Monday, October 10, 2011

African Graffiti Wallz: You Make Feel That!

This weekend was pretty awesome. I planned on staying in and not going anywhere, but things changed. Great sales were all around this weekend given Columbus Day. He was an asshole but hey, at least we can all can get good sales off his dumb ass. The outfit Im wearing is not from one of the amazing sales I caught. I actually paid full price for this shirt that Im rocking right now. I did not mind. I wanted to treat myself. I paid 15 for it. Ugh, I know, but I love the colors! The turquoise blue and purple sold me.
I also had a field day at this store called Everything 5.99. I talked about this store before and posted some clothes from them as well. I haven't been back in awhile and decided to head up there to see what I have been missing. The jewelry there is only a dollar and the jewelry die for. Very pretty and freaking cheap! A dollar! I bought so many pairs of earrings and necklaces, it ridiculous. But I only paid a dollar, so it wasn't that silly.
Top: Marshalls
Jeans: Torrid
Hat: The Icing
Bag: F21

Makeup was on point. Of course I have every color in this shirt...
I used Urban Decay
The shoes are I miss those days..
One dollar, matches pretty well...
Closer shot of the shirt

So over the weekend,
we all went out and ate at this awesome Mexican restaurant. I took the Boobooski and she did pretty well. I was the most paranoid person in that restaurant. I always hated that person who sat next to me or behind me with a crying baby. I was afraid I was gonna be that chick. I ate super fast and I knew I looked funny. Yet, she was quiet. She is not a bad baby. Yet, she did scrunch up her face a couple of times and we had to toss pacifiers in her mouth just in case. Other than that, she was great. She also tends to bring alot of attention (which Im not use too). Everyone went on and on how she was such a good baby...
Im glad they noticed...
Beautiful restaurant, Ima have to go back!

Believe it or not, the Marrachi band asked to sing to her a little lullabye..!
How sweet! Of course I recorded it on my camera. She actually closed her eyes for a bit as they played! I need the Marrachi band to come over my house to!
The recorded footage below Pixs:

Nice, right?
Greg & Boobooski

The food was amazing...
Greg looking studious.. with his burrito...
Playing for the Boo..
Hahahaha! Love this pic of her!

~Celeb Candiez~
I do my Celebrity Candy every week. But one woman I wanna focus on is Kate Winslate. People say she is curvy and she is, but I hear most people call her fat. When in fact she just has real woman curves. I love her body. And just recently she rocked a dress that made her curves to hella damage, so Im going to focus on her.
Check out her pics:
She looks so hot in this...

Here is that bad ass dress that she rocked recently. Oh my god its so to die for. I love the fact it makes her look even more curvy. I would wear that in a heart beat.
She killed it.

Nicki M.
Im just now realizing that picture with her and that chicken wing, it was real. Like that was a real chicken wing just sprayed pink...

She looks fab as always...

Demi Lovado

Amber Rose
Evan Rachel Wood
I am feeling this woman so much these days, she is becoming my new Kelly O...I swear!
I love her outfit, but not her...where did she go by the way???

wearing what she wears best...

Im rocking one song and one song only right now.
And its called "You Make Me Feel"
Its on repea because it makes me feel good and happy...and ready to start the day...Meow!

So tru..
Love you all, Mwah!


  1. Girlie, your looking so good!! I can't believe you just had a baby a few weeks ago!

  2. You look soooooooooooo amazing! Your lil one is gorgeous! Damn you and yoru gorgeous looks passing em off into society! lol. And I need that shirt!! ASAP! -Sighs- You look amazing!

  3. you look great and what great finds.

  4. That shirt is HOT FIYYAAAAH!! I love love love it! You look the bomb, too. Like, where is the extra baby-meat? I see NONE. Insane. Aww, yaaay Boobooski is a good girl, awww, kiss kiss! LMAO@that guy between Rihanna's legs, lmao! Nicki looks amazing in the Cosmo shoot. I hate to love her, ugh... I really want to be anti-Minaj, but how can I... look at that bitch! Especially toned down in "regular" clothes, she is stunning. Glad you had a good time out! xoxoxo

  5. 1st of all you are looking like somebody outta sop you up wit a biscuit!! Girl your curves are like "BAM" in that outfit! I see it is not milk that does a body good but a baby!! haha Super cute top and I love your makeup and earrings! I need to have Rihanna's legs....NOW!! They are so volumptuous!! The girl is bad! Awe look at Kylie! So so cute! Greg is beeming with pride. I need that taco!! haha I have been in love with Kate ever since Titanic! She is beautiful! Kiah

  6. Hey girl. Thank you for showing me some LOVE and most importantly CONGRATS on your bundle of JOY. There is no other LOVE. BTW...I love your blog, yes I do you are my number 2!