Monday, October 17, 2011

Right On Target: Whatever Happened To Lindsey????

Halloween is pretty much here! Im excited. Im not to sure what Im going to be doing. I tell you one thing, I love going on the guide on the television and seeing movies like The Shining and Cuju on. It makes my world a happier place. Great weekend as well, I sat around watching Walking Dead while doing chores around the house. Finally around five I popped a squat on the couch and watched The Walking Dead marathon. The premiere of season two started last night. I love that show. It gets me emotionally as well. I love it. Last night, I found myself typing to myself. Just feelings gushing out. Thoughts about things I haven't really thought about. Sometimes I feel so caged in. Like something creative wants to lash out and fly out of me. But there is no door. I want to draw but I always stop. Its becoming not as fun anymore. Its something I can do, and thats it. Is that strange...

I was reading this one girls fashion blog and she is a fashion major. And she feels as if she is not in love with it anymore. What happens when you lose love for something your good at? Sometimes, I will be on Tumblr and I see art...and its art that could be mine. For example, I draw women all the time. So does the rest of the world. What makes me different. I see these pictures of the same girls I draw, and some of my stuff is ten times better than their...but they get paid for it. And have galleries...I don't know..
I just feel no different in the art category...I use to feel original...
but now I feel like just another spice, lines up on the rack...

In fashion news, here is my OOTD:
Never turn your back on Target, you will be surprised what they might have for you. The dress I am wearing cost 6 bucks...yes...6 dollars. It was marked down to 19.50. But the sales gave me a real hook up. Whoop Whoop! I love the corset front. It fits great. I wore the dress with some MC Hammer pants. I love them! They were only 4.99 at Torrid when they had their 50% off clearance sale. Love those as well. My favorite part is the earring. Ugh, to die for. I love long ass earrings. Very comfy look. And the MC Hammer pants have pockets! Yay! Love it...

Shawl: Everything 5.99
Dress: Target
Pants: Torrid
Shoes: Torrid
Earrings: Everything 5.99......only a dollar!

Im going to do a look with this dress on its own. Its way too pretty. I might chuck the leggings and pants and wear it to the beach or something, and show some leg.
I love this dress, and the print is awesome as well...
I did my hair by the way! Well, I freshen it up a bit...made some waves..

Im not naked...I swear...

By the way, I love W's issue featuring Nicki Minaj. Usually I wait to post about celebs but she looks so amazing and this theme is up my alley. She looks so posh. I love it. I think I might even purchase this magazine. I would love this on my coffee table. Im sure most of you already seen this magazine of her already. The photos are exquisite. I like seeing Nick out of her element, which is all hip hop and gutter. I love this.
Thought I would share:


So Im a huge african print lover, I adore african fashion. The colors are hot. I love the head wraps. And the jewelry...Im not even going there...
I saw this magazine online, had to show you guys!
Check out these looks...
Found out about this magazine here:

Celebrity Candy:

Anya From Project Runway:
I think Rose should do this to her hair but she wouldn't cut her hair for a million dollars. I love when people rock this hair dew. I wanna do it, but I can't. Once you shave thats it. Her style is awesome, and her designs are even better...

Kim & Kourtney K.
Im all about Kourtney, I love Kim's pants.

The best she ever looked, the best. I love the blazer with the corset..Oh my god.
Her hair is the best. Keep banging Diddy see how Ambers fashion failed after Kanye left...just saying...

Elle Fanning:
WURK! Love the print she is rocking! Hawt...
What the hell happened to Lindsay?!?!?
I use to love her, and her movies, now look at her. Her family is a freaking mess. They allow this. Where is her mother? Poor Lindsay. She is tore up!
Look at her hands in this picture...
Check her damn grill! What happened to her? Like, I know she does drugs but..
there is no excuse for what happens to your teeth!
Lets poor one out for Lindsay...the old her....
Love yall!


  1. you had so much going on in this post that i need to speak on, i'ma have to number them. lol

    1. halloween is my favorite holiday. and it gave me so much life to randomly catch the shining on amc. i almost forgot about fearfest, but was pleasantly surprised i found out about it, just in time.

    2. i have no idea what it's like to lose love for your passion. i'm currently in the i-wanna-be-a-teacher-but-is-not-motivated-to-go-to-class-and-doesn't-wanna-take-a-pay-cut land of ambiguity. i don't know which is worse. i know you'll find time for your art. and will see the greatness others see in your art.

    3. the first picture you posted of your OOTD is so cute, i almost prefer the look without the pants. (i hate that it's getting colder, thereby, making layer damn near a requirement.) it's cute either way, tho.

    4. the price for such a good look? ridic.

    5. i'm so not team nicki. i know chick is gorg all the time, but is styled horribly most of the time. and rhymes well when she wants to. that being said, her pictures? stunning. that really is a transformation. she looks soft yet the clothes aren't overwhelming on her. i never would've expected that.

    6. anya gets flyer the more i see her on PR. i wish she had more sewing experience, but her ideas are so understated sexy to me. i especially loved her saying on the after show she can't make a jacket but doesn't feel bad because she lives in the islands and they don't wear jackets. ::laughs::

    7. "Keep banging Diddy Cassie... you see how Amber's fashion failed after Kanye left... just saying..."
    best. line. ever. it's so sad about amber's fashion because i loved it so (yet so damn true!).

    8. ::deep sighs:: i just keep thinking about the parent trap and get sad all over again. i hope she helps herself, soon, before it's too late. chick is too talented.

    9. that's all. great post. lol.

  2. You look amazing...Lindsey though---Not so much :(

  3. I am following back!!!! Yay!!!

    1. This post is awesome! I saw the exact same dress in Target today but put it back because it was not in my size...:(. Love it on you!!!

    2. Nicki looks amazing in these photos! I always love her in showcasing her eclectic style.

    3. Lindsay Lohan!!!!! WTF!!!!! I like her better in The Parent Trap...She needs guidance.

  4. My best friend is an amazing artist....I guess its hard putting your stuff out there....but keep doing it!!! At least you will see your own style evolve...share it with others to get feedback...and look around because you can find your own lil spaces to exhibit...YOU SHOULD DO THAT (when you find the time)


  5. #1 I'm so in LOVE with your blog
    #2 That dress is certainly the & you make it look extra cute (bow chica wow wow!)
    #3 I love the African culture..all the clothing, jewelry, etc.
    #4 Poor Lindsay, she really needs a mentor ASAP cause she's definitely fell off the bandwagon.

  6. About Lindsay: What about her hands?? They're dirty like she had just been cleaning a carbon cooking oven! There is no excuse to show your hands that way if you have the pap shooting you. Wow.

  7. OMG! what did happened to her teeth, face, everything! she is not cute and innocent any more, i guess. cool blog =)

  8. • Your dress is cute!!
    • I'm from Africa and I totally love the prints, and jewelry, the pictures you posted are great!!
    • I love Nicki Minaj and I do think she looks fab in those pictures! It's different, but well, she's different and that's what makes her!!
    • Now about Lindsay, I'm totally speechless :O she really needs help, she looks scary :/

    Nice blog, keep it up!!!