Im rocking right now is Watch The Throne. Kanye and Jay Z made an amazing album, I can't stop listening. Other songs Im loving is Can't Get Enough by J.Cole and all of Adele's songs. But Im ready for a new album to crank. Rihanna is suppose to be coming out with a new one already. I'll buy it. We' know...

I just found out my boo just came out with a new album! I been trying to download it for about two days...*ahem*... But it has not been working at all. I know Im going to love her new cd
Evanescence baby!
Its been 5 years since her last album and I loved that one as well...
I might just go to Target and buy it...
Amy Lee is the emo/goth Taylor Swift...I promise!
Soo getting this....OOOoo IM SO EXCITED!

Another album coming out this month is ColdPlay. I have heard their single and I can't lie, I don't like it much, but Im buying it anyway. Their music geniuses.
I love the title as well. Im all about Coldpay, and have been for many years.
And they never disappoint.
Great month for music!

Thanks for reading everyone!


  1. love your top! thought it was a dress at first. are you wearing a strapless bra? i bought my first one and i am not impress yet i am obsessed with off-shoulder tops...please recommend one if you are.

  2. Cute top and those earrings are pretty awesome! You look gorgeous. That store sounds like fun, lol! :)

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  3. Girl this outfit is "BANGIN"!! You look so sexy! Girl you done turned into a sexy lil momma kitty!! lol MEOW! haha Kiah

  4. he he he he Kiah you are too funny :)

    But yeah she's look GOOD GIRL!!

  5. you look fabulous! I thought it was a dress at first too! Those earrings are so awesome- I LOVE THEM!! :)

    Olivia :) x
    Wait Until The Sunset

  6. Thanks for dropping by my spot! don't be a stranger.. Love that sassy top, looks a lot like mine, on *Saffron kind of day*

    Ciao darling

    Have a great weekend!

  7. Moya!! Girl I did not send you that mess on Twitter. I rec'd the same message that you received from me from someone else. I guess when I opened it I started some sort of SPAM chain. So sorry. People have entirely too much time on their hands to even think of hacking others accounts. smh. Your comments always make me laugh!! Love you Boo! Kiss Lil Bit for me! Kiah

  8. That's such a super cute top.

  9. Great post ! Come to see mine and follow me if you love it !

  10. Hey thanks so much for the comments and subscribing! You have great style and that shirt was a steal! New sub!

  11. I'm waiting for the new Coldplay CD, too.
    But I really liked the first song! I hope the others are as good as this one.